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Has Malaysia a future?

October 30, 2006

 Has Malaysia a future? Some say yes. Some say no. How about you?

The picture we see here, as described, were the Sultan of Selangor and the MB of Selangor. I believe His Royal Highness was telling the most powerful man in Selangor to do something good for the state. We appreciate what the Sultan is doing. But we also wish that the most powerful person in the country could also advice ( or direct) Khir Toyo to do something good for the state.

Did I just say the MB is more powerful than the Sultan? Am I saying Selangor is now in a sorry state? You bet.

But I hope every Selangorian and Malaysian for that matter to realise that the Sultan or the Agong in this country may not be the the powerful leaders in this country but they certainly were personalities with great influence. And they ought to be respected when they were saying something good for the people. Even the most powerful leaders in the country should respect their views and opinions unless they were saying something totally irrelevant.

Of course i agree that the Sultan or the Agong  should refrain from criticising the Government of the day or stay away from politics. But if the politicians are not doing the job or have neglected their duties or worse still started to abuse their powers, the rakyat will be glad to see that Sultan and Agong could tell them off. What do you think?

Coming back to the question of whether Malaysia still has a future. I believe many Malaysians were utterly disillusioned by the recent waves of racial slurs and religious extremism. Some were feeling the pinch of poor business and others were burdened by inflation and high cost of living. Some were seriously confused. 

But i urge you not to lose heart…

… To be continued.


Adakah ini budaya Umno?

October 29, 2006

 Top: The SB Chief was trying to persuade me to call it a day before Guan Eng arrived from Melaka. With me was Chandra Mohan, Selangor DAP deputy chairman, state committee member Lip Lip Eng and Dr Xavier of Keadilan. Bottom: The Selangor DAP team in front of the RM10 million “Istana Raja Kelang”. Owner Zakaria Mat Deros (ADUN Port Kelang and UMNO Kelang division chief and MPK councilor) built it without a permit.  

Selangor DAP Vice Chairman Sivadurai was assaulted by the hire-hands of “Raja” Zakaria of Klang this morning 

Media statement by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP CEC member and NGO Bureau Chief on Sunday, October 29, 2006 in Pandamaran, Klang. 

About 500 villagers, members and leaders of DAP took part in a protest outside the “Palace of Raja Zakaria” this morning at 10.30am. The protest was organized by Selangor DAP. DAP Sec Gen Lim Guan Eng traveled all the way from Melaka to lead the protest together with the Selangor team. Keadilan was represented by Dr Xavier,Krishna, Khairul and a few of their members.  The Selangor team was led by State Chairman Ong Chee Keng. Other state committee members who showed up in full force were Chandra Mohan, Khoo Chee Pock, Sivadurai, Woon Ah Kui, Lau Weng San, Cheong Kai Cheng, Peter Tan, Lim Lip Eng, Kuan Perk Siong, Batumalai. Former DAP candidate for Pandamaran Tee Boon Hock was also there to lend his support. The DAP HQ also sent a team consist of Ng Wei Aik and Lim Swee Kuan. 

When we arrived, some twenty to thirty men sent by Zakaria Mat Deros were already there with a purpose to disrupt the protest. They shouted shamelessly and even attempted to snatch the protest banners brought by the DAP before the arrival of Lim Guan Eng. We managed to hold them back after some heated exchanges. I have negotiated with the local Special Branch chief for a peaceful gathering and we will wrap it up after the press conference. We assured him that the gathering will be peaceful and orderly. 

The assault started after the speech delivered by Guan Eng. Sivadurai was punched and kicked by one of Zakaria’s men when he was trying to prevent the chap from disrupting the DAPSY Chief Nga Khor Ming from speaking.  

In his speech, Lim thanked the Sultan of Selangor for his concern in the matter and urged the Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo to take further action against Zakaria. He criticized Khir for asking Zakaria to resign as a Municipality Councilor only after the Sultan has spoken. He also said the Zakaria’s scandal has strengthened the argument for the restoration of local government election. The third vote would be useful in ridding out greedy and arrogant elements like Zakaria Mat Deros. He later spoke about money politics and “samseng” (hooligans) politics of Umno. I have urged Mohan, the OCPD of Klang, who arrived much later that he should look into our complaint seriously and immediately. Besides assaulting our members, the hooligans also broke the side mirror of the DAP Balakong mobile service van and broke the wire of the DAP Pasar Klang mobile service van. Our members and leaders stood our ground firmly and calmly throughout the gathering and we must thank the Pandamaran people for coming out in full force to lend their support and solidarity to the public protest. They remained where they were despite of repeated threats from the hired-hands of Zakaria. 

Regrettably, the police only sent a small team of less than ten officers to monitor the situation and they have failed miserably in crowd control. They should have sent a bigger team to ensure law and order. 

The Sultan of Selangor has done his part as a concerned ruler.  It will be good if he could strip off Zakaria’s datukship as the Umno division chief has brought disgrace to the palace.  Any other political action will be the responsibility of Umno leadership.  Malaysians now have a right to know how Zakaria managed to amass more than RM10 million in less than two terms as a state assemblyman as well as Local Councilor. Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Dr Khir Toya must remove Zakaria as a state assemblyman to safeguard the name of Umno. A man not fit as a Local Councilor is certainly not fit as a state assemblyman.  

We are planning to hold a public ceramah on the scandal on the coming Sunday in Pandamaran. We will intensify our campaign until Zakaria was removed as a state assemblyman of Port Kelang.

Gangsters attacked DAP leaders: Umno Culture?

October 29, 2006

 About 500 villagers and members and leaders of DAP participated in the protest against “Raja” Zakaria this morning outside his Istana Idaman in Pandamaran. The protest was led by DAP Sec Gen Lim Guan Eng. Some twenty Malay youths sent by the “Raja of Klang” attacked DAP Selangor Vice Chairman Sivadurai (Aboo) who was there to protect Lim Guan Eng. I have taken several pictures of those unruly members sent by Zakaria and these photos will be sent to the Police for investigation following the police report logded by Sivadurai an hour ago. I will update readers after my Hari Raya visit to Anwar Ibrahim today.  The RM10 million “Palace of Raja Zakaria” in Kg Idaman, Pandamaran was built without a permit. The Sultan of Selangor has done his part. It will be good if Baginda could strip off his datukship as his actions and behavior have brought disgrace to the palace. We want Zakaria’s boss MB Selangor Dr Khir Toyo to sack him as a state assemblyman to restore the image of Umno. A man not fit to be a Local Councilor is laso not fit to be a state assemblyman. Amd most importantly, we want the ACA to find out how Zakaria amassed his wealth in less than two terms as a state assemblyman as well as Local Councilor for Klang.

What a beauty!

October 28, 2006

I was stung by its beauty and glory this morning. I’m sharing it with all readers of Colour-blind who were stung by racial slurs and  “venomous doses” thanks to various political scums and hypocrites.

I find it therapeutic. How about you, my friends?

October 28, 2006

Note: This is the letter done by Abdullah’s spin doctors. The letter was sent to every home during the election campaign and up till the polling day. The copy I was keeping was given to me by a young Indian lady wearing a BN vest outside the polling centre at SJKC Puay Chai in SS2, Petaling Jaya. Guess what, the great Micheal Chong was there to supervise the distribution of these letters. 

Many young Malaysians in Petaling Jaya have claimed that they were touched by Abdullah’s letter. Such sentiment could have been translated into votes for the Barisan Nasional candidates in 2004. 

I’m reproducing the letter here for Malaysians as a checklist for the performance of Abdullah’s  government. I must thank my son Zunxian for typing it out for us. Happy reading! 


There’s no better time for you to be heard, so… 

Why Vote ?Because your vote is your say. And as part of the young generation, your say really matters ! 

With your vote, you have a real chance at shaping the
Malaysia that you want. For you, your family
and the future.  

Oh, it’s all just empty ‘politics’“Isn’t politics just for politicians?”“Will voting change anything?” 

Where Have You Been?!Everyday, something is happening in government and politics that affects your life. 

Our well-being, incomes, personal safety, freedom to live peacefully and so much more depends on the policies of the Government. 

How Can One Vote Make A Difference?It may be difficult for one vote to make a difference. But if u decide to vote, and the person next to you, and another, and another… 

If each person tries to make themselves count, then collectively each vote makes a difference! 

But it has to start with you. Think about it! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by voting. 

I Don’t Feel The Urgency To Vote.That may be because you feel comfortable and stable, and that it doesn’t really matter who gets voted. 

It does. The comfort and stability you feel now is due to years of hard work and dedication by a party that delivered these results, and more. 

Shouldn’t I Vote For Change? 

BARISAN NASIONAL has always been about change. 

We never stand still. From then till now, we’ve worked hard to develop
Malaysia and we will continue
to change with the times. We continue to look out towards the future, find new ways of doing things.We bring in new people. We explore new ideas. 

As a member of the young generation, you stand to benefit the most from government policies and initiatives. So ask yourself what change means to you. And who will deliver it. 


More Opportunities 

Employment   Continue to provide jobs by sustaining high economy growth, including exciting new fields and in rural areas . 

  Continue to improve results from retraining programs for the unemployed. 

Entrepreneurship  Provide more training and guidance in entrepreneurship skills  

  Increase opportunities to build competitive entrepreneurs    Improve access to funds for SMEs and start-ups, from loans to grants to VC 

Education   Increase emphasis on quality education, meritocracy and market relevance of courses  

  Improve access to education loans and scholarships 

  Increase number of higher education institution  

Personal Safety  Reduce crime by increasing patrols and improving enforcement . 

A More Mature Democracy 

Channels for participation  Provide more platforms to solicit views and debate socials issues 

  Provide more avenues for young people to actively engage in government and civil society 

  Reach out to more young people , women , rural folk the disabled in nation-building 

Space for expression  Encourage environment for constructive discussion and criticism    Encourage creativity and openness, while being sensitive to our differences  

A Clean, Efficient Government 

Anti-corruption   Continue the crackdown against corruption, without of favour 

  Enforce stronger preventive measures e.g performance targets for elected representatives  


Better public services  Continue to improve professionalism at all government frontline agencies 

  Cut red tape and improve ease of access e.g. online services  

A Party That Listens – – A Party That Delivers  

BARISAN NASIONAL understands the complexity of developing
Malaysia in a fair and comprehensive manner. Balancing the needs of different groups presents great challenges, yet we will continues to work hard for all Malaysians. Listening to your concerns, we aim to deliver the following:

1st class infrastructure, 1st class mentality 

Infrastructure   Continue to improve access and affordability of ICT service, bridging the digital divide  

  Continue to improve the public transport system  

  Ensure enough space for relaxation and recreation e.g. futsal pitches , parks  

Mentality   Encourage environment where civic consciousness and courtesy is practiced  

  Heighten gender-sensitivity and mutual respect 

  Nurture a sense of care for our environment and amenities 

  Nurture individuals with strong character and positive values 

You have the choice to determine the future of our nation . You have the opportunity to stand up for what you believe in. You have the chance to take
Malaysia towards excellence, glory and distinction . Believe in our capability to lead the nation in today’s challenging world. Believe in our vision for
Malaysia’s future. Believe in Barisan Nasional.

Selamat Mengundi,  (Signature)  



Brought to you by Generasi Muda BN

18.9% or 45%? Umno cannot afford the truth

October 27, 2006

  Dr Lim Teck Ghee of Asli has resigned under protest to uphold the integrity of independent scholarship. But EPU has yet to substantiate its data and methodology “vociferously” .

18.9% or 45%? Umnoputeras would never tell you the truth. 

Media statement by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP CEC member and NGO bureau chief on Friday, October 27, 2006 in Petaling Jaya  Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang who has just returned from
Geneva immediately asked whether the Government has forgotten about his promise on revealing the data and methodology on the issue of bumi equity. He must have sensed that the Cabinet has yet to discuss the matter and would probably have intended to sweep everything under the carpet.

I have earlier predicted that the Barisan Nasional Government under Datuk Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi would not allow the EPU to disclose its data and methodology to demonstrate how the highly questionable 18.9% bumi equity. Two weeks have come and gone and have you heard anything from the Prime Minister? My prediction was based on the following observations: 

1.                  There’s no way the EPU could justify its claims. You do not need an accountant to tell you that using par value as a basis of calculation can never get you the correct answer. The method was used because of political motivation on the part of Umno. Umno would never admit that the target of 30% bumi corporate equity was succeeded so that they could continue to justify the extension of New Economic Policy (NEP). With the prolonged NEP, Umnoputeras could then continue to benefit from measures like mandatory 30% share allocation from listed companies, government and GLCs procurement and other perks and privileges.

2.                  Umno does not want the ordinary Malays and other Bumiputeras to know that all the shares and equity were concentrated in the hands of Umnoputeras, as such realization or awakening would be detrimental to Umno’s support base. In other words, they cannot continue to use Chinese and other non-Bumiputera communities as bogeymen or scapegoats. Umnoputeras would not want to lose their undeserved entitlement, abuse of power, corruption, intolerance of others and laziness (borrowing the words from MD SAID of
San Francisco, USA- Why are we lagging still?)

Both the prime minister and his deputy would probably pretend that nothing has happened (semuanya ok) and hoping that Malaysians of short memory (mudah lupa) would not question them any further. The lesser leaders like the one described by Mal Inchi2 in his letter to Malaysiakini would continue to be offensive and behave rather arrogantly. After all, Umno leaders have the tendency to rule this country with secrecy and threats.  

The anger and concern expressed by Mal Inchi2 in his/her letter entitled  People shouldn’t fall for gov’t trick” on Oct 26, 2006 was truly understandable. We agree that TV3 should not be used by the Barisan Nasional Government to “downplay the results of the Asli findings plus an assault on those who question the government’s methodology for calculating bumi equity”.

He/She quoted from a minister ( no mention of his/her name here but they were all more or less the same anyway) that was interviewed: “The future of the Malays should be decided by the Malays themselves, why are others interjecting in this issue? It’s our future, let us decide. Don’t create trouble, everything has been fine so far. Even if the bumi equity is 30%, 45% or even 60% now, this still does not change the fact that Malays are marginalised. We (the government/Umno) do not just look at statistics, but we look at reality. Look around you, Malays is still not achieving wealth on par as other races”.

Mal Inchi2 was spot-on when he/she lamented that “ the Umnoputras are shamelessly playing the racial card again to get the Malays to back them by giving the impression that their rights are being threatened. In reality, it’s the future of the Umnoputras wealth accumulation that is at stake, not that of the ordinary Malay on the street”.

We all know that the only ones that stand to lose out big time are the leaders in Umno and their elite circle of friends, contacts and families. If the NEP is abolished, it means no more government contracts, no more endlessly huge amounts of money pouring in to their coffers which in turn means no more luxury cars, no more overseas holidays, no more multiple mansions, no more lazing while at work and no more special treatment from both government departments and the private sector”.
That is why they are defending it as if their lives depend on it. Let’s get rid of these people from governing our country and leading it to waste. Make sure your vote counts in the next election”.  

Need I add anymore?  

Abdullah must have forgotten about this letter!

October 26, 2006

“His son has gotten bigger contract from the government than my son” .

Guess who has said this when pressed for a comment by the reporters yesterday. Were you shocked to hear this from the mouth of Prime Minister cum Finance Minister cum Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi? I don’t know about you but I was speechless!

This man at first denied that his son, who’s the boss of Scomi, has taken any government contract.

When former PM Tun Mahathir Mohamad told him that his son has obtained government contracts worth no less than RM1 billion, he said his son’s company was the only one that can do the job for Petronas in the region.  

When Mahathir pointed out to him that Scomi is not the only one that can do the job, he turned around and said  “your son has got a bigger contract, so don’t you dare to complain about my son…” Oh goodness me!

On the subject of transporting coal to TNB, he actually said that Scomi has got 180 ships! But he quickly added that the ships were originally owned by a company acquired by Scomi. So, we are counting on Mahathir to tell us whether the acquisition was only wrapped up after the company have gotten the contract.

He must have forgotten about the letter he signed and sent to all young voters in the country during the last general elections (shown above).

And all the pledges he made about modern day Justice Bao , clean, incorruptible and trustworthy administration must have been thrown out of the window!

And please do not tell us that the signature was forged by the Oxford graduate.

Saya tak tahu“? Not again!

MCA: Culprit? Accomplice? Coward? Rm 10 (Chi & Eng)

October 26, 2006



马华公会(马来西亚华人公会)向来自称为华人政治代表,口口声声是华族权益的维护者。 但是有留意马华历史的马来西亚





马华领袖大事做不来,小事做不好。如果说马华“成事不足,败事 有余”,一点也不为过。 


凶,任由华族权益饱受践踏。 更糟糕的是,他们经常违背她对本身的




现在正是华社大声地向马华说“不”的时候了! 因为马华领袖绝不是




Malaysians must not be bystanding when Dr Mahathir airs his complaints

October 25, 2006

 Many Malaysians hold such opinion about PM Abdullah as early as May 2006.

Media response by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP CEC member and NGO bureau chief on 2006-10-25 in Petaling Jaya 

We Malaysians cannot afford to be mere bystanders when former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad passes his remarks and criticisms on the present Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. That’s because most of the issues raised by Mahathir were related to national interest of great importance and significance. 

The transcript of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s press conference on Sunday immediately after his one-to-one talk could be found in the Internet websites and blogs.I urge all Malaysians to read the transcript in order to understand the issues concerning this country and act on it. I am only highlighting some major issues raised by Mahathir and offer my observations and opinions. 

So will you support Najib as Umno president?
Dr M: That is hypothetical.
Do you think he will make it as Prime Minister?
Dr M: That is up to them to decide, not for me to decide, not for me to say I support or don’t. It’s entirely dependent upon Umno.
But I must admit that I had appointed Najib deputy prime minister and in the course of time, according to tradition, the deputy prime minister should succeed the prime minister.  

My observation: Mahathir has once again confirmed our belief, that Najib Tun Razak was not chosen by Abdullah. Najib was appointed at the insistance of Mahathir. But Mahathir is now not in favour of Najib anymore because Najib has been playing safe and he was seen giving too much support to Abdullah. That’s why Mahathir mentioned Tengku Razaleigh in his recent interview by Bloomberg.

You said the Chinese would vote for the Opposition, aren’t you afraid that the Opposition will have a bigger majority?
Dr M: Yes, I think it is possible. My assessment is that it is not possible for the Opposition to win but they may be able to reduce the majority of the Government. 

My observation: Mahathir is corect to say that the Chinese would vote for the Opposition. His assessment that the Opposition will not be able to topple the BN Government is also accurate. That’s because BN will certainly dish out some goodies to pacify the Rakyat apart from resorting to cheating and manipulations with the help of the Election Commission (SPR). Besides, the Opposition must really put their act together soonest possible to win the confidence and acceptance of the voters in general. To me, Mahathir should have have also told Abdullah that if he does not buck up, many Indians, Malays, Kadazans, Ibans and other races in general would also vote for the Opposition. What has happened in Sarawak can also takes palce in Peneinsular Malaysia and Sabah.    

Don’t you think what you are doing now is bad for the party?
Dr M: I see that what he is doing now is bad for the party and unless you criticise and stop what he is doing now, it will have bad results for the country. It is not an internal problem of Umno alone. It’s not a question of unity within Umno. Umno cannot win the elections without public support and today the public is very critical of the present conditions, the present economy, the present system of administration, the involvement of family members, the telephone calls, the contracts won by the children’s company. This concerns the public and if the public doesn’t support, even if 100% of Umno were to support our candidates, they will still lose. 

My observation: What Mahathir is doing now is good for the Rakyat. You see, Opposition leaders can bring up the same isues but no chance of seeing the lights. Besides, Umno leaders including Abdullah should be able to differentiate what is voice and what is noise. Heeding some of the good advices can only make Umno cleaner and stronger.The involvement of family members, the telephone calls and the contracts won by the children’s company were unfair to other businessmen. Tell me if these were not corruption, nepotism and cronyism. How could the Malaysian public continue to vote for Umno and other BN component parties if these things were not changed?  

What is your assessment of the Prime Minister’s personal integrity. Is he an honest man?
Dr M: Well, I don’t know. But how does he get involved in the oil-for-food business? He says no, he is not involved but his name is there as the beneficiary. 
My observation: This is one issue Abdullah has not cleared his name. Abdullah has also not explained why he allows RM300 million from the wang ehsan coffer be spent on a single sport event in Terengganu , and spending another RM400 million to build a bridge to link an unknown island also in Terengganu. (Please visit Colour-blind for other details). He has not explained why Patrick Lim and other buddies of Khairy Jamaluddin were allowed to have a field day out there.  

Are you unhappy with Najib for not saying much?
Dr M: Whether I am happy or not, whatever happens to him is something that will happen to him, not to me.
What do you mean? Dr M: Whatever he does of course will affect his future.
But he is somebody whom you had lobbied for.
Dr M: Yes I did, but beyond that I am not prepared to do anything more. 
My observation: See, Najib has been dropped by Mahathir, rather obvious. The sad thing about us Malaysians is that we do not have many political leaders in Umno who has the calibre or potential, I mean prime minister materials. Mention names like Najib, Hishamuddin, Khairy or Muhyiddin and you will hear a big, loud NO from the gallery.   

Najib recently announced RM40bil in investments by companies.
Dr M: Announce is OK. It’s like announcing the Ninth Malaysia Plan, it has been announced two years ago but up to now as far as I know none of the projects have taken off. I did also comment (to Pak lah) on this private financing initiative. Now what is private financing initiative? It sounds as if it is the private sector which is going to do everything and the Government does not have to spend one sen. It sounds like privatisation but it is not. It is the same as build, lease and transfer.  It means the private sector build this bridge at whatever cost and then lease it to the Government.  Of course, when you lease it to the Government it must give the company profit and sufficient money to pay off debts. And in the end of course the Government will pay. 

My observation: Najib has only said that RM11 billion will be a foreign investment and the remaining RM29 billion will actually local investments. These are certainly superscale mega projects, much bigger if you compare with all the mega projects initiated by Mahathir. But we have no idea except waiting for more news from Najib or Abdullah. We thought Abdullah were quite critical about mega projects at one time. But not anymore. And the point raised on the so-called PFI ( Private Financing Initiative) sounds like a scam to squeeze Malaysian taxpayers. It would be another form of privatization ( or piratisation?), more or less. We thank Mahathir for pointing it out clearly to all Malaysians. We better try our best to stop their monkey tricks if we Malaysian taxpayers do not want to end up paying for it. The BN Government has no money. Every single sen belongs to the Rakyat.

Your view on bumiputra equity ownership at 18% or 45%?
Dr M: I think the Government has to explain how it reached the figure of 18% and the other side has to explain how it reached the figure of 45%. I don’t think the figure of 45% is correct. As far as 18% is concerned, it may be nearer the actual figure than the 45% figure. So let’s clear this up. Don’t say: “Don’t question this thing.”  To every criticism directed at the Government, the answer is: “Don’t question this thing, don’t raise this issue, stop talking about this.” 

My observation: I disagree with Mahathir that 18.9% may be nearer the actual figure than the 45% figure. Because the data and methodology used by Asli were more scientific, practical and logical than those applied by the EPU ( if Abdullah was not quoted wrongly). But I agree with him that the Government should clear this up. On this point, former Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Musa Hitam was a great disappointment  to us. He should not have commented that raising the bumiputera issues could cause racial unrest. He should learn from Mahathir on how to handle important and sensitive issues concerning the nation. He also made the same mistake when he was asked to comment on my piece on the history of independence ( Merdeka) in 2005, entitled “The real fighters of Merdeka”.  Abdullah has yet to give his side of views. Mahathir has outdone him on this round and he really cannot afford to lose out again when he finally decides to speak.  

Let us hope that he would offer some good and sensible answers and quickly follow up with some good remedies. Actions speak louder than words. If Abdullah can act steadfastly on issues such as IPCMC, NEP, APs, mega projects, marginalization and corporate equity, Cabinet deadwoods and little Napoleans, Singapore-Malaysia relationship, corruption, nepotism and cronyism, Mahathir would have no choice but to shut up. 

MCA is the culprit that shuts down the original SJKC Damansara

October 24, 2006






马华总会长不是时常以“堂堂正正做人,清清白白做官” 挂在嘴边吗,为何马华的“文胆” 连发表文章也这样“鬼鬼祟祟” ,不敢发到报章和网络媒体上面去?

最近的一篇名为“行动党破坏民族教育发展,反过来嫁罪马华” ,竟然沦落到以“读者来函照登” 的方式,抬出一位张老头来胡说八道。马华的文胆都度假去啦?

由于马华没有人敢(或愿意) 以真名实姓发表反驳,又无胆将文章发去报馆和网络媒体,本人姑且以一篇收录在本人的小书(2005年出版) <<马华在华社中的角色:罪魁?帮凶?懦夫?”>> ,有关白小事件的短文,以回应张老头。


在马华当地国会议员周美芬的误导下,马华领导层以为白沙罗华小已经不适合继续作为一间小学,必须被关闭。 其它当地马华国州议员如林祥才,林春景,黄世豪也不分青红皂白地成为帮凶,结果导致教育部于20011月下令关闭白小。部分村民家长奋勇而起,展开保留原校,争取分校的运动,坚持将孩子送往白小在阮梁圣公庙的冷气货柜箱就读,也不愿意送孩子到离开新村大约五公里的丽阳镇新校(该新校校舍在民主行动党和其它反对党,以及全国热爱华教的群众的压力下在短短的八个月内竣工,而且高达马币一千两百万元的建筑费完全由内阁特别拨款)  白小原校如今在“白小保留原校,争取分校委员会”以及董教总的协助之下管理,整个斗争已经超过1150多天,进入第四个年头。 每个社区都应该享有本身所需要的学校。白小保留原校争取分校委员会发动的救救白小签名运动在不到半年就获得超过15万个签名,其中不乏马来和印度友族。马华必须勇于认错,说服教育部重开白小,是为上策。 直到今天,马华头头还说不清为什么白小必须关闭的道理,难免令人怀疑黑幕重重,内有文章。马华头头的说法似是而非,什么大多数家长愿意迁校,少数必须服从多数(其实学校主权在白村居民,少数多数之说从何说起?而大部分的家长在没有选择和被打压的的情况下只好随着迁校), 什么民主政府不受少数人的要挟(其实受威胁和压迫的是白村居民和学生家长以及义务教师等人),什么白小课题被民主行动党政治化(其实行动党只是站在人民一方,和白村人民并肩作战”,据理力争)



白小原校如今被关闭超过了2100天,来自新村和附近的八十多为白小原校生继续在神庙上课。这种持续斗争,捍卫华教的大无畏精神,绝对不是马华头头所能相提并论的。 本人奉劝马华头头悬崖勒马,不要一错再错,执迷不悟。黄总会长最好还是请首相亲自跑一趟白小,顺便将门锁带来。 


 小广告<<罪魁?帮凶?懦夫?>> 有中文和英文两个版本,合计RM10。有意订购者可将支票寄至 LIU TIAN KHIEW,

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