Amran and others should bring IGP to courts

 Yes, Amran and other protestors who were beaten up by the FRU has every right to sue the IGP, the OCPD of Dang Wangi Police and the FRU members involved in the May 28 Bloody Incident outside the KLCC.

A total of 16 protestors who said “NO to petrol and diesel hikes” were arrested and I happened to be the first person to be arrested on the day. None of us have been charged by the authority so far.

11 years ago, I was beaten up badly by the FRU at the Kg Taman Aman when I was trying to prevent MPPJ officers from demolishing the homes and surau. I won my case against the IGP and OCPD of PJ Police and the police have to pay me a compensation of some RM21,000. BTW, four months have passed but I have yet to receive my compensation.

The police has no rights to use violence to break up a peaceful gathering in the line of their duty. The videos, photographs and other evidence provided by us to the Suhakam were more than sufficient to identify most of the culprits if not all.

We are expecting the Suhakam and the Attorney General to do a job this time.

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