What a beauty!

I was stung by its beauty and glory this morning. I’m sharing it with all readers of Colour-blind who were stung by racial slurs and  “venomous doses” thanks to various political scums and hypocrites.

I find it therapeutic. How about you, my friends?


5 Responses to “What a beauty!”

  1. TanjungPetir Says:

    Yes, yes, it’s awesome … imagine when you are looking at a bigger picture, so to speak!

  2. pebbleworm Says:

    Nice shot. Serene and has a zen-like quality.

  3. sampalee Says:

    In the midst of depressions and hopelessness,there is still time to see and smell a lotus.Joy are aplenty,if you just be aware of what is before you

  4. HealthNut Says:

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  5. Shopping Resource Says:

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