Gangsters attacked DAP leaders: Umno Culture?

 About 500 villagers and members and leaders of DAP participated in the protest against “Raja” Zakaria this morning outside his Istana Idaman in Pandamaran. The protest was led by DAP Sec Gen Lim Guan Eng. Some twenty Malay youths sent by the “Raja of Klang” attacked DAP Selangor Vice Chairman Sivadurai (Aboo) who was there to protect Lim Guan Eng. I have taken several pictures of those unruly members sent by Zakaria and these photos will be sent to the Police for investigation following the police report logded by Sivadurai an hour ago. I will update readers after my Hari Raya visit to Anwar Ibrahim today.  The RM10 million “Palace of Raja Zakaria” in Kg Idaman, Pandamaran was built without a permit. The Sultan of Selangor has done his part. It will be good if Baginda could strip off his datukship as his actions and behavior have brought disgrace to the palace. We want Zakaria’s boss MB Selangor Dr Khir Toyo to sack him as a state assemblyman to restore the image of Umno. A man not fit to be a Local Councilor is laso not fit to be a state assemblyman. Amd most importantly, we want the ACA to find out how Zakaria amassed his wealth in less than two terms as a state assemblyman as well as Local Councilor for Klang.


2 Responses to “Gangsters attacked DAP leaders: Umno Culture?”

  1. morkee Says:

    The chances of demolishing the mansion is practically nil. It is a waste to tear down a RM8 million house. Is it possible for the state to seize the building and let the rakyat use it as shelter/community center etc?

  2. sampalee Says:

    The people are not jealous of umnoputra success.We just want to know where he get the cash or the loan.By having hired hands to do police work,he is above the sultan.The johore military unit finaced and reports to the sultan was disbanded after the contitutional crisis.Guess our YB is even more influctial than the sultans in today acts of arrogance.

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