Has Malaysia a future?

 Has Malaysia a future? Some say yes. Some say no. How about you?

The picture we see here, as described, were the Sultan of Selangor and the MB of Selangor. I believe His Royal Highness was telling the most powerful man in Selangor to do something good for the state. We appreciate what the Sultan is doing. But we also wish that the most powerful person in the country could also advice ( or direct) Khir Toyo to do something good for the state.

Did I just say the MB is more powerful than the Sultan? Am I saying Selangor is now in a sorry state? You bet.

But I hope every Selangorian and Malaysian for that matter to realise that the Sultan or the Agong in this country may not be the the powerful leaders in this country but they certainly were personalities with great influence. And they ought to be respected when they were saying something good for the people. Even the most powerful leaders in the country should respect their views and opinions unless they were saying something totally irrelevant.

Of course i agree that the Sultan or the Agong  should refrain from criticising the Government of the day or stay away from politics. But if the politicians are not doing the job or have neglected their duties or worse still started to abuse their powers, the rakyat will be glad to see that Sultan and Agong could tell them off. What do you think?

Coming back to the question of whether Malaysia still has a future. I believe many Malaysians were utterly disillusioned by the recent waves of racial slurs and religious extremism. Some were feeling the pinch of poor business and others were burdened by inflation and high cost of living. Some were seriously confused. 

But i urge you not to lose heart…

… To be continued.


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