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Would you stop calling him “Pak Lah”?

November 30, 2006

 The police again took side with the developer in the demolition of Kg Berembang in Ampang. The Blue-uniformed hooligans from MPAJ together with the FRU demolished the surau yesterday. They have slapped some young girls and boys and two of the girls have lost their consciousness after the assault.

 The 22 year-old Norhasliana Osman Taad who was in coma for a few hours after the FRU assault last week was again slapped and kicked by the MPAJ officers yesterday. They slapped her face several times when she was putting up a defence for the surau. She told me that two girls, i.e. Aida Suhaida(15) and Siti Humairah Bt Shuhaimi(13 ) were both fainted after the assaults.

9 activists from PSM and Jerit and other NGOs and 2 villagers who were there to protect the surau were arrested by the  police. 23 activists were arrested in the first round of demolition last week.

What has happened to our Bolehland now, Mr Prime Minister? In the first demolition exercise 10 days ago, a letter from his department was ignored by the local authority who took order from the Selangor Menteri Besar Khir Toyo. The man has said nothing until today, leaving  every villagers in Kg Berembang wondering who is in-charge in the country today.

I have suggested to RPK of Malaysia-Today that a legal aid fund should be set up immediately to help all those girls and boys, activists and villagers who were assaulted by the police and MPAJ officers. We hope all readers of and colour-blind will provide generously towards the fund. 

It’s time for all Malaysians to stand up against the tyranny of the Barisan Nasional Goverment under the man who was “affectionately” called Pak Lah. I have stopped calling him with that name more than a year ago. 

Malaysiakini has the story…

Chaos reigns in Kg Berembang

Nov 30, 06 1:24pm

The Ampang Jaya Municipal Council tore down the only remaining structure in Kampung Berembang in Ampang – a surau – but not before leaving the 30-year-old village looking like a battle ground.Scores of residents of Kampung Berembang, along with members of several non-government organisations and political parties, were involved in a physical battle with enforcement officers from the council, who were backed by police and the Federal Reserve Unit to save the surau.Last week, the council had demolished all the 50-odd houses in the village, leaving only the surau behind – that too after a long and hard protest by the villagers and members of a grassroots movement, Jerit.

The villagers had since put up makeshift shelters amid their demolished houses in the bid to protect the surau.

This morning, MPAJ, armed with four bulldozers, came in to finish the job and again they faced stiff resistence from the villagers.Some 60 villagers and activists had stood steadfast in their last stand against the demolition. They had also parked their vehicles in a cordon around the surau to stop the bulldozers. Attempts by the pro-tem secretary-general of Parti Sosialis Malaysia S Arutchelvan to negotiate with enforcement agencies failed and a scuffle broke out when the MPAJ personnel started uprooting trees just outside the surau.But the situation got out of hand when the MPAJ enforcement team started cutting the fence of the surau at 11am.They then towed away the vehicles cordoning the surau using MPAJ tow-trucks to an unknown destination. 
Battle field

Villagers who tried to block the demolition were violently shoved and pushed aside by the MPAJ enforcement officers, who numbered more than 100.

Things took an ugly turn when the police and the FRU joined the fray to beat the villagers and their supporters who had gathered there.Women and children, who were holed up inside the surau, were also not spared.

The enforcement officers were aggressive against both the women and children. One woman who had locked herself with a steel chain to the surau was forcibly removed.

The officers were seen pulling the hair of some of the women and slapping the children who refused to leave the surau.

“I was afraid but somehow I found the courage to try to stop the officers, maybe because I care for the surau,” said Aida Suhaida (below), 15, who was slapped by a MPAJ officer.

“We are women, and the men should not touch us, but they kicked me and stepped on my stomach while I was sitting at the (surau’s) staircase,” said Norhasliana Osman Taad, 22, who was pull by the officers until her cloth was torn.“They slapped my face until my eyes turned red. The children were also stepped on by them,” she said.In the aftermath of the melee, 11 people – nine activists and two villagers – were arrested and taken to the Ulu Kelang Taman Keramat police station and Ampang Jaya police station.As the dust settled, Kampung Berembang looked like a battle zone with villagers fallen to the ground, some crying in pain, about four fainted and some vomited as a result of sheer exhaustion. 

By 1pm, the MPAJ had completed their surau demolition job.


061130 6:34 :

妇女发展协会(Women’s Development Collective谴责安邦再也市议会今日以暴力手法拆除甘榜伯仁邦(Kampung Berembang)的回教祈祷所。








这片自50年代就存在的木屋区将被铲平来兴建组屋。被州政府视为非法居住的甘榜伯仁邦木屋区居民,在一年前被令搬迁到蒲种的甘榜慕希巴(Kampung Muhibah)。












Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) must not shirk its responsibility

November 30, 2006


Ketua Pengarah LLM met the BMC Action Committee delegation on 28 Nov 2006. He has failed to call for a four-party meeting to  resolve the blocked access at Bandar Mahkota Cheras/ Bandar Sg Long. He was also wrong to claim that the blockade was legal (in his reply to the BMC action committee chairperson, Tan Boon Wah).

We have demanded the access road to be opened first while the dispute between the developer Narajaya and toll concessionaire Grand Saga should be resolved with the intervention of LLM. LLM must not run away from its responsibility as the relevant authority under the Ministry of Works. Minister of Works Datuk Seri Samy Vellu has taken too long to resolve the dispute. How long more the residents of BMC and MSL must endure the torture of long queques every morning and evening?

The Kajang-Cheras Expressway is one of the five highways where the toll fares would be increased by Dec 1, 2006.It would add to the nightmares of the residents living around the area thanks to the Barisan Nasional Government. The lopsided agreements allow concessionaires to raise their rates every other 3 years. Grand Saga has recovered the entire building cost after merely 7 years of operation.

We would give another two weeks to LLM to hold the joint meeting. Failing which, the residents reserve the right to dismantle the blockade  and also claim compensation from the developer ( Narajaya of the Lion Group promised the buyers a toll-free access in their sales prospectus).

The delegation was led by Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai, who was appointed by the action committee as the Coordinator in October this year.

More stories on the RM600 million scandal…

November 30, 2006

 He is still keeping mum over the scandalous allocation of RM600 million for all Umno divisions. So much talk about corruption-free and integrity from this man but …



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今年1113日,首相阿都拉在巫统全国代表大会上宣布,供乡区发展的15亿令吉拨款已经用完,因此另外拨出6亿令吉的款项。阿都拉作出宣布不久后,公共工程局底下的合约与材料测量部发出一份长达3页的文件-“2006乡区计划落实指南概念书Guidelines for Implementation Programme of Rural Projects 2006 Concept Paper),该指南表示,工程部将负责确保计划在2006年里进行并完成






刘天球的报案证据是一封与阿都拉的宣布相同日期,由副工程部长莫哈末再因签署的函件。该函件通知公共工程局关于该笔拨款,并指示该局加速落实该拨款的使用。 该函件也将砂拉越排除在外,刘天球表示,排除砂州之后,受惠的国会选区只剩191个,与巫统全国区部的总数相同。多数的巫统区部领袖可以动符合资格获得只供土著申请的F级承包商执照,担任党职的人士可以优先取得F级承包商,这个已经是一项公开的秘密

How to spend RM600 million in 6 weeks

Andrew Ong
Nov 29, 06 11:07am
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Each parliamentary constituency has been given a year-end ‘bonus’ of RM3 million. Only two rules apply – they need to spend it in six weeks and the money is only for bumiputera contractors. These Class-F contractors have been issued with guidelines on how they can spend the additional RM600 million allocated under the Ninth Malaysia Plan in a rather short period – six weeks.On Nov 13, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced that the additional RM600 million was to top up the RM1.5 billion disbursed for rural development, which he claimed had already ran dry.A three-page document – ‘Guidelines for Implementation Programme of Rural Projects 2006 Concept Paper’ – was released soon after the announcement, prepared by the Public Works Department (JKR) Contract and Material Surveying Division.“The Works Department has been tasked with ensuring the implementation of the programme which must be undertaken and completed in 2006,” read the document.Sources claimed that the guidelines was distributed to a number of contractors after the premier’s announcement.

According to the document, it was estimated that RM3 million would be distributed to each parliamentary constituency except for those in
Sarawak. This means that 191 constituencies will benefit from the year-end ‘bonus’.
The projects must be worth no more than RM200,000 and be completed by the end of this year, stated the document.

No contractor can take up more than one project under this programme. Should all RM600 million be spent, each parliamentary constituency would see at least 15 contractors being hired bringing the total to around 3,000 contractors nationwide.

Payment in JanuaryThe document stated that JKR district engineers and district officers must first identify and decide on the small projects and minor renovation works to be undertaken.

Among the projects that can be performed, said the document, are the upgrading roads, building new roads, renovating or painting government buildings which include schools and mosques, building and fixing drains, pipe installations and electrical works.

Successful bumiputera contractors must start work within three days after being awarded the project. They can expect payment by the end of January 2007 after the project is completed.

On Monday, DAP NGO bureau chief Ronnie Liu lodged a police report alleging that public funds were being used to finance the programme which would inadvertently fall into the hands of Umno divisional leaders.He claimed that the spending spree was neither approved by Parliament or the cabinet. Instead, he said the funds came from a party decision, aimed at bolstering support for the fragile Umno leadership.

Abdullah made the RM600 million fund announcement on the eve of the annual Umno general assembly early this month.

The crux of Liu’s argument was a letter – dated on the same day of the annoucement – by Deputy Works Minister Mohd Zin Mohamed informing JKR of the RM600 million fund and instructing the department to expedite the programme.

Sarawak is left out, Liu said this only leaves 191 parliamentary constituencies which tallies with the number of Umno divisions in the country.

The majority of Umno division leaders “automatically qualify” for Class-F contractor licences, which are exclusively for bumiputeras. It is an open secret that party office bearers are given priority for the Class-F licences.

Bagaimana membelanjakan RM600 juta

dalam 6 minggu

Andrew Ong
Nov 29, 06 1:22pm
Saiz Huruf:

Setiap kawasan Parlimen di Semenanjung dan Sabah menerima ‘bonus’ hujung tahun sebanyak RM3 juta untuk dibelanjakan dalam masa enam minggu dan peruntukan itu hanyalah untuk kontraktor bumiputera.Kontraktor kelas F ini telah diberi garispanduan mengenai bagaimana hendak membelanjakan tambahan RM600 juta yang diperuntukan di bawah Rancangan Malaysia Kesembilan (RMK9) dalam tempoh tersebut.

Pada 13 November, Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengumumkan peruntukan itu sebagai tambahan kepada RM1.5 bilion bagi melaksanakan projek kecil luar bandar.Dokumen tiga muka
surat itu disediakan oleh Jabatan Kontrak dan ukur Bahan, Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) yang bertajuk ‘Kertas Konsep Tatacara Pelaksanaan Program Projek Luar Bandar Tahun 2006’.

Menurut dokumen tersebut, JKR telah ditugaskan untuk memastikan pelaksanaakn program tersebut yang mesti dijalan dan disiapkan dalam tahun 2006.

Sumber-sumber mendakwa, garispanduan tersebut telah diedarkan kepada sesetengah kontraktor selepas pengumuman perdana menteri tempoh hari.

Menurut dokumen itu, kecuali Sarawak, kesemua kawasa Parlimen di Semenanjung dan
Sabah, yang berjumlah 191, masing-masing dianggarkan menerima agihan RM3 juta di bawah program tersebut.

Setiap projek mesti bernilai tidak melebihi RM200,000 dan disiapkan dalam tempoh dua bulan, kata dokumen itu lagi.

Jenis projek terbabit, antaranya ialah menyelenggara jalan, membina jalan/dataran kejat, membaiki dan mengecat bangunan kerajaan, termasuk kuarters, masjid, dewan, sekolah, balai polis, membina dan membaiki parit dan longkang, memasang paip dan memasang pandawaian elektrik dalam bangunan.Kontraktor terbabit tidak dibenarkan menerima lebih daripada satu projek. Jika kesemua RM600 juta dibelanjakan, maka sekurang-kurang 15 kontraktor dari setiap kawasan Parlimen terbabit, berpeluang menerima projek tersebut, atau 2,865 kontraktor semuanya.

Bayaran Januari

Menurut dokumen itu lagi, jurutera daerah dan pegawai daerah hendaklah mengenalpasti dan menyetujui kerja-kerja kecil dan pembaikan yang tidak mengubah struktur asal untuk dilaksanakan melalui program ini.

Manakala kontraktor yang berjaya dikehendaki memulakan kerja-kerja dalam tempoh tiga hari selepas mendapat projek. Mereka dijangka menerima bayaran pada akhir bulan Januari 2007, iaitu selepas projek disiapkan.

Isnin lalu, Pengerusi NGO DAP, Ronnie Liu membuat laporan polis, mendakwa wang rakyat digunakan untuk membiayai program tersebut, yang akhirnya ‘jatuh’ ke tangan pemimpin Umno di peringkat bahagian.Beliau mendakwa, peruntukan tersebut tidak diluluskan sama ada oleh Parlimen atau Kabinet. Sebaliknya, Liu mendakwa, ia diluluskan oleh pemimpin parti dan merupakan ‘wang politik’ bertujuan untuk meningkatkan sokongan.

Laporan Liu juga dibuat berasarkan kepada
surat Timbalan Menteri Kerja Raya, Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed yang mengarahkan JKR supaya mempercepatkan pelaksanaan program tersebut.

Menurutnya, jumlah 191 kawasan Parlimen yang menerima agihan peruntukan tersebut, adalah sama dengan jumlah bahagian Umno di Semenanjung dan
Sabah. Terdapat 222 kawasan Parlimen di Malaysia dan 31 daripadanya adalah di

Majoriti pemimpin Umno bahagian merupakan pemegang lesen kontraktor kelas F yang khusus diberikan kepada bumiputera.

The RM600 million scandal:PM must explain

November 27, 2006

 UMNO has no business to use our money to sustain its petronage system. PM Abdullah was the one who announced that RM3 million each will be allocated to each parliamentary division after the Majlis Taklimat Presiden Umno on 13 Nov 2006 over TV3@8pm news. We now learned that only Umno divisions benefit from this allocation. Parliamentary divisions of MIC, MCA, Gerakan, SUPP and other BN component parties were not allocated a single sen for the so-called rural dvelopment. He must come clean on the issue now that a police report was made against his move.

Sinchew, Guang Ming, Malaysiakini (BM ) filed their stories based on my police report and media statement. Read on…


推薦給朋友    列印

updated:2006-11-27 20:58:57 MYT





)政府剛在第9大馬計劃下撥款15億令吉發展鄉村計劃,卻在短時間內再撥款6億令吉。劉氏認為,如果要更改撥款款項,政府應在事前與內閣成員商討,或在中期檢討會中提出,否則整個操作屬違法舉動。5 )撥款通知跟信件都在同一天(1113日)發出,但鄉村及區域發展部拿督再納阿比汀卻表示並未收到通知,有撒謊之嫌。劉天球認為,政黨並不能利用公款作為黨內用途,否則將等同於商業失信,他希望警方能深入調查,同時希望政府能收回有關撥款的指示。 (光明日報‧2006/11/27 

推薦給朋友    列印

updated:2006-11-27 20:44:46 MYT(八打靈再也訊)行動黨非政府組織局主任劉天球促請警方調查政府領袖疑涉及使用公款分配給巫統各區部,並認為人民的錢不能由政黨自行瓜分。說,這項涉及6億令吉的撥款將分配給半島及沙巴的國會選區,每個選區可獲得約300萬令吉,但被限定要在2個月內用完。

他希望警方可以以金錢政治的角度來調查這次的案件。說,他接下來將會通過反對黨的國州議員向政府施壓,並不排除可能號召糾察行動質問濫用人民金錢的政黨。 (星洲日報‧2006/11/27) 

DAP persoal ke mana pergi dana tambahan RM600 juta?

Andrew Ong, Malaysiakini
Nov 27, 06 7:36pm
Saiz Huruf:

DAP hari ini mempersoalkan siapakah yang akan mendapat faedah ari peruntukan tambahan sebanyak RM600 juta untuk projek-projek luar bandar di bawah Rancangan
Malaysia  Kesembilan (RMK9) yang diumumkan kerajaan baru-baru ini.
Ahli jawatrankuasa pusat parti itu, Ronnie Liu bertanya, adakan bahagian-bahagian Umno di seluruh negara akan mendapat bajet berkenaan untuk disalurkan kepada para pemimpin di akar umbi? Pada penutup perhimpunan agung Umno baru-baru ini Presiden parti itu merangkap Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi telah mengumumkan kerajaan akan menambah RM600 juta lagi peruntukan bagi pembangunan luar bandar. Sebelum ini di dalam RMK9, sebanyak RM1.5 billion telah diperuntukkan oleh kerajaan. Sebaik sahaja selepas pengumuman Abdullah itu, Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Awang Adek Hussin pula memberitahu para wartawan, semua 198 kawasan Parlimen akan mendapat RM3 juta dari RM600 juta yang diperuntukkan itu. Menurutnya, dana tambahan itu akan dgunakan untuk membantu kontraktor kelas-F dan akan disalurkan dalam tempoh enam bulan.Bagaimanapun menurut Liu, sepucuk surat yang ditandatangani oleh Timbalan Menteri Kerjaraya, Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed pada 13 November lalu membawa cerita lain pula. Dalam mengarahkan pengarah Jabatan Kerjaraya mempercepatkan pelaksanaan projek-projek berkenaan, kandungan surat itu menyatakan dana itu hanya untuk projek-projek kecil di Semenanjung dan Sabah.

Liu berkata, mungkin Sarawak tidak termasuk dalam pembahagain peruntukan itu kerana Umno tiada di negeri itu. 

“Terdapat 191 bahagaian Umno di Semenanjung dan Sabah. Jika setiap bahagian diberikan projek bernilai RM3 juta, jumlah keseluruhannya ialah RM573 juta,” katanya lagi. 

Menurut beliau, majoriti ketua bahagian Umno secara automatik akan layak menekmati faedah ini kerana sebahagian besar mereka mempunyai lesen kelas-F yang membolehkan mereka mendapat kontrak-kontrak kecil seperti  membaiki jalan, mengecat bangunan kerajaan dan membaiki longkang. 

Kontrak-kontrak kecil ini bernilai tidak lebih RM200,000 setiap satu dan dikhaskan untuk bumiputera. 

Liu berkata, kemungkinan besar tambahan dana ini adalah keputusan parti, bukannya kata sepakat di peringkat kabinet.

Surat yang ditandatangan oleh Mohd Zin itu dihantar salinannya kepada Perdana Menteri, Menteri Kerjaraya dan Menteri Kewangan Kedua. Bagaimanapun tiada salinan untuk Menteri Pembangunann Wilayah dan Luar bandar Datuk Abdul Aziz Shamsudin walaupun peruntukan itu adalah untuk pembangunan luar bandar. Liu mendakwa, dana tambahan ini tidak diluluskan oleh Parliamen atau kabinet, sebagaimana rancangan RMK9. “Penggunaan wang rakyat telah dibuat secara tidak mengikut undang-undang,” katanya sambil mendakwa dana berkenaan sebenarnya digunkan untuk disalurkan kepada para pemimpin Umno di bahagian bagi memastikan mereka menyokong pucuk pimpinan. Liu membuat laporan polis hari ini dengan menyertakan salinan surat Mohd Zin sebagai buktinya. Satu salinan surat tersebut juga diberi kepada malaysiakini. Berita asal.


Police report on the RM600 million question

November 27, 2006

 T.Kannan (DAP Sungei Way Branch Chirman) and DAP Selangor Publicity Secretary Lau Weng San accompanied me to the IPD Petaling Jaya this morning to lodge the police report. I will be meeting ASP Jabbar of IPD Dang Wangi for a further statement later as the case was deemed as taken place at PWTC, the venue of the Majlis Taklimat Presiden UMNO on 13 Nov 2006. Pls read my posting titled “The RM600 million question” yesterday for details.

No.Report: Kelana Jaya 009388/06

27 Nov 2006


Penerima Report: Wan Zawati@Zalina Bt Wan Ismail

Pengadu menyatakan:

Penyelewengan wang rakyat oleh pemimpin Umno

Mengikut lapuran berita TV3 pada 13 Nov 2006 dan juga lapuramn berita The Star dan Utusan Malaysia pada 14 Nov 2006,dan juga sepucuk surat rasmi daripada Timbalan Menteri Kerja Raya Malaysia kepada Ketua Pengarah Kerja Raya pada 13 Nov 2006 (rujuk kepada lampiran-lampiran), kerajaan akan menggunakan sejumlah RM600 juta untuk pembanhunan luar bandar melealui ketua-ketua bahagian Umno di Semenanjung dan Sabah ( TIADA bahagian Umno di Sarawak).

Peruntukan ini tidak mengikut undang-undang dan peraturan kerajaan kerana ia tidak diluluskan di Kabinet (Jemaah Menteri) dan Parlimen tetepi hanya diluluskan oleh pemimpin Umno.

Ini merupakan politik wang dan kami melapurkan kes ini kepada polis supaya satu siasatan boleh dimulakan dengan serta-merta untuk memberhentikan penyelewengan kewangan ini.

Sekian. Terima Kasih.

Liu Tian Khiew

Ahli Tertinggi Pusat DAP merangkap Ketua Biro NGO

Malaysiakini has a story on my police report…

RM600 mil ‘bonus’ for Umno divisions?

Andrew Ong
Nov 27, 06 6:52pm
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Are Umno divisions the main beneficiaries of the additional RM600 million allocated for rural development under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP)?

On Nov 13, the eve of the recently concluded Umno general assembly, party president and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced that the sum was to top up the RM1.5 billion allocated for rural development under the 9MP.

Immediately after Abdullah’s press conference, Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussin told reporters that each of the 198 parliamentary constituencies would get RM3 million from the RM600 million bonanza.

He reportedly said the funds would rejuvenate the Class-F contractors, adding that the allocations should be spent within six months upon disbursement.

However, a letter allegedly signed by Deputy Works Minister Mohd Zin Mohamed on Nov 13 – the day the announcement was made – tells a slightly different story, claims DAP central committee member Ronnie Liu.

In instructing Works Department director to expedite the directive, the letter also states that the funds are only meant for small projects in rural areas in Peninsular Malaysia and

Liu claims that the explanation for this is simple – Umno has no presence in

“There are 191 Umno divisions in Peninsular Malaysia and
Sabah. Should each division be granted RM3 million worth of projects, it would amount to RM573 million,” said Liu when contacted today.

The majority of Umno division leaders automatically qualify for Class-F contractor licences, which allow them to be awarded projects involving road works, paint jobs at government buildings and drainage works among others.

These contracts are worth a maximum of RM200,000 and are exclusively for bumiputeras.

Police report lodged

Liu said that it was likely that the RM600 million disbursement was a party decision, rather than a consensus arrived at cabinet level.

For starters, Mohd Zin’s letter was copied to the prime minister, works minister and second finance minister, but not Rural and Regional Development Minister Abdul Aziz Shamsudin, although the funds were meant for rural development.

Adding fuel to Liu’s suspicion is the reply by Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister Zainal Abidin Osman in Parliament on Nov 15 – two days after Abdullah’s announcement.

The deputy minister was responding to a question by Kubang Kerian MP Salahuddin Ayub who asked if the RM600 million would be distributed in RM3 million packages to Umno divisions.

Zainal Abidin said then that he had no knowledge of the RM600 million until he read media reports. He denied that the funds would be channeled to Umno division leaders.

Liu alleged that the allocation was not approved by either Parliament, unlike the 9MP, or the cabinet.

“The way public money being handled in this case is unlawful,” said Liu, who believes that the money will end up being channeled to Umno divisions through contracts to bolster support for the party’s leadership.

“All money (that) belongs to the government belongs to the rakyat. We have no reason to sustain the patronage system in Umno with our money,” stressed Liu.

Liu lodged a police report on the matter today which was attached with a copy of Mohd Zin’s letter. A copy of the letter was also made available to malaysiakini.

“The allocations did not follow laws and regulations of the government because it was not approved by cabinet and Parliament, but approved by Umno’s leadership.

“This is money politics and we are lodging this report to the police so an immediate investigation can commence to stop the misappropriation of funds,” said Liu in his police report.


The RM600 million question

November 26, 2006

Can money belongs to the Rakyat be channeled to Umno division chiefs?

Media statement at press conference by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP CEC member and NGO Bureau Chief on Monday, November 27, 2006 in Petaling JayaThe RM600 million question: Can money that belongs to the people be channeled to Umno divisions?

Those who have watched TV3 News at 8pm on 13 November 2006 would remembered that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has announced to the press immediately after the closed-door Briefing to Umno delegates (before the Umno Assembly), that he has decided to allocate RM3 million each to all Parliamentary divisions (he did not specifically said it was only for the Umno divisions) for rural development. But he said the money adds up to about RM600 million, which tallied with the total number of UMNO divisions in the country, i.e.191. (191xRM3m=RM573m). The news was also reported in The Star, Utusan Malaysia and other newspapers on 14 Nov 2006. Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak followed by saying that this RM600 million will be added to the Ninth Malaysian Plan budget, on top of the allocation of RM1.5 billion for rural development.  But any amendments or additions to 9MP must be done by Parliament during the mid-term review. This RM600 million allocation was not even approved by the Cabinet let alone the Parliament.

This matter was raised by Salahuddin bin Ayub, the PAS Member of Parliament for Kubang Kerian on 15 November 2006 and the official reply he got from the government is that the money will be managed by the government and not by the Umno division heads. (DR.15.11.2006  Page 35). This is a lie! Before we go deeper, please read the letter from Deputy Works Minister dated 13 November 2006: 


13 November 2006
Ketua Pengarah Kerja Raya
Ibu Pejabat JKR
Tingkat 5, Blok F
Kompleks Kerja Raya
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin
Kuala Lumpur
u/p: YBhg. Dato’ Ir. Mohamad Razali Othman
YBhg. Dato’Pelaksanaan Projek Kecil Kawasan Parlimen di Semenanjung Malaysia dan
Dengan segala hormatnya saya ingin menarik perhatian YBhg. Dato’ di atas pemgumuman YAB Perdana Menteri pada 13 November 2006 di Putra World Trade Centre.

2. Untuk makluman YBhg. Dato’, YAB Perdana Menteri telah mengumumkan pelaksanaan projek-projek kecil di Semenanjung dan Sabah dengan nilai keseluruhan RM600 juta (Ringgit Malaysia Enam Ratus juta). Pecahan kecil untuk setiap kawasan Parlimen adalah sebanyak RM3 juta (Ringgit Malaysia Tiga juta) dan projek ini perlu dilaksanakan dalam tempoh 2 bulan.

3. Sehubungan itu, saya memohon kerjasama YBhg. Dato’ untuk mengambil tindakan proaktif bagi melaksanakan arahan YAB. Perdana Menteri melalui JKR Daerah dengan mengarahkan seluruh Jurutera Daerah mengadakan perbincangan dengan pemimpin tempatan bagi penentuan kerja dan lain-lain.

4. Segala kerjasama dan tindakan segera YBhg. Dato’ atas perkara ini diucapkan ribuan terima kasih.


Yang ikhlas,

(signed by: DATO’ Ir. MOHD ZIN MOHAMED)


1. YAB. Dato’ Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi
Perdana Menteri

2. YB. Dato’ Seri Samy Vellu
Menteri Kerja Raya

3. YB. Senator Tan Sri Dato’ Nor Mohamed bin Yakcop
Menteri Kewangan II

Now, please note the salient points in the letter above:

1) The letter is dated 13 November 2006, TWO days before the Parliament session of 15 November 2006.
2) The letter is dated 13 November 2006, the SAME DAY that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced the matter at the Umno briefing in the Umno headquarters. In fact, the letter was prepared BEFORE Abdullah made the announcement that same day.
3) The letter is signed by the Deputy Minister of Works and copied to the Prime Minister, Minister of Works and the Finance of Minister II (meaning the Deputy Minister of Works has overridden those above him — but could have done so only if someone ABOVE the Minister of Works and Minister of Finance II gave him that authority to do so).
4) The amount to be implemented is RM600 million as announced by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on 13 November 2006.
5) The implementation must be completed within two months (meaning the RM600 million must be utilized by middle of next year). The Contract & Quantity Survey Unit at Jabatan Kerja Raya has since prepared and sent a document titled “ Kertas Konsep Tatacara Pelaksanaan Program Projek Luar Bandar Tahun 2006)  to all Umno divisions in the country.
6) Sarawak is NOT included in this scheme because
Sarawak does not have an Umno presence.
7) The RM600 million is only for Umno and will be managed by the Umno division leaders.
8) RM3 million will be allocated to each of the Umno divisions (less
Sarawak which does not have any Umno divisions).
9) The letter confirmed the RM600 million on 13 November 2006 but two days later, on 15 November 2006, Parliament was told: Kementerian belum lagi dimaklum tentang 600 juta yang ingin dikemukakan kepada projek-projek luar Bandar.
10) And it is government money but for Umno’s use as what Parliament was told: 600 juta ini adalah diberi oleh duit kerajaan Barisan Nasional dan bukan duit UMNO.
11) Also note that the Minister of Rural Development (Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah) Datuk Aziz Shamsuddin was completely bypassed! The letter from Md Zin was not even cc to him. Isn’t Aziz Shamsuddin the Menteri Pembanguanan Luar Bandar?

This is of course a blatant lie and Parliament has been misinformed. The money will not be managed by the government but will be managed by the Umno division heads. How one could explains why there is no single ringgit allocated for Sarawak? If there is an Umno division in Sarawak, they certainly would not be left out totally. In this case, the engineers in the Works Ministry are being used to legalize the RM600 million funding for the 191 Umno divisions.
The reason they lied to Parliament is simple. The RM600 million is government funds but it is going to be channeled to Umno for party purposes. This is a form of money politics and it is of course illegal. We Malaysians have no control over such practice of vote buying in Umno but we certainly do not accept that money belongs to the rakyat be used by Umno leaders. All money belongs to the Government belongs to the rakyat. We have no reasons to sustain the patronage system in Umno with our money.The RM600 million allocated for rural development has not been discussed and approved by the Parliament. It has not even been approved by the Cabinet. The way public money being handled in this case is unlawful. How can a prime minister who always talks about trustworthiness, integrity and corrupt-free administration do this to Malaysians? We urge the Cabinet to withdraw the plan and make sure no money belongs to the rakyat be channeled to Umno and other Barisan Nasional component parties. Money belongs to the people must go back to the people, instead of being robbed or hijacked by the rich and undeserved local warlords.We warn Umno leaders not to misuse and abuse Government fund for its political agenda. We will lodge a police report tomorrow on the matter so that the police could start an investigation and put a stop to such act of money politics.


  1. Letter from Deputy Works Minister
  2. Parliament Hansard DR.15.11.2006 Page 35.
  3. Kertas Konsep Tatacara Pelaksanaan Program Projek Luar Bandar Tahun 2006.

Tian Shan,Xinjiang(Sinkiang)

November 25, 2006

  Tian Shan is standing gorgeouly behind the scenic Tian Chi. Can you see the ice-capped mountain right in the middle? The picture was taken during my trip to Urumchi in August this year. I was invited as a judge for the LongXi international Chinese advertising awards by the organiser,together with 15 other judges all over the Asian countries. I would share with you more beautiful pictures when I find time. Majority of the population in Xinjiang are Muslims. Urumqi(Urumchi) is waiting for you, my friends.

Lawbreakers turned lawmakers.”Malaysia Boleh” or “Malaysia Bodoh”?

November 25, 2006

 Rot to the core! These were the MPK councillors who built their “palaces” without submitting plans, not paying assessment for years, built satay shops on government land, snatched and broke cameras of Guang Ming Daily’s reporter, sent gangsters to beat up DAP protesters…They were reappointed as MPK councillors yesterday despite of strong protest from HRH Sultan Selangor, rakyat in Selangor and the DAP.

Lawmakers turned Lawbreakers and now again sworn in as Lawmakers…Is this “Malaysia Boleh” or “Malaysia Bodoh”? Media statement by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP CEC member and NGO Bureau Chief on Saturday, November 25, 2006 in Petaling Jaya 

We were very disappointed that except for “Raja Zakaria”, all the lawbreakers in the Klang Municipality (MPK) were sworn in as new councilors yesterday amidst public protest. The son and daughter in law of Zakaria were also sworn-in together with a long list of tainted politicians representing Umno, MIC and MCA . This is a reflection of arrogance of politics of the highest order on the part of Umno and Barisan Nasional parties like MIC and MCA under the Selangor Menteri Besar Khir Toyo. 

How could the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abduallah Ahmad Badawi  allows the Selangor MB to appoint this bunch of lawbreakers to continue as lawmakers? Are you admitting to the Malaysians that there were no more clean and upright candidates in Klang to fill up the vacancies? What kind of integrity, transparency and delivery system he was talking about all this while? Or is he too afraid to offend these “corrupt-to-the-core politicians” for fearing of losing support in the party?  A very bad precedence has been set in Klang now. When lawbreakers were allowed to become lawmakers and “leadership by example” fails so badly under the Umno administration in this country, would the Menteri Besar and Prime Minister still expect the ordinary citizens to follow the laws? 

DAP Selangor deputy chairman Khoo Chee Pock, state committee member Peter Tan and other DAP members went to the MPK yesterday to stage a protest against the swearing-in ceremony today. They told me that many ordinary folks in Klang are now extremely upset by the blatant act of political arrogance on the part of the BN Government. Instead of stepping down, the “Raja Zakaria” has openly said that he wants to stand again in Pelabuhan Kelang as the BN candidate. We are wondering why a person who had given a bad image to his Muslim brothers and sisters still has the cheek to stay on in politics. The voters in Pelabuhan Kelang would have an opportunity to teach him a lesson should that happen.  

Judging from what has taken place in Klang today, Malaysians should not be too surprise to see that these lawbreakers be elected by their respective party as candidates in the coming general elections to be held next year. Guang Ming Daily has a report…

推薦給朋友    列印

updated:2006-11-24 19:00:05 MYT









國大黨代表:阿歷斯迪卡拉惹、瑪廉 (光明日報‧2006/11/24

2006-11-24·  查氏兒子任市議員.承諾會更嚴守條規 ·  被追問動粗事件.馬氏沒正面回應 ·  查氏一家仍有2市議員.林冠英質疑遴選制度 ·  恐發生不愉快.市會全面戒備 ·  巴生市議會宣誓就職.查氏沒出席宣誓禮 ·  巴生市議會.違例議員照樣宣誓.只有查氏被除名 2006-11-21·  沙爹屋毗鄰11檔.展延至1222日前搬遷 ·  申請地發展新班達馬蘭市鎮查氏和2子是最大得益者 ·  鄧章欽抨擊查氏兒子.不適合受委市議員 ·  查卡利亞有意參加下屆大選 ·  明年可在查宮慶祝查氏高調招待1.5萬人2006-11-10·  300縣市議員人選.背景良好才獲委任

·  到訪豪宅遭辱罵恐嚇.馬氏扯壞攝記相機


Delegates who made inflammatory speeches must be charged in courts

November 24, 2006

Caption: Together with DAP Selangor State Committee Member Batumalai, PKR Selangor Youth Publicity Secretary Khairul, DAPSY Assistant National Organising Secretary Loh Chee Heng, DAP Seri Setia Branch Chairman T. Kannan, DAP Kota Branch Chairman Phillip Tan and DAP CEC member and NGO bureau chief Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, Lau Weng San lodged a police report with IPD PJ against racist and seditious remarks from UMNO MP for Jerai and Deputy Speaker for UMNO General Assembly, Datuk Badruddin Amilrudin@Friday, November 24, 2006. 

Police report against UMNO deputy permanent chairman Badruddin Amilrudin for seditious act 

DAP Selangor Made a police report this morning at the IPD Petaling Jaya, urging the police to take actions against Badruddin Amilrudin, Umno deputy permanent chairman. He has on record waved a booklet on May 13 Incident and at the same time threatened the non-Malays not to challenge the Malay race during the 2004 Umno assembly.  I told the reporter from Sinchew Daily that PM Abdullah was incorrect when he claimed that only two or three Umno delegates were making seditious and inflammatory speeches during the assembly. Those who watched the live telecast would know that many ministers and senior leaders were making such racist remarks and the non-Malay communities were upset and concerned because such speeches usually received thunderous applause from the 2,000 strong Umno delegates. I also expressed my disappointment with PM Abdullah because instead of correcting his delegates, he sent out a wrong signal in his closing speech when he remarked that “it’s only natural that the debate was “hot” because delegates were young and hot-blooded, and he was also like them in his younger days”. He seems to have no problems at all with the brandishing of keris by the Umno Youth chief. 

While we argued that such remarks would create fears and dissatisfaction among Malaysians, I also like to remind Malaysians that we should bear in mind that such Umno leaders do not represent the Malay community, who are peace-loving and gentle in nature. These Umno delegates were not real Malay heroes but “paper tigers”.

I also pointed out that the Umno leadership now has indirectly admitted that those speeches from their delegates were inflammatory and uncalled for, or else they would not be talking about whether the live telecast of the proceedings in future should be continued or not.  

Here’s the Sinchew report… 指峇達魯丁2年前言論煽情

updated:2006-11-24 20:20:15 MYT(八打靈再也訊)雪州行動黨宣傳秘書劉永山促請警方調查巫統日萊區國會議員拿督峇達魯丁在2年前所發表具有煽動性及種族性的言論。他認為,也是巫統副常任主席的峇達魯丁在20041124日的巫統代表大會上發表煽動性言論,並高舉513事件的書籍警惕出席的代表,這將破壞社會和諧及國家團結。



Dr Chen has taken Umno to task

November 24, 2006

Dr Chen Man Hin has never actually retired from politics. He keenly follow politics and always make time to attend important party meetings and gatheringsas the Life Advisor of the DAP. He was very upset with the blatant lies and racist remarks made by various Umno leaders like Abdullah and Najib. He issued a statement recently to express his concern on the NEP. Please read on…


Race bashing of non-bumiputras, in particular Malaysian Chinese is misplaced and without basis, and does not contribute to unity and harmony of mult-racial
 A detailed analysis of the political, economic, financial, cultural, educational, health, transport, agricultural sectors will show that the bumiputras are very much in control. If this observation is challenged, the DAP is prepared to invite them for a dialogue at a public forum, where details can be given. in all sectors of Malaysian society, the non-bumiputras marginalized. It is highly improper for delegates at the Umno assembly to assail the Chinese Malaysians, and make them the sacrificial lamb for the mistakes of Umno and Barisan National. 

In Indonesia, the Chinese there are often blamed for the economic problems in the country. they are made scapegoats for all economic ills, although they number less than 5% of the population. 


The anger and frustration of Umno delegates should by right be directed not at non-bumiputras but at the national economic policy, which the DAP think is the cause of slow economic development resulting in marginalization of Malays, Chinese, Indians and others. The NEP has created a solid group of middle class Malays, but the Malay poor have been marginalized. So also the non-Malays The statistics given by DPM Datuk Seri Najib that ‘the average monthly income of bumiputra had merely increased from RM339 in 1976 to RM 2711 in 2005, while for the Chinese the figure rose from RM 795 to RM 4437 during the same period.’  He quoted the figures to claim that Chinese are not marginalized as stated by Lee Kuan Yew. 

However, an analysis of the numbers shows that the household incomes of both bumiputra and Chinese families are well below the national average, which when based on the per capita income of Malaysia of US 5000. (WORLD BANK) it works out to RM 7917.5 per Malaysian household. In other words, the figures quoted by Datuk Najib show that the average Malay family and the average Chinese household incomes are well below the national average. this means both bumiputra and Chinese families are marginalized, and are poor. The NEP has marginalized the Malay, Chinese and Indian poor! To make matters worse, it is important to point out that the per capita income in Malaysia of US 5,000 is very  much lower than the per capita income of US 14,000 in South Korea, US 17,000 in Taiwan,  US 25,000 in Singapore and US 27,000 in
Hong Kong.
These numbers clearly show that the economy in Malaysia has advanced at a snail’s place compared with other Asian countries.  It is precisely because of slow development that bumiputra, and non Malays are marginalized. 

Blame the NEP and not the Chinese please. 

The NEP is a dismal failure largely due to the three Cs -namely a Command economy, Cronyism and Corruption. While China and Vietnam have thrown away a communist command economy, Malaysia still clings to its command economy of NEP and Quotas. The time has come for a fresh approach to lift up the economy and lift up the living standards of all Malaysians The successes of China and Vietnam are attributed to the fact that they threw away a command economy of central planning for a free market economy. Malaysia should follow the example set by China and Vietnam. It should shrug off the command economy implemented in Malaysia,  of state planning like the NEP and quotas, and adopt a liberal policy of free trade within Malaysia and with foreign countries. This is the way to go.  

Dr Chen Man Hin