Lese Majeste!Durhaka!

Practically everyone wearing dark glasses on the day was a gangster(or behaved like gangsters). We believed these hired hands (about 10 of them) were sent by the “Raja of Kelang”. Money was seen changing hand on the spot! Besides physical abuse and threatening to throw bricks and stones, some of them even shouted racial remarks such as   “mahu 13 Mei kah?” (You want another May 13?”).So sad and sickening!

Didn’t Zakaria Md Deros have just asked His Royal Highness for his forgiveness a day earlier?

HRH Sultan of Selangor has wanted him to resign as an MPK Councilor but he has refused to do so.  And now the Umno Klang division has even passed a resolution to support this  “raja” to continue as a Municipality Councilor. To me, the Umno division and Zakaria have both committed insult to HRH and they should be charged for lese majeste!

In yesterday’s press conference, Zakaria pulled his entire family into the picture and staged a show. He went on and on about his past “contributions” and “exemplary services”before admitting his mistakes. We were not sure whether he has actually apologised for what he has done. He even cried a number of times after reading his 12-paged statements. Such showmanship was nothing but abhorable.

His refusal to resign as a Councilor was not acceptable. We urge HRH to strip off his datukship and all other titles to which he does not deserved. Such an arrogant recalcitrant even deserved a banishment order from HRH Sultan of Selangor. What do you think, my fellow Selangorians?

We in the DAP have wanted Zakaria to resign as a state assemblyman because he has proven himself to be an irresponsible political leader.

In addition, Zakaria should be removed as the division chief. The fact that he continues to enjoy the support of his division speaks volumes about the mentality and quality of these Umno members. The Selangor Menteri Besar has earlier agreed that Zakaria must go. Would he change his mind now that the Klang division has openly defied his views? And how about the Umno President ? He too has wanted stern actions to be taken against Zakaria earlier. Would he be saying something else now? 


3 Responses to “Lese Majeste!Durhaka!”

  1. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    From Concerned Citizen…

    Dear Sir,

    The recent controversy surrounding the MPK councillors saga has generated widespread interest and have put the country into the spotlight again for all the wrong reasons. Firm actions by government leaders and the Selangor state administration in particular must be seen to be transparent and fulfil the promises made during the previous election.

    To date the public are still in the dark on two recent controversies namely the ‘Jasin MP close one eye saga’ and the ‘misuse of funds uncovered by Ong Tee Keat’, one whereby an elected MP have blatantly lied to the public that he has no personal interest with the company in question but we now know what the ‘truth’ is, the other blatant abuse of power and suspicious channeling of public funds.

    Are these issues going to fall under the ‘no further discussions’ category, I think that it is high time that the government restore the public confidence by swiftly taking action and publicy make known to the public on the outcome of the so-called ‘investigations’. It does seem odd that whenever government bodies or representatives come under public scrutiny, there will always be an ‘investigation’ but the outcome or action taken after such ‘investigations’ never see the light of the day.

    Will the government show us the light or are we going to be shrouded in another smoke screen again?

    Concerned Citizen

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