Rest in Peace, Sdr Omar Tan Abdullah

Sdr Tan, you’ll always be remembered as a true reformist.

Ever since I know you from the Reformasi days, you have been actively involved in many activities and contributed a great deal to your party, PKR.

You were arrested by the police 4 times (or more). You emerged stronger after each of your detention.

Your sudden departure was a great shock to us and we will certainly miss you a lot in the journey of our political struggle.

Malaysia has just lost a true son. Goodbye, my friend.

from Ronnie with love

( Sdr Hisham Rais just called me a while ago that he is now with his family in Bangi. Omar will be buried tonight.) 


One Response to “Rest in Peace, Sdr Omar Tan Abdullah”

  1. TanjungPetir Says:

    Elder Bro. Ronnie,

    Do you have any news regarding Mr. Selva Durai, our Vice-Chairman of Selangor DAP? How’s he doing?

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