Home sweet home. Backed from the amazing Shanghai.

  This picture was taken outside a popular shopping mall in Shanghai.

Shanghai never ceases to amaze me with her vibrance and dynamic energy as a world-class city. Economically, it has been enjoying a double digit growth for the past 15 years and the growth for 2006 will be nothing less than 12.2%. But socially, there is a growing unease among the lower income groups living in and around the city. Just like many Malaysians, they were quite fed up with the corrupt political leaders and high cost of living. They were delighted when the city’s top corrupt leader and his machais (about 200 of them) were arrested recently. We have yet to see our PM Abdullah doing the same here in Malaysia. What has happened to the so-called 18 sharks?

We were told about the latest antics and dramas put up by Umno Supreme Council member and Johor MB Abdul Ghani and other Umno leaders on our way from KLIA. I called them dramas because these people were saying these things to woo support for themselves. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And looks like the entire Umno delegates will be talking about how Malays were being marginalised in her own country and why Malays must be given the special tongkat until 2020 and beyond in the November conference. No wonder more and more people now believe that Lee Kuan Yew from the down south were collaborating with Adullah in an effort to divert the attention of the Umno delegates away from matters and issues raised by Dr Mahathir.


One Response to “Home sweet home. Backed from the amazing Shanghai.”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Tongkat has lose its effect,there is now a cry for wheel chair[above 30%,as long as it is less than 100%]Malaysians know what I mean.No need for further elaboration.

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