PSM Forum: National Questions

 Several Panellists Dr Dzulkifli, Lee Ban Chen and Maria Chin Abdullah as the facilitator @ New Era College

DAP members and I attended the forum entitled “The National Question” organised by Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) on Sunday morning at the New Era College, Kajang. Practically every panelists were very concerned about the worsening situations in the country thanks (and no thanks) to Umno politicians, where both race and religion were being used rampantly by them to hoodwink the Malaysian citizens (except Dr Khoo Boo Teik of USM). Dr Khoo has given the floor an impression that in his opinion, Umno and PM Abdullah were not doing too bad. What do you think, my fellow Malaysians?

I have taken the opportunity from the floor to say that Malaysians need to fight Umno and all other negative forces head-on and at the same time try our best to gather strength from all the positive elements of diversed race and religion for a better Malaysia. In  my opinion, the Umno regime is beyond repair. We owe it to ourselves to effect a change in Malaysia.


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