Umno and Umno Youth leaders talking nonsense these days

Media comment by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP CEC member and NGO bureau chief on Wednesday, November 15, 2006 in Petaling Jaya

This morning, many Malaysians were telling me how frustrated and angry they were with the racial slurs uttered by both Umno and Umno Youth leaders these days.“They are talking nonsense all the times. Nothing sensible and rational could come out from their big mouths!” said Mr X.

“Is fanning racial sentiments the only way to maintain support in their own party? If that’s the case, what kind of racist and divisive political party Umno is?” asked Mr Y.

“Umno is FOS- full of shit!” was the comment of hawker Mr Z.

” Each time Umno has its assembly, Malaysia would lose more FDI. We are now behind Indonesia and Vietnam, but they still continue to talk nonsense,” said an ex-banker I met in the afternoon.

You see, the people (especially the non-Malays) are now very disappointed and frustrated with the Umno leadership. Can you blame them for saying all sorts of things about both Umno and Umno Youth leaders?I could understand their sentiments and feelings. They were very hurt and upset by the antics of these hypocritical political leaders.

You have Ghani Othman who said no to Bangsa Malaysia (mooted by Dr Mahathir in the Vision 2020 project) and insisted on Malay Supremacy ( Ketuanan Melayu). 

You have Najib Tun Razak who declared that the Malay Agenda and NEP will go on forever (no time limit) because “Malays were being oppressed by the Dutch, Portugese and English for more than 400 years”. He also warned Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew not to raise the marginalization of the non-Malays in this country again. Judging from his past records and present behaviour, no one should harbor any hope that Najib will become a Prime Minister of all Malaysians.

You have Hishamuddin Hussein who’s good at playing racial card and at the same time good at accusing others (including his partners in the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional) for playing the racial card to gain support from their respective communities. He even spoke from the podium in front of which a keris was placed. What was he trying to prove? Last year, Hishammuddin had brandished a keris during the general assembly and had called on Malays to rally behind Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy). He said issues related to Islam should be raised through the syariah courts and not the civil courts, and he also urged the government to reject the setting up of an inter-faith commission as advocates have proposed. He also warned the Article 11 coalition not to talk about freedom of religion besides accusing Asli for giving a wrong figure on bumi equity. He however failed to justify his claims and accusations.

You have Khairy Jamaluddin who shamelessly admitted that Umno is a racial party that fights for the Malays only. He even (on behalf of MCA and MIC) claimed that both parties were also racial parties like Umno, fighting only for the Chinese and Indian communities respectively. He continued to claim that Malays in Penang were being marginalized and challenged Khor Tsu Koon to prove him wrong.

An Umno Youth delegate from Selangor chided MIC president S Samy Vellu, Gerakan deputy president Dr Koh Tsu Koon and MCA vice-president Ong Tee Kiat for behaving rudely (kurang ajar) towards Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Is there anyone out there believe that Samy, Tsu Koon and Tee Kiat have the backbones to defend themselves by asking the Umno Youth delegate to retract his disrespectful remark?

Even the so-called Mr Nice Guy is now playing tough, warning people not to test his patience. So, would he launch a crackdown on the opposition? Even Dr Mahathir is not safe now that Abdullah has openly said it for the first time that he would not be a one-termed Prime Minister. Interestingly, Abdullah said this at a time when Najib’s special aide was arrested and implicated in the gruesome death of a Mongolian beauty. So, even Najib is in for a trouble.  Many non-Malays friends have told me that they have made up their mind not to vote for Umno and other Barisan Nasional candidates anymore in the coming general elections, which may be called as early as May 2007. “Since Umno has become so arrogant nowadays, and they talk as if they were not bothered about getting the non-Malay votes, why should we vote for them?” This comment came from a long-time supporter of Barisan Nasional. “ We Malaysians must really teach these ‘rascals’ and ‘bastxxxx” a lesson in the coming general elections,” he added.

Are you ready, my fellow Malaysians? 


7 Responses to “Umno and Umno Youth leaders talking nonsense these days”

  1. morkee Says:

    Just my perception, true not true I don’t know.

    Mahathir’s time – govt got 100 million
    30 million goes to umnoputra, 70 million goes to rakyat.

    Badawi/Khairy’s time – 60 million goes to umnoputra, 40 million goes back to rakyat.

    I think we are not looking for a perfect PM here. We just want a PM who can do 15 million for the umnoputra/MCA/MIC and 75 million back to the rakyat.

    Do we have a legitimate candidate?

  2. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    dear morkee,
    the candidate is outside umno. he has gone thru the baptism of fire and more importantly he is now willing to join forces with other right-minded malaysians to bring about a one is perfect in this world and that includes the candidate we are talking about. but u r right, we are not looking for a perfect PM here. let’s give him and his team a chance and that’s giving ourselves a chance.
    take care,

  3. TanjungPetir Says:

    Are you referring to Anwar Ibrahim, Ronnie? I will support Anwar for Prime Minister if he repudiates the following …

    1) Any Islamist agenda (he’s done the right thing in resigning from the American university where he’s been a visiting lecturer. That university is known being on the payroll of the Saudis (aka Wahabis)

    2) Any possibility of re-joining Umno as long as it is a racial party. Forget about Malay unity, including talks

    3) Any political past linked to Umno

    Yes, we do not need a non-Malay PM to prove that we are multi-racial. And there are not many thinkers and philosophers around. One thing good about the Malays is the interest in philosophy which is essential for supplying the know-how of administration and governance, unlike our Chinese which emphasise business acumen. Anwar is thinker and philosopher and this translates into vision and articulation. He is a potential Prime Minister and leader of all Malaysians from the Alternative Front. If Anwar is willing to tread the path of Malaysian-ism, I’ll support him all the way although I never join PKR as I’m die-hard DAP.

    Having said this, I’m still not too sure about a change of govenment as I’m not sure how things will all work out the way it should be. With these things, you’ve got to becareful. So, at present, I am against Umno-BN but at the same time grateful for AAB as Prime Minister and hope he’ll stay for a long time.

    In the meantime too, may the DAP continue to fight not only for working-class Malays but the rural Malays also. They are our compatriots, our people. May we share in their trials and tribulations.

    My very best and sincere regards to Anwar Ibrahim and family.

  4. TanjungPetir Says:

    I hope that the voters of PJ Utara and Selatan will return to the glory days of being an urban opposition stronghold!

    May the DAP continue to fight for and champion the rights and welfare of the Chinese working-class and under-class! May Bukit Bintang give the DAP an even bigger majority come the next GE! Only the DAP can fight for the Chinese!

    May the Indians in Selangor rally to the DAP as their defender!

  5. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    No one should harbor anymore hopes with abdullah. his party has gone down beyond repair.the bunch of people brandishing the keris simply cannot be trusted.if we really want Malaysia to turn around and go upwards, dump the present BN stooges.pls think out of the box, my fellow malaysians.
    take care, ronnie

  6. lene Says:

    I was utterlly frustrated and infuriated to read about what’s happened recently at the UMNO GAssembly. It is time the non-malays band together and fight for our rights as a human being. The supremacy card is just a security blanket, a crutch that the bigoted malays cling to bec

  7. lene Says:

    I was utterlly frustrated and infuriated to read about what’s happened recently at the UMNO GAssembly. It is time the non-malays band together and fight for our rights as a human being. The supremacy card is just a security blanket, a crutch that the bigoted malays cling to because they are not willing to go the extra mile and improve themselves and admit their shortcomings, and to acknowledge that YES there are communities that are better than them economically and in other ways.

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