All Umno delegates should adhere to Rukunegara

 After reading several racist remarks made by certain Umno leaders and also listening to the debates put forward by many delegates at the Umno assembly, it appears to us that many Umno leaders and delegates have completely forgotten about the five important principles set out in the Rukunegara.

Everyone of them would claim that he or she believes in God. But are they truthfully following the teachings of God or actually behave like little Gods themselves? ISA and several other draconian laws are unIslamic. Corruption, lying, cheating and bullying tactics were not “halal” in God’s laws but how many Umno leaders were not guilty of it?

They would certainly claim that they are loyal to the King and the Nation. But judging from the behavior of people like the owner of “Istana Idaman” (Zakaria Md Deros, Umno Klang division chief cum state assemblyman of Pelabuhan Kelang) and the Menteri Besar of Selangor, we were not so sure. Can corrupt politicians who live like parasites of the society consider themselves as loyal citizens of this country?

On the question of whether they uphold the Federal Constitution or otherwise, one just have to look at the way mother-tongue education and religious freedom was being treated by the Umno leadership.

How about Rule of Law? Ask the “close one eye” Jasin MP and “Raja”Zakaria and the other local councilors whether they have followed the laws or putting laws in their hands.

And how about being cultured and well-mannered? Ask the journalists who covered the DAP protest outside the “Istana Idaman” for the answer. They will tell you how difficult it was to differentiate between Umno members and gangsters. They have even called their partners in the Barisan Nasional coalition “kurang ajar” and ” biadap”. And also look at what they did and said about their former President Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Some of them think Dr M is not a “jantan”. 


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