NEP target: Gov’t keep changing the ground rules

 Former DPM Anwar Ibrahim has repeatedly opined that the NEP is no more relevant today and should it be continued, it will bring destruction to all Malaysians including the Malays. He is now under heavy attacks from creatures like Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin and his gang. They called him ‘pengkhianat bangsa Melayu’ (meaning traitor of the Malay race) and all sorts of names.

To me, one can only label Anwar as a Malay traitor if they can prove that the NEP is actually good for the Malays. Since NEP is only good for Umnoputeras, the most Khairy and his gang could do would be calling Anwar “Pengkhianat parti Umno”.

We need more Malay leaders to speak up like Anwar on this issue of NEP, explaning to the Malays why NEP is a deadend and should not be revived. After all, the so-called 30% bumi equity has been achieved long ago ( refer to UM’s Dr Fazilah’s research) and “where has all the money and shares gone to” is a seperate matter. We must not allow Umnoputra to continue to enrich themselves, leaving only the scrums to the ordinary Malays in the streets and kampongs.

PM Abdullah lied through his teeth when he declared that “kita tidak pernah bohong” (we never lie) at the Umno assembly yesterday. Just look at the way the Umno-led Government dishing out the so-called bumi equity figures…18.9%? 26%? 32%? Back to 18.9%? Which is which now? Who’s lying then? Abdullah? Muhyiddin? Najib? Khairy? Hishamuddin? Effendi? Awang Adek? or ALL OF THEM?

I find this letter to Editor by TE See to Malaysiakini reflects the sentiments and feelings of many Malaysians today. Pls read on… 

NEP target: Gov’t changing the ground rules

I refer to the malaysiakini reports Bumi equity: Govt retracts 36.6% figure and NEP to stay until national unity is achieved.Reading them made me feel really sad about the state of the affairs here. As a Chinese Malaysian who was born here and whose parents and grandparents were also born here, it saddens me that such is the lengths some will go to protect personal wealth and turf. It saddens me that till this day, unnecessary affirmative action (for the majority) renders me, in essence, a second-class citizen. Every Malaysian knows, to a certain degree or another, the extent of corruption and furthering of personal interest in the Malaysian government machinery. The government retracts a figure that was published by them, and then gives us some bull on the use of par value. Anyone that’s been through Finance 101 knows that the par value of equity is meaningless. Message to the Dewan Rakyat: ‘Don’t insult our intelligence’. And don’t go give more bull about the NEP staying until national unity is achieved.

Two problems with that. First, the target the NEP set out to achieve (30% bumi equity) has either been achieved or second, you are changing the ground rules by moving from an achieved quantifiable target to an unquantifiable one. Do you take us for a bunch of people walking around with IQs of minus 20?

Frankly, I have had just about enough of this. I love this country as much as any of you do and am not going to sit by and watch this charade. I’m reminded why politics has never interested me.

In my opinion, the MCA leaders should be voted out immediately. What are they doing coming out with statements defending the government against Lee Kuan Yew’s comment that the Chinese here are marginalised? Message to MCA: ‘You are supposed to be there to serve the interests of the Chinese community at large, not go against it’.

Never one to vote in the past, these past few incidents will have me going to the polls the next time around. Still not got around though to who to vote for. There are not much better alternatives around, from my perspective, looking at the opposition parties.

Perhaps Ahmad Akmal’s prescription in his letter NEP will only lead to self-destruction can be an interim solution – the independent candidate. Actually Ahmad, you seem like a pretty well-educated and sensible guy with some fine principles. If you run, you have my vote. Meritocracy, secular state. Bad words as far as our current regime would have us believe.

I’ve had about enough. This latest stunt, the championing of the NEP under false pretences, just to protect and add to the significant wealth already accumulated by politicians is, as far as I’m concerned, the straw that broke the camel’s back. Time for a change. (TE See, Malaysiakini) 


9 Responses to “NEP target: Gov’t keep changing the ground rules”

  1. TanjungPetir Says:

    Actually, Anwar OUTSIDE of Umno is now the authentic (tulen) defender of the Malays because one can NEVER truly uphold the cause of the Malays without at the same time upholding the cause of Malaysia. It’s Umno which is pembelot, pengkhianat, dan penderhaka bangsa Melayu. Take one example, MCA’s black gold politics. It means that triadism has penetrated MCA at the very highest level and politicians are on the payroll of organised crime. This means that linkage between politicians, civil servants and secret societies is complete which is why Umno-BN practices institutional gangsterism – it’s simply a reflection of their culture and ethos. This means that the Chinese secret societies can continue to destroy the Malays (in this case, the PDRM) by eroding their culture with anti-Malay and anti-Malaysian culture of drugs, prostitution, corruption, etc.

    It’s a good thing we have Tan Sri IGP Musa Hassan, who is a good and noble man and committed highest ranking civil servant in the PDRM backed by men like CID chief, Dato’ Christopher Wan. But unfortunately, just like many Malays know for a fact, Umno folks like Khairy Jamaluddin can rave and rant all he likes, but behind the scenes, he’s on the payroll of Chinese gangsters … these people are easily bought by money and material things. So, who’s the one who is mengugat martabat Melayu?

    Anwar Ibrahim is the man of the hour. I hope the Malays will rally to him as the one who will save Malaysia from destruction. As I have said before, I’m a Chinese Christian who’s a die-hard DAP supporter … but since the Malays are my people too, alongside say, the people of Petaling Street and Chinatown, we’ll have to fight Umno because Umno is not fighting for the Malays, it’s oppressing them, period. That’s why I’m fighting Umno because they are not fighting the kongsi gelap Cina, Umno Youth is more interested in bullying the man who stood up against the black gold politics in MCA. I want Umno to brandish the their kerises against Chinaman datuk and tan sris who are secret society bosses and threaten THEIR destruction. Itu-lah cara Melayu.

    But no, Umno is hell bent on betraying the Malays. So, we must fight for the Malays AGAINST Umno. This is the reason.

  2. TanjungPetir Says:

    We have to fight Umno because instead of M-16’s being trained at secret society gangsters, Chinese hawkers who law-abiding citizens are being threatened, intimidated and bullied by DBKL enforcement units. We must fight Umno because it treats the Malays like what a feudal master would to peasant or peons … there are so many cases to rehearse … whether tanah wakaf, land acquisition, etc. Umno is behaving as an ANTI-Malay party. It’s not going against its claim of struggling and berjuang for the Malays.

    No, Kerismuddin is going after the wrong guy (i.e. Dato’ Ong Tee Kiat). He should go after Ong Kah Ting. Why does’nt he do that? Is kerismuddin a coward? As long as he doesn’t do the right thing … he IS a coward. Like KJ, pure cowards who will cow in fear if Umno is kicked out of power, imagine they’ll do anything to save their skin.

    I’m a Chinese but my heart bleeds when I see Malay leaders (Umno) doing the bidding of their masters who anti-Malays, easily bought by anti-Malays, pretending in typical hypocrisy about fighting for the Malays but behind the scenes behaving like lap-dogs and running dogs of the anti-Malays. This is Pemuda Umno which is always fighting a strawmen dan tak berani berhadapan dengan musuh yang se-benarya. Habis-lah perjuangan Melayu.

  3. TanjungPetir Says:

    The reality is that the government under Umno-BN does not fight corruption, organised criminality, and gangsterism. In fact, it’s all of that! So, Umno is anti-Melayu, bertentangan dengan budaya dan semangat ke-Melayuan yang akan bangkit dan berdepan dengan anasir-anasir yang secara senyap atau terbuka bertujuan melemahkan orang Melayu dan caranya adalah melalui penghancuran KE-MELAYUAN. Ke-Melayuan Umno memang tidak sahih lagi …

  4. TanjungPetir Says:

    Dear Elder Brother Ronnie,

    Time to mobilise and galvanise the DAP, PKR, Pas, NGOs and MCA Youth, Gerakan Youth, SUPP, etc. and like-minded groups to oppose Umno’s racism as embodied in their trenchant speeches expressing their obstinate clinging to the NEP AND their outrageous condemnation of others who take a different line. We, the DAP are not alone. The PKR is with us, so is Pas. And even MCA Youth have rightly come out to say that Kerimuddin’s speech was poisonous.

  5. TanjungPetir Says:

    I thank you too for, on behalf of the DAP, defending Anwar from the charge of treachery and so on from Umno. Yes, the DAP must show it’s solidarity with Anwar.

  6. TanjungPetir Says:

    Yes, let us continue to show solidarity with Anwar and show that we stabd shoulder-to-shoulder and alongside him in our struggle for a better, more just and equitable and freer Malaysia. Let the DAP defend their Malay compatriots in the PKR from Umno’s attacks.

  7. TanjungPetir Says:

    Ong Kah Ting, anti-Melayu! Ganyang dia!

  8. sampalee Says:

    There is hope.One Tanjungpetir can neutralised a thousand umno worriors.It is now time to stand up and be counted and sound the death knell for umno

  9. morkee Says:

    I asked a malay friend of mine, what he thinks bout those umnoputras, and ppl like Zakaria.

    He said, don’t worry. Tuhan will take care of them. 🙂

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