Delegates who made inflammatory speeches must be charged in courts

Caption: Together with DAP Selangor State Committee Member Batumalai, PKR Selangor Youth Publicity Secretary Khairul, DAPSY Assistant National Organising Secretary Loh Chee Heng, DAP Seri Setia Branch Chairman T. Kannan, DAP Kota Branch Chairman Phillip Tan and DAP CEC member and NGO bureau chief Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, Lau Weng San lodged a police report with IPD PJ against racist and seditious remarks from UMNO MP for Jerai and Deputy Speaker for UMNO General Assembly, Datuk Badruddin Amilrudin@Friday, November 24, 2006. 

Police report against UMNO deputy permanent chairman Badruddin Amilrudin for seditious act 

DAP Selangor Made a police report this morning at the IPD Petaling Jaya, urging the police to take actions against Badruddin Amilrudin, Umno deputy permanent chairman. He has on record waved a booklet on May 13 Incident and at the same time threatened the non-Malays not to challenge the Malay race during the 2004 Umno assembly.  I told the reporter from Sinchew Daily that PM Abdullah was incorrect when he claimed that only two or three Umno delegates were making seditious and inflammatory speeches during the assembly. Those who watched the live telecast would know that many ministers and senior leaders were making such racist remarks and the non-Malay communities were upset and concerned because such speeches usually received thunderous applause from the 2,000 strong Umno delegates. I also expressed my disappointment with PM Abdullah because instead of correcting his delegates, he sent out a wrong signal in his closing speech when he remarked that “it’s only natural that the debate was “hot” because delegates were young and hot-blooded, and he was also like them in his younger days”. He seems to have no problems at all with the brandishing of keris by the Umno Youth chief. 

While we argued that such remarks would create fears and dissatisfaction among Malaysians, I also like to remind Malaysians that we should bear in mind that such Umno leaders do not represent the Malay community, who are peace-loving and gentle in nature. These Umno delegates were not real Malay heroes but “paper tigers”.

I also pointed out that the Umno leadership now has indirectly admitted that those speeches from their delegates were inflammatory and uncalled for, or else they would not be talking about whether the live telecast of the proceedings in future should be continued or not.  

Here’s the Sinchew report… 指峇達魯丁2年前言論煽情

updated:2006-11-24 20:20:15 MYT(八打靈再也訊)雪州行動黨宣傳秘書劉永山促請警方調查巫統日萊區國會議員拿督峇達魯丁在2年前所發表具有煽動性及種族性的言論。他認為,也是巫統副常任主席的峇達魯丁在20041124日的巫統代表大會上發表煽動性言論,並高舉513事件的書籍警惕出席的代表,這將破壞社會和諧及國家團結。




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