Police report on the RM600 million question

 T.Kannan (DAP Sungei Way Branch Chirman) and DAP Selangor Publicity Secretary Lau Weng San accompanied me to the IPD Petaling Jaya this morning to lodge the police report. I will be meeting ASP Jabbar of IPD Dang Wangi for a further statement later as the case was deemed as taken place at PWTC, the venue of the Majlis Taklimat Presiden UMNO on 13 Nov 2006. Pls read my posting titled “The RM600 million question” yesterday for details.

No.Report: Kelana Jaya 009388/06

27 Nov 2006


Penerima Report: Wan Zawati@Zalina Bt Wan Ismail

Pengadu menyatakan:

Penyelewengan wang rakyat oleh pemimpin Umno

Mengikut lapuran berita TV3 pada 13 Nov 2006 dan juga lapuramn berita The Star dan Utusan Malaysia pada 14 Nov 2006,dan juga sepucuk surat rasmi daripada Timbalan Menteri Kerja Raya Malaysia kepada Ketua Pengarah Kerja Raya pada 13 Nov 2006 (rujuk kepada lampiran-lampiran), kerajaan akan menggunakan sejumlah RM600 juta untuk pembanhunan luar bandar melealui ketua-ketua bahagian Umno di Semenanjung dan Sabah ( TIADA bahagian Umno di Sarawak).

Peruntukan ini tidak mengikut undang-undang dan peraturan kerajaan kerana ia tidak diluluskan di Kabinet (Jemaah Menteri) dan Parlimen tetepi hanya diluluskan oleh pemimpin Umno.

Ini merupakan politik wang dan kami melapurkan kes ini kepada polis supaya satu siasatan boleh dimulakan dengan serta-merta untuk memberhentikan penyelewengan kewangan ini.

Sekian. Terima Kasih.

Liu Tian Khiew

Ahli Tertinggi Pusat DAP merangkap Ketua Biro NGO

Malaysiakini has a story on my police report…

RM600 mil ‘bonus’ for Umno divisions?

Andrew Ong
Nov 27, 06 6:52pm
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Are Umno divisions the main beneficiaries of the additional RM600 million allocated for rural development under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP)?

On Nov 13, the eve of the recently concluded Umno general assembly, party president and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced that the sum was to top up the RM1.5 billion allocated for rural development under the 9MP.

Immediately after Abdullah’s press conference, Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussin told reporters that each of the 198 parliamentary constituencies would get RM3 million from the RM600 million bonanza.

He reportedly said the funds would rejuvenate the Class-F contractors, adding that the allocations should be spent within six months upon disbursement.

However, a letter allegedly signed by Deputy Works Minister Mohd Zin Mohamed on Nov 13 – the day the announcement was made – tells a slightly different story, claims DAP central committee member Ronnie Liu.

In instructing Works Department director to expedite the directive, the letter also states that the funds are only meant for small projects in rural areas in Peninsular Malaysia and

Liu claims that the explanation for this is simple – Umno has no presence in

“There are 191 Umno divisions in Peninsular Malaysia and
Sabah. Should each division be granted RM3 million worth of projects, it would amount to RM573 million,” said Liu when contacted today.

The majority of Umno division leaders automatically qualify for Class-F contractor licences, which allow them to be awarded projects involving road works, paint jobs at government buildings and drainage works among others.

These contracts are worth a maximum of RM200,000 and are exclusively for bumiputeras.

Police report lodged

Liu said that it was likely that the RM600 million disbursement was a party decision, rather than a consensus arrived at cabinet level.

For starters, Mohd Zin’s letter was copied to the prime minister, works minister and second finance minister, but not Rural and Regional Development Minister Abdul Aziz Shamsudin, although the funds were meant for rural development.

Adding fuel to Liu’s suspicion is the reply by Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister Zainal Abidin Osman in Parliament on Nov 15 – two days after Abdullah’s announcement.

The deputy minister was responding to a question by Kubang Kerian MP Salahuddin Ayub who asked if the RM600 million would be distributed in RM3 million packages to Umno divisions.

Zainal Abidin said then that he had no knowledge of the RM600 million until he read media reports. He denied that the funds would be channeled to Umno division leaders.

Liu alleged that the allocation was not approved by either Parliament, unlike the 9MP, or the cabinet.

“The way public money being handled in this case is unlawful,” said Liu, who believes that the money will end up being channeled to Umno divisions through contracts to bolster support for the party’s leadership.

“All money (that) belongs to the government belongs to the rakyat. We have no reason to sustain the patronage system in Umno with our money,” stressed Liu.

Liu lodged a police report on the matter today which was attached with a copy of Mohd Zin’s letter. A copy of the letter was also made available to malaysiakini.

“The allocations did not follow laws and regulations of the government because it was not approved by cabinet and Parliament, but approved by Umno’s leadership.

“This is money politics and we are lodging this report to the police so an immediate investigation can commence to stop the misappropriation of funds,” said Liu in his police report.



5 Responses to “Police report on the RM600 million question”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Saudara Ronnie,from now on Umno will fear your shadow and have repeateds nightmare on how you expose them at every turn

  2. lee wee tak Says:

    well, it will be interesting to see what the report will bring about but anybody’s guess is as good as mine

  3. ronnie liu Says:

    dear all,
    i will be seeing a police officer of the Dang Wangi commercial crime department on Wednesday afternoon for a further statement. We hope investigation could start very soon and if our complaints were valid, actions must be taken by the police and the AG chamber.
    meanwhile, we hope AAB could come back to his senses and withdraw the scam.
    take care,

  4. morkee Says:

    Mr Liu,

    Just wanna say thank you for speaking out for the rakyats.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. damansarakaki Says:

    i just wanna say thank you for working a better malaysia for all malaysian. i sincerely thank you and all member from DAP. me as a citizen is doing all i can to invite friends to your blog and DAP website. thank you very much for your effort!

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