Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) must not shirk its responsibility


Ketua Pengarah LLM met the BMC Action Committee delegation on 28 Nov 2006. He has failed to call for a four-party meeting to  resolve the blocked access at Bandar Mahkota Cheras/ Bandar Sg Long. He was also wrong to claim that the blockade was legal (in his reply to the BMC action committee chairperson, Tan Boon Wah).

We have demanded the access road to be opened first while the dispute between the developer Narajaya and toll concessionaire Grand Saga should be resolved with the intervention of LLM. LLM must not run away from its responsibility as the relevant authority under the Ministry of Works. Minister of Works Datuk Seri Samy Vellu has taken too long to resolve the dispute. How long more the residents of BMC and MSL must endure the torture of long queques every morning and evening?

The Kajang-Cheras Expressway is one of the five highways where the toll fares would be increased by Dec 1, 2006.It would add to the nightmares of the residents living around the area thanks to the Barisan Nasional Government. The lopsided agreements allow concessionaires to raise their rates every other 3 years. Grand Saga has recovered the entire building cost after merely 7 years of operation.

We would give another two weeks to LLM to hold the joint meeting. Failing which, the residents reserve the right to dismantle the blockade  and also claim compensation from the developer ( Narajaya of the Lion Group promised the buyers a toll-free access in their sales prospectus).

The delegation was led by Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai, who was appointed by the action committee as the Coordinator in October this year.


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