“The only way out is to vote out UMNO in the next election.” EC.

 Hisham never learns. He brandished his keris and shouted “Hidup Malayu” again in this year’s Umno Youth Assembly.

  “EC” posted his comments under the posting “No one thinks AAB was a good Prime Minister in Balakong” this morning. He says “UMNO Politics has deviated from original intentions and purpose of their founders to unite the Malays together to bring progress and advancement in the fields of politics, education, business and religion in unison with the Chinese and Indians (and now to include other races such as Kadazan, Ibans, Bidayuh and others) in order the then Malaya are able to achieve independence and to rule the country collectively so that every citizens are able to contribute to the country.”“Now the UMNO politics is the politics of patronage that breeds corruption, both materially and morally. Its policies encourage corruption and patronage practices in the public services, which give birth to establishment of feudal system headed by appointed “warlords” or “little emperors”, many of whom are appointed local councilors, districts officers,penghulus and others.”
”Eventually UMNO politics of patronage will create a patronage class of wealthy politicians, businessmen and civil servants holding high government positions and its cronies, most of whom will be bestowed with titles of Datuks, Tan Sris, Tun etc.”
“If one is to look into the background and the life of this patronage class, you will find many of them are shallow in character in discipline and attitudes, racialist, corrupt, egoistic and lack of knowledge, lacks moral ethics and indifferent outlook etc.”“It is true every true loving and loyal citizens will feel frustrated and pessimistic on the future of their children in this country. Our standard and quality of education in the National schools and Publics Universities have drop significantly in the last 25 years. Our currency has depreciated since 1965 when RM and Singapore Dollar are on par then. How can we explain and justify for the depreciation of RM when Malaysia is blessed with natural resources such as tin,oil,gas,rubber,oil palm, cocoa, coconut, huge reserves of timber and vast hectares of agricultural land for rice and a population of 20 million people compared to Singapore which is without natural resources and a population of only 2 million people.”

“The only way out is to vote out UMNO in the next election.” 


2 Responses to ““The only way out is to vote out UMNO in the next election.” EC.”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Your choice,fellow malaysians.Either Umno dies or you are all dead.Lets prepare for Umno demise come 2007

  2. Billy Says:

    So, fellow Malaysians. On voting day, ignore the blue symbol with the dacing. Just cross the symbol next to it.

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