AAB had a good jolly good time at the Monsoon Cup gala dinner…

 how about you, my fellow Malaysians?

The 2nd Monsoon Cup which costs Malaysian taxpayers a whopping RM 300 million came and gone. The first one cost RM230 million. Our PM AAB did have a good time judging from this nice picture taken together with “superstar” Datuk Michell Yeoh (did she also join the race on Sunday? ).

This year, the organiser has even gotten Jackie Chan and Shah Rukh Khan to appear in TV commercials to promote the cup. With so much money to throw away, they may be getting Madonna or Shakira or Kylie Minogue or you name it to sell the cup. Just wonder why our local superstars like Siti Nurhalizah and Maya Karim were not there. Or is it the case of “local gingers were not as hot as the foreign ones” according to a Chinese saying?

This year, they have licensed ESPN, Starsports and Eurosports to live-telecast the final. Did anyone watch it at home at 3pm last sunday?

Will there be another Monsoon Cup for 2007 with an even bigger budget? Certainly, says Patrick Lim. “I have no problem”, says PM AAB.


4 Responses to “AAB had a good jolly good time at the Monsoon Cup gala dinner…”

  1. sampalee Says:

    I want a straight clarification from any true muslim readers.Is it allowed[irregardless of decent or indecent] for a mualim man to touch the bare shoulder of a woman who is non-muslim[which can only mean not his wife or family members]?.Is this Islam Had-hari?When Jais can run roughshod over peace loving Rufaqa’s employee,why are they not calling up pak-dah[sudah] to explain his degradatory action in public.Saudara Ronnie should submit the photo as evidence to assist Jais.After all for the good of all religion,non muslim should co-operate willingly to bring to book muslims who have violated their own Islamis faith[had-selamm or had-hari]Ronnie should also follow up his submission with copies to all news media and Islamic bodies.Allah indeed acts in strangd way by motivating a non muslim to expose the greatest muslim munafiq in this country.

  2. Rules Says:

    “OMG” what the hell??
    how can like that??

  3. WTF-Msia Says:

    RM300mil with how many % leakage.. I really wonder what do the ppl at AG of m’sia do? good thing i’m not contributing to tax anymore if not it would haf felt worse.

  4. WTF-Msia Says:

    oh yah I posted a suggestion to have a list of issues concerning our gov posted up somewhere in LKS blog. I think it’s a really good idea! since we’re forgetfull/(lost hope) citizens..

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