Make every foreign visitor feel at home in Malaysia.

 The Time is now. The place is Malaysia.

Every year, we spend more than RM100 million in advertising and promotion campaigns to attract tourists to Malaysia. For the Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign, the figure climbs to RM 200 million.

We have no qualms in spending so much money to attract foreign tourists to our beautiful country but we must try our best to make every tourist feel at home in Malaysia. No amount of A&P budget could match the power of hospitality when come to making positive  impact and lasting impression to our foreign visitors.

Thailand has been very successful in tourism simply because the Thais have a unique way to make tourists feel truly at home in their country.

From the officials at the point-of-entry right to the taxi drivers in the streets and the hotel, restaurant and pub operators, we all have a crucial role to attract tourists to our shores.

Taxi drivers must know that over-charging tourists is not a small matter.

The recent send-back of a Chinese female tourist just because the lady did not carry enough money with her (USD 1,500) at LCCT Subang is an unacceptable crime on the part of our immigration officials.

And the recent news about the barring of female guests from China and several other countries into local pubs and karaoke lounges is another “no, no” . Such practises seriously violate human rights and have given Malaysia a very bad name. Who would like to visit a country where their lady companions were not welcome and put to shame?

The nude-squat incident was certainly a wet-blanket and we hope our police have learned a great lesson over the incident.

The atrocious murder of the Mongolian beauty is a big blow to our national image and perception. The whole world is watching us intensively. Justice must seen to be done on this case to restore the confidence of foreigners.

The Umno politicians must also refrain from waving their keris and making insensitive and provative remarks in the assemblies and media. They must realise that such antics have sent wrong and negative signals to foreign visitors.

And we must release all the so-called “KMM” ISA detainees  in Kamunting immediately. We really do not have Al Qaeda elements in our peaceful country. Holding them further in detention camps is a sin and this only serve to mislead our foreign friends to believe that Malaysia is indeed a hub of terrorists. We hope the new King can seriously consider a pardon in this direction.

The RM200 million will go down to the drains if we have too many “black  sheep” in our midst. Any self-inflicted negative imagery must be removed at all cost immediately.

Malaysia is a land of great diversities with many different cultures and traditions. This in itself a great attraction to many foreign tourists.

Thanks to our diversed cultures, foods, heritage and religions, we have a great potential to make the Chinese from China and Taiwan to feel at home in Malaysia. The latest statistics shows that China alone would have more than 60 million tourists going abroad for vacations next year. Just imagine the potential if we can make Malaysia the number one destination of the Chinese from mainland China.

Likewise, we can make the Indians, Indonesians and Arabs to fell at home here. Even the “mat sallehs” from the West can feel at home in Malaysia. In that sense, to describe Malaysia “truly Asia” is an understatement.

 Together we ‘ll make Malaysia free of prejudice, distrust, crime and discrimination. We must make Malaysia a safe tropical paradise to win the world over. Selamat Datang (Welcome)  to Malaysia!!! Vanakum!!! Huan Ying Ni Lai Ma Lai Xi Ya!

Guang Ming Daily interviewed me on the subject on 20 Dec and here’s the story…


推薦給朋友    列印

updated:2006-12-20 19:31:23 MYT









“大馬政府作出了明智的決定,讓我們覺得安慰。但我認為,一些事情應該低調處理,以免不明就理的群眾被誤解。” (光明日報‧2006/12/20)



3 Responses to “Make every foreign visitor feel at home in Malaysia.”

  1. sampalee Says:

    The immigration officers are not the problem.Get rid of Umno and see how well our civil servants behave [as true SERVANT for the well being of MALAYSIA]

  2. K S Ong Says:

    If it is not already obvious by now, our government is good at spending large sums of money for any reason. Why waste time on dealing with nitty gritty when there is no money to be made by cronies?

    Touts at KLIA continue to operate, taxis continue to dictate their terms and public toilets continue to stink.

    Why spend so much on high-tech toilets when the money could have been spent cleaning more toilets?

    Our humble and simple PM found the existing security in his Putrajaya residence not good enough and had to spend Rm20 million!

    Expenditure on price-inflated equipment continues to be wasted or under-used while some schools still without electricity.

    Plenty of rainfall, yet we need to get supply from Pahang to Selangor. Surely, it would have been much cheaper to look into water conservation.

    Big contracts mean big kickbacks and these are needed to keep them in power.

    Local councillors still go overseas for ‘lawat sambil belajar’ and the latest I heard from Po Kuan is that those in Batu Gajah is now in China!

    The only way to get local government election is to win the state elections.

  3. sampalee Says:

    Trying to illiminate Dengue by going about killing every Aedes mosquitoes is definately not the smartest way.The proper way is to destry the breeding grounds.Destry umno that breeds all the ills.Act on the cause and not harp and debate on the symtoms as i witness what most are doing.Be alert to the problems,but dwell on the cure and zero in on the root cause.Be simple,unie and mobilise all in the goal to destry umno.It is FUTILE to dramatise the ills,without having the desire and knowlrdge to bring about a lasting cure.Do NOT satisfy with temporary relief which is something umno will do from time to time for us to chew on and forget our mission to rid the nation of the scums of Umno.UMNO IS EVIL.

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