Mohamad Hasan retracted his order thru NS Chinese Assembly Hall chief

“In memory of Malayan heroes in the resistance movement against Japanese invasion 1941-1945″

DAP SG Lim Guan Eng led a delegation to pay respect to the anti Japanese army heroes this morning. They also stage a protest in front of the monument to warn the Umno racists like Zam and Mohamad Hasan not to divert the attention of Malaysians. Lim said that the people in general are now pretty upset with the burden of inflation and high cost of living thanks to the Umno-led Government.

Meanwhile, NS Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan has retracted his order of demolition through the Chiarman of NS Chinese Assembly Hall according to Merdekareview. And Zam has claimed that he has explained his case to MCA and he wanted the matter to rest at that. Both of them should be bold enough to admit their mistakes and they would not raise the issue again.

Both Malaysiakini and Merdekareview have the stories…

‘Communist monument’ a diversion

Andrew Ong
Dec 21, 06 1:55pm
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The ruckus over a monument for slain Second World War heroes in Nilai, Negri Sembilan was a racially-charged and calculated diversion by the ruling party from problems it is currently facing, said DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.He said the Umno-led government was bogged by a sluggish national economy and party infighting and had made allegations that the monument was glorifying the communist to stir up racial sentiments.Lim said this after visiting the monument at the Nilai Memorial Park today and told reporters that not a single mention of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) or communism was found among the inscriptions on the monument.“He (Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin) should come personally to see the site before making wild allegations,” said Lim, who was also accompanied by Lobak assemblyperson Loke Siew Fook.Last Saturday, Zainuddin alleged that memorials for the communist were being erected in
Sarawak and Nilai.The committee behind the memorial denied this and added that the memorial – inscribed in five languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese, Tamil and Japanese – commemorated the deeds of slain war heroes from all backgrounds.

MB’s ‘advice’

Following this, Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohammad Hasan yesterday urged for the memorial to be demolished.
Nilai itu saya telah beri amaran supaya mereka robohkan, sebab … (I have warned them to tear down the Nilai monument, because) it should be a sensitive issue in the country,” said Mohammad after chairing the state executive committee meeting.He later clarified that his ‘warning’ was intended to be an ‘advice’, reported Sin Chew Daily today.The memorial includes a monolith which reads, “In memory of Malayan heroes in the resistance movement against Japanese invasion 1941-1945″. Construction of the monolith began in August and is on-going.Next to the monolith is an existing memorial-cum-altar for 18 CPM and Malaysian People’s Anti-Japanese Army commanders who were slaughtered by Japanese troops on Sept 18, 1942.  Don’t pervert historyThis memorial (left) was erected after the bodies of the 18 were removed from their original mass graves, which were neglected, and moved to Nilai in 2003.It carried the sole inscription, “September 1 heroes memorial”.Lim also said the recent events had shown that the government was attempting to erase history and forget the contributions of others in the armed struggle against Japanese forces during the war.“Their inclinations after that is a separate matter… all those who fought against the Japanese should be recognised,” said Lim.Lim likened the treatment of these fallen war heroes to the attacks made by Umno against its former president and former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.“But then, even if they may not agree with him now, they still recognise his past contributions,” added Lim.

【本刊庄迪澎撰述】民主行动党秘书长林冠英认为,任何人都应该尊重抗日志士在二战期间反抗日军保卫马来亚的史实,不能以一些抗日志士后来的去向否定他们抗日的牺牲和贡献。林冠英今天上午率领率领民主行动党党要前往森美兰州汝来的现代化墓园孝恩园,向马来西亚抗日英雄纪念碑九一烈士纪念碑致敬时说,抗日纪念碑是为了纪念任何一个在二战期间为了抗日而牺牲的烈士,无论这些烈士的背景如何,或日治结束后做了些什么事,我们都应该承认他们抗日保卫马来亚的贡献。一些部队曾领导抗日斗争,那是史实,就应该尊重。民主行动党一行人在现场逗留了大约一句钟,除了在马来西亚抗日英雄纪念碑前拉布条抗议森美兰州务大臣莫哈末哈山指示孝恩园拆除这两座纪念碑,他们也向九一烈士纪念碑三鞠躬致敬。森美兰州务大臣莫哈末哈山昨天上午在行政议会每周会议后的记者会上,一度放话说,州政府已警告汝来孝恩园拆除墓园内的抗日烈士纪念碑;不过到了下午他却通过森美兰中华大会堂主席周世扬澄清,他并没有发出拆除抗日纪念碑的指示。【点击:森大臣托森华堂澄清没令拆碑 新闻部长说马华已接受其解释】


林冠英在现场一再强调,任何人都不能否定抗日烈士为保卫马来亚所作的牺牲和贡献,政府不应该试图重写历史扭曲事实,更不应该以族群论调议论抗日事迹。他说,新闻部长再努丁迈丁不但扭曲抗日纪念碑的意义,也试图扭曲抗日救国的历史,令它看来成为一个族群议题。由新闻部长再努丁迈丁(Zainuddin Maidin)挑起的私人墓园立碑纪念马来亚共产党的争议,最近成为国内外媒体竞相报道的新闻;今早也有多家国内外媒体都到场采访。再努丁迈丁是在上周六(1216日)于吉打州双溪大年指责特定人士在华人私人墓园设立纪念碑,纪念共产党的斗争。虽然华人社团纷纷反击再努丁的说法,但再努丁态度强硬,不愿道歉。【点击:马来亚共产党确是抗日主力 前党员:立碑纪念何错之有?】

孝恩园建有两座纪念碑,一座是马来西亚抗日英雄纪念碑,由我国著名画家钟正山题字;另一座距离抗日英雄纪念碑大约20米的纪念碑,是九一烈士纪念碑,由著名华教斗士沈慕羽题字。当记者问林冠英,九一烈士纪念碑的确是纪念日治时牺牲的马来亚共产党人时,林冠英答说:那时是抗日时期啊,(政府)为什么要这么敏感?那时他们也受到英帝国政府封赐(勋章),他们(抗日)的贡献应该得到肯定。九一纪念碑纪念抗日马共烈士九一烈士纪念碑是纪念在194291日在雪兰莪州黑风洞牺牲的马共干部和游击队员。当时,40名马共高级干部出席原定在黑风洞地区的森林边缘开会,不过,831日午夜日军闻讯前来包围会场,双方爆发激烈枪战,在场的人约半数牺牲。马来亚共产党总书记陈平在《我方的故事》中说,当时的马共总书记莱特向日军通风报讯,出卖马共,才造成这场悲剧。莱特据称是英国与日本的双面间谍。记者提说有些人认为,既然马共抗日有功,即使立碑纪念马共也无可厚非;林冠英答道:那是另外一个课题,可以在另外的管道和时间讨论;今天主要是谈纪念抗日烈士的问题。林冠英认为,再努丁此时挑起抗日英雄纪念碑的课题,目的是要藉族群课题转移视线,纾解国阵政府面对的危机。 他说:巫统面对危机时,总是要搞种族课题转移视线。当记者问,所谓的危机所指何事时,林冠英说,由于百物涨价,老百姓的生活压力非常大,对政府非常不满,因此政府试图以种族课题转移视线。


5 Responses to “Mohamad Hasan retracted his order thru NS Chinese Assembly Hall chief”

  1. Eric Chong Says:

    Before the World War 2, Malaya was ruled by the British and people from all races enjoyed and share peace and prosperity together like one big family.During this time I do not recall that MCP was formed and was a threat to the British authority.When the Japanese invaded Malaya and Singapore, all races suffered under Japanese Occupation and the Chinese suffered the most because of the hatred toward the Chinese by the Japanese.This hatred is evidenced in the invasion of Beijing by the foreign armies including Japan.
    During the Japanese Occupation,the Chinese, Malays and Indians formed the Malayan People Anti-Japanese Army with the objective to defeat the Japanese and to protect the Malayan People from being tortured and killed by the Japanese army and their cronies.At this point I believe Communist ideology was not indoctrinated or even introduce into the Anti-Japanese movement for the main concern was to ensure the suffering Malayans survived the war and the hunger and it was not the time to fight for the supremacy of individual political thinkings.
    When the Japanese was defeated,British returns to rule Malaya and the Anti-Japanese movement becomes redundant and was disbanded.It was during the years 1947 to 1955, that political parties like UMNO,MCA,MIC,PR,MCP and others was formed,each championing their own races,ideology and thinkings.It was the time when Communism was borned resulting in establishment of Communist Soviet Union and China, and the cold war era just begin resulting in British effort and plots to exclude the MCP from the political mainstream.Of course whether the members of MCP were once members of Anti-Japanese movement is completely another issue and to make a statement that MPAJA was the front for MCP does not hold water and an insult to Malayan martyrs who died in the fighting against Japanese Occupation.

  2. sampalee Says:

    Knowledge of history is not the problem.Umno know the facts.With the SB working overtime,they probably know what we have for supper.Thier intention[ploy] is to sap your resources shadow boxing and leave you spent,when they go to the poll.Do not be tempted to display our so call intellect and argue needlessly.Just note the sandiwara and remain single minded to the ONLY REAL task at hand.Deatroy the mother of all evil-umno.All problems big or small will sort itself out with the demise of umno.Wake-up malaysians to the evil of umno

  3. jbhlee Says:

    Bravo DAP!! Keep up the pressure till election day.

  4. fly Says:

    Malay dont know about history, their brain formatted by some party.
    they always claim that malaysia dependent is their contribution…..
    but PKM n anti japan army are the one who help malaysia dependant fr british…they sitting in office n took away ppl contributions

  5. chinese pig Says:

    hoi cina babi, berambus blk cina la..da la merempat kat tempat org..memang patot pun jepun bunuh bangsa sial korang ni!

    . . . . . . . . . ./¯/) FUCK
    . . . . . . . . . /¯ ./
    . . . . . . . . /. . /
    . . . . . /¯`/’. .’/¯¯`. OFF
    . . . . ./’/. /. . /. . /. /¯\
    . . . . (’(. . . . . .¯/’. .’)
    . . . . .\. . . . . . . . .’. ./
    . . . . ..’\’. . . . . . . . ./ CHINESE!!!


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