Still no KDN permits for all Chinese newspapers

2007 is merely 9 days away but I was alerted by friends working in the media that none of the Chinese newspapers have received their KDN permit.

Every year, the Home Ministry will keep the Chinese newspapers in great suspense by delaying the issuance of permits.

What is so difficult for the Home Ministry to issue the annual printing and publication permits? Is this one of the tactics employed by the Home Ministry to intimidate the Chinese media?

Malaysians by now should know that almost every single English and Malay newspapers in the country are directly owned and controlled by Umno or MCA. Majority of the Chinese papers are owned by pro-establishment tycoons who are connected to MCA and other Barisan Nasional component parties. But these papers are relatively having more freedom in reporting news if you campare to the Malay and English ones( The Sun is an exception). These Chinese papers were subject to tight scrutiny of the Umno-led Government and the chief editors of these Chinese dailies often receive calls and directives from ministers or senior officials. They were often asked to tone down or even black out certain news and issues. The recent exaample was the toll hikes. Najib has forewarned all media not to highlight the issue before Samy Vellu announced the new toll fees for the 5 highways in Klang Valley the next day. Samy told the reporters not to ask any questions throughout the press conference. They just have to report what he has got to say.

Little wonder that most of the mainstream newspapers in the country now only print news that their political masters wanted you to read. More and more people are now going to the Net instead of waiting for their morning newspapers.


3 Responses to “Still no KDN permits for all Chinese newspapers”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Stop reading the papers.Why use your hard earned monies for pack of lies.

  2. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    sampalee has a point.what do you think? i brought some villagers of the original kg damansara dalam to the ACA office in shah alam this morning. they were denied of their rightful lowcost units because these units were hijacked by the right-hand man of mca state assemblyman ck lim. guess what? only one paper sent their reporters. all the papers were there when the local warlord called a pc to deny the allegations last week.

  3. Eric Chong Says:

    Why worry unnecessarily that KDN permits have not been renewed todate, knowing well Malaysia always do things at the last minute? I am sure the Govt will renew the KDN permits if it still required the Chinese mass and businessmen support at the coming general election.It is the dire consequences for the ruling party to offend the sensitivities of the Chinese whose support they require to stay in power.

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