The RM30 million yatch.

 AAB has denied about buying this yatch. The Turkish newspaper has yet to respond to his denial. Dear Malaysians, do you think AAB was telling the truth?


2 Responses to “The RM30 million yatch.”

  1. wtf Says:

    of course not. nothing tat comes out of his mouth is real.

  2. sampalee Says:

    With the numerous exposure,it is beyond doubt the umno shit stinks.What do we do now.Do we continue to live and suffer the putrid pong or do we organise ourselves and remove the source.Yes the source,spraying perfume on shit may refresh the air a little,but the shit remain.The smell is an alarm from Tuhan,that something is not right and we must respond to the cause.Remove umno and all the bad smelling issues will go with it.Nature is always right,we must accept totally the maxim Thy will be done as simply expressed Inshallah.Do not learn to live with the smell or sleep through the deafening alarm as this is against the NATURE

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