“Finding angel” found no angels in local govt authority…

 ntv7’s  “Finding Angel” tonight’s program covers the story of the Rumah Titian Kasih for the second time. It reveals that the samaritan Mak Pah has yet to get a hawking licence from the local authority after submitting an application for months ( what’s so difficult?) but instead some officials from the authority have tried to find fault with her charity centre. Mak Pah told the host of “Finding angel” Chan Wei Wei that they even threatened to close down her centre! What a rude shock to the great samaritan! ( Can you beat this “shit”?)

What has happened to Malaysia after 50 years of long rule by Umno?


2 Responses to ““Finding angel” found no angels in local govt authority…”

  1. Jim Says:

    Injustices everywhere, especially if you are a non-Malay.

  2. sampalee Says:

    It is not a malay non-malay problem.It is stage managed by umno to protray that way.It is the work of Umno-the mother of all evil as all our ills can be traced to the hidden hand of Umno.Do not be lured to hating the malays just as the malays have been lured to hate and be intorerant of non-malays and non-muslim.All these are the evil handiwork of umno which Ronnie tirelessly EXPOSES and will continue until people like us wake up to the ROOT of our problems.

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