Datuk Liew, first GLC victim of Umno hegemony in Penang?

 Datuk Liew Chook San, the CEO and GM of Perbadanan Bekalan Air Holdings Bhd, a GLC listed on Bursa Malaysia main board was reportedly asked to leave by Tan Sri Khor Tsu Koon, the Chief Minister of Penang. Two months ago, Khor was pressured by Umno Youth to put more bumi (read Umnoputra) on the board of GLCs. Khor has said that he has no problems to do that and looks like he is now honouring his promise. Liew was not replaced by Shamsudin Mohd Nor but by someone with better political connection.

PBA under Liew was known as one of the most efficient water supplier in the country. Penangites have been enjoying relatively cheap and clean water from the pipes all these years under the leadership of Liew. In the past, my good friend Charles Santiago has made numerous proposals to the Water Minister Lim Keng Yaik  to adopt PBA as a business model. We in Selangor has to put up with not-so-clean and very expensive water from Syabas and Puas all these years.

Would the Penangites be able to continue getting relatively clean and cheap water from their taps after the departure of Liew?

Oriental Daily has a report…


4 Responses to “Datuk Liew, first GLC victim of Umno hegemony in Penang?”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Gerakan have always been a proxy for the evil umno.Nothing new except time to wake up

  2. K S Ong Says:

    It will be the beginning of inefficient management if examples of political interference in the management of other corporations are anything to go by.

    Can expect higher procurement costs and in time, higher water charges.

    I wish I can be proven wrong. Give it a few years.

  3. Jim Says:

    Yes, many, many more to come under UMNO hegemony in Penang. Prepared for the worse, Penangites.

  4. sampalee Says:

    Remember the fact that Umno cannot do what they want WITHOUT the cooperation and support of Gerakan.mca and mic.Do not sympathise with the collaboraters to the mother of all evil.A support for gerakan is a support for umno.Wake up to the charade.

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