Kg Damansara Dalam villagers lodged ACA report against MCA

 Villagers who were denied their rightful low-cost units burned the effigies of CK Lim, the MCA Damasara Utama state assemblyman and his right-hand man KP Tan in fron t of a Chinese temple two weeks ago.

Yesterday, I accompanied them to lodge a report against the MCA for “hijacking” their units at the ACA office in Shah Alam. They have evidence to show that several relatives of KP Tan and many outsiders (people who were not originally living in Kg Damansara Dalam) were given the opportunity to purchase the low-cost units through the MCA local warlord. Such transactions were illegal and the new MBPJ mayor has promised me to conduct investigation.

MCA has threatened to sue me last week for giving support and assistance to the disgruntled villagers but I have yet to receive any letter from their lawyers. BTW, CK Lim is a full time lawyer cum part time state assemblyman.


One Response to “Kg Damansara Dalam villagers lodged ACA report against MCA”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Where is the effigy pf pak-dah?Afterall he is the chief of the theives

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