…if we depend on the Govt, we’ll surely die!

 The banner says…” The private sector saved our lives. If we have depended on the Goverment, we will surely die!” The banner was written and put up by flood victims of Kg Abdullah, Segamat.  PM Abdullah, can you hear the voice of the rakyat in Kg Abdullah? Pic courtesy of SL.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi has finally visited some of the flooded areas on Saturday. He has given order to all rescue units to provide food, water and medicine to all flood victims. He must have gone back to his comfortable home in Putrajaya by now but little does he knows that his people in the grounds are not performing as expected. A district councillor from Tangkak told Nanyang Siang Pau that the rescue units in his area did not work around the clock. They still work from 9 to 5 as usual and some of them do not even report to work on time. Many flood victims were forced to charter boats from the private sectors to save their lives and belongings.

Yesterday, The President of Johor Chinese Chamber of Commerce Datuk Lim Ba complained to the press that he was stucked in the flood for more than 18 hours and he personally witnessed  some rescue boats simply ignore victims( incl children and old folks) who have climbed to the rooftops. Some of them were stucked there for more than 20 hours. He believes that many have lost confidence with the Government. (Yes , my brothers and sisters in Johor, please wake up to the fact that the Umno-led government they have trusted for years actually “tak boleh harap“!)

Najib said he has sent some 80 boats ( mana cukup?) and several helicopters. And how about Ong Ka Ting who leads the Bomba and Penyelamat department? What has he done for the flood victims?

By right, Ong should be directing all local government like MBPJ, DBKL, MPAJ to send their enforcement officers to help rescue the victims (instead of tearing down squatter homes). AAB should mobilise the FRUs to help as well, instead of bashing the protestors in the streets.

Meanwhile, the water levels at Sg Muar, Sg Segamat and several other rivers in Johor are still way above the alarming levels according to the latest report from several Chinese newspapers.

 LKS, Teresa and LGE were in Segamat on Sunday.

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang has led a delegation to visit Segamat and othe flooded areas this afternoon. DAP SG Lim Guan Eng will join them from Melaka.

The Johor DAP has set up a “humanitarian helpline” to provide clean water and other assistance to the victims. They could be reached at 012-737 1058/019-721 7256/07-512 7652/012-737 7654. Our PJ Action Team has donated some money towards the fund under the “Sunshine Project” yesterday.


11 Responses to “…if we depend on the Govt, we’ll surely die!”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Umno greatest trickery,give us your tax doller and DIY.Divert money for flood prevention and flood actually strike,malaysian got ot fill in the neglected patch in the name of charity.Use the tax payer’s money allocated to buld chinese school and when the shortages is felt appeal to the chinese community to DONATE[for what should have been our right]The list goes on covering health care and other essential services and the stupid malaysians swallowed line ,hook and sinker and still think they are great doners.Such stupidity that umno is laughing all the way with mca and mic cheering on.

  2. Jim Says:

    What to do? This is MCA, MIC and Gerakan’s “I lick your ***(UMNO), you give me what I want.” At the end of the day, UMNO just shoved the keris into MCA, MIC and Gerakan’s ***. This is what they(MCA, MIC and Gerakan) want anyway.

  3. Billy Says:

    Although I do not wish to sound like the racist UMNO, now that the PM has visited the flood victims, did he vist any non-Malay victims as well as the Malays? From what I have seen in all the MSM, there are only pix of him and Malay families. Hey, don’t we count at all? If he had not done so, I wouldn’t be at all surprised after all UMNO is a racist party to the core. So now do tell me, do we, the non-Malays have a PM or not?

  4. TanjungPetir Says:

    Damn Umno … Umno and the government can go and pi mampus … let them go down the way the Syed Albar’s hell-rotting father went … choked in his racist venom, with foam oozing all over his mouth … that’s the price that stinknig bastards like him and Umno pays for fighting against good and upholding evil.

    Orang Melayu Singapura dah lama sedar dan menolak Umno … tidak terlambat untuk Melayu Malaysia supaya manjadi pengerak revolusi sosial yang akan reverberate throughout the country.

    Tunku feared the PAP precisely because they feared the erosion of their Malay base support to the PAP.

    Umno parti lanun dan pengkhianat bangsa.

    Let us reject racist politics and vote for a Malaysian Malaysia!


    ha..ha..Johor kubu kuat umNO…sekarang semua orang melayu tahu perangai pemimpin melayu umNO yang ada pada hari ini.Mereka adalah amat perkauman…wahai orang melayu Johor…fikir lah..sebaik baik nya…masa nya sudah sampai untuk anda menukar selera…pilihanraya ke 12 kali ini..hanyutkan semua calun calun umNO/bn dari Johor…jadilah manusia cerdik…jangan jadi lembu pawah…yang sentiasa dicucuk hidung olih para pemimpin melayu umNO/bn….

  6. lee ah moy Says:

    ini semua komen bodoh, yang buat laman web ini org kecewa ,cuma tau salahkan org lain. semuanya bodoh.

  7. Frenz Lee Ah Moy Says:

    Lee Ah Moy, You yg tak berape pandai lah, tapi Lu kata org Bodoh??… Semua org dah nampak penipuan yang BN buat, tapi Lu masih mahu kata BN ini baik lagi kah??
    Lu tengok BN tak adil, kasi makan pun tak cukup hanya org tertentu saje dpt … Habis Lu ingat baik lagi kah ini macam?? Bukan sebab ronnie kecewa buat blog ini, tapi kasi Lu lah yang kecewa lah.. bila Lu nampak Lu kena tipu kini dan selamanya Lu rasa malu bukan?? Bila sudah malu, Lu tak tau mahu letak mana Lu punya muka … then Lu replied with rubbish comments!!!!

  8. visitor Says:

    Ronnie, would you please read this journalist’s blog http://patahbalek.blogspot.com/ (Fathi Omar’s blog).

    He claims the Government is trying to hide (downprofile) the cholera cases in Segamat, Johore.

    Have you heard anything about this?

  9. sodoklibas Says:

    i love my country but i hate my goverment!!!

  10. sampalee Says:

    Sodoklibas.good news for you.You need not change your beloved country.Simply changed the evil umno-led government and see our country as our home where peace and goodwill prevail.

  11. supersagi Says:

    There are a lot of frustration and anger in the people. Maybe we should take lee ah moy advised, stop blaming others. Do something instead. We love our country but we hate our government. Many share this sentiment. Many Malays now know who is their perpetrators. Not the Chinese as proclaimed by UMNO but their very own people – THE UMNO!

    So, we can each do our part to educate the people around us starting with our loved ones and friends. Don’t push your blood level up unneccessarily. Not worthy at all. This -ve “chi” won’t do you good. Instead channel those energy for a better cause. Lets do it now! Its not too late.

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