BMC Legal Fund launched with a bang!


 Lee Kee Hiong (wearing the Rocket cap) and Tan Boon Wah, the chairperson of BMC OARAC (holding the loud-hailer) were two of the main actors of the struggle. The lady standing besides me is Teresa Kok, followed by Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Tan Kok Wai and Fong Kui Lun. Even our DAP Veteran Club President Lau Dak Kee (extreme right) was there. The entire DAP Selangor committee led by Ong Chee Keng were also there last Sunday morning to lend our support to the residents. Some 800 residents turned up for the protest.

The Bandar Mahkota Cheras Open Access Road Action Committee has launched a legal fund as part of its effort to keep up the pressure. It was luanched yesterday with abig bang! Some 300 homeowners have participated in the legal fund, each paying RM80.The target for the fund would be RM50,000.

The developer Narajaya of The Lion Group has advertised extensively( incl print ads and brochures) about the free access road that bypass the Grand Saga toll when the official launched the housing project. BMC is a huge housing estate with a total of 120,000 units. Narajaya did build the access road with an approval from the Malaysioan Highway Authority and MPKj at a cost of RM16 million. The amount has been added onto the sales price of the properties (that goes without saying) but the raod was blocked “illegally” by Grand Saga, the Kajang-Cheras Highway concessionaire almost immediately.

 BMC residents (Cheras 9th mile)were forced to travel extra 3 miles to leave the township (after sharing the only outlet with the residents of BSL ) at Chears 12th mile. They were then have to pay tolls at Cheras 11th mile and 9th mile before heading to KL. 

We have been trying hard to set up a joint meeting between the developer, the toll concessionaire, the highway authority and our committee to find a solution but to no avail thanks to the indifferent attitude of LLM,Grand Saga and Narajaya. And that’s not fair to the BMC and MSL residents who have suffered very much. They were forced to pay tolls and yet stranded in the massive traffic jam everyday!

According to Boon Wah, each car-owner who lives in BMC and BSL has to pay some RM49,420.80 over 20 years (based on passing the tolls to and fro 26 times per month plus toll hikes adjusted once in every 3 years). If one has to pass the toll more than once a day, you just have to imagine how ridiculous the eventual cost would be!

The committee will visit a mamak store in Section 2 from 8 to 10 am this coming Friday morning to gather more residents to participate in the legal fund. Homeowners were asked to bring  along a photostated copy of their S&P agreement.

The committee has also decided to hold another public protest on 31 Dec 2006 at 10 am at the Cheras 11th mile toll plaza to keep up the pressure.

All residents of BMC and BSL must unite in the struggle to open the access raod. You ‘ll always have the support of the DAP. See you there!!!


4 Responses to “BMC Legal Fund launched with a bang!”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Stop harping on the smell of shit[umno].All protest againt the smell is futile as shit is always going to smell as they are SHIT.Only solution,whether you like it or not,is to REMOVE the shit.WAKE_UP

  2. paul Says:

    hi ronnie,

    keep up the good work! this is the only blog i get updates on the BMC as i cant read or understand mandarin =(

    btw, where and to whom should i pay the RM80 to?

    can you reply back to me to my email at

  3. Wah Says:

    Government dares to increase 5 tolls in Klang Vally area at one shot. That means government does not care at all the feeling of the people who stay in this area. But luckily, we still have DAP, Thank you DAP!

    I will attend 31 Dec protest.

  4. sampalee Says:

    Always remember protest is to highlight the plight of the people and to wake up those who have beeb sleeping through the past general elections.To resolve the problem which is our ONLY concern is to up root umno-the mother and source of all evil.Evil is evil and have nothing to do with race or religion,but rather the exploitation of them.

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