Govt rescue works not up to the mark.

Floods are not tsunamis. The water levels of rivers rise slowly and those given the task by the government authority should be marking these levels on sites instead of sleeping at homes.

When water hit the alrming level, that’s when rescue works should be launched immediately. Nothing of these sorts were carried out by the government authority. The Melaka authority even released water from the dam without cautioning the people!

According to Oriental Daily, many elected reps from Johor have gone overseas for holidays. Councilors and local government officials from Johor Bahru, Kluang and other districts have chosen the Shanghai trip (they left on 21 Dec 2006)  instead of staying back to help the flood victims.

The Muar people have not been able to get clean water supply for the last 5 days. There was no sign of water tankers from the “government people”. They were forced to obtain water originally reserved for fire-fighting.

When floods finally hit the towns and the villages, how could the rescue teams still work from 9 to 5 instead of working round the clock? Why don’t the government mobilise the enforcement officers and FRUs to help out in times of emergency?

Didn’t Ong Ka Ting spent RM7.91 million to buy 100 units of SeaDoo jet skis for flood rescue? Does anyone see a single SeaDoo jet ski in action last week? (Malaysian First-  Most of the 100 SeaDoo jet skis were said to be lying idle according to the Auditor General.

And why can’t the Prime Minister  throws in, say RM300 million, to help the flood victims in Johor, Melaka, Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu if he can afford to throw away such amount to hold the Monsoon Cup in Terengganu every year?

Last month, AAB was caught spending taxpayers’ RM600 million to please the 191 Umno division chiefs throuhout the country.  How much he ‘s willing to spend on the 200,000 flood victims this time?

Anil Netto of Aliran has totalled up the amount of money spent through “wang ehsan” (goodwill money) by the Prime Minister Department in the last 4 years as high as RM4 billion. He said much of the money were spent rather unwisely and instances of misallocation of funds were rampant and widespread. For instance, Puteri Umno Sg Petani was caught using government funds to run their tuition centres.

We are still waiting for AAB to respond on this so-called “goodwill money” RM4 billion . 

 Kg Morten, Melaka. The penghulu here ran way with all the food and water supply before the flood hit the village.

 Segamat under water. Such massive flood could be avoided if the Umno-led state government really care for environment protection and not so corrupt(closed one eye on illegal clearing of forests).

 Many were stuck on the rooftops like these for more than 24 hours before they were rescued to higher ground.

 Kesian bayi-bayi yang comel ini.   

 MB Johor Abdul Ghani. Is that all you could do when the massive flood hit your state?

 Undilah BN Untuk Kestabilan(stability) Negara? What stability? Lagi mahu undi Barisan Nasional yang tak boleh pakai dan tak boleh harap?


One Response to “Govt rescue works not up to the mark.”

  1. sampalee Says:

    The nature of umno is evil,you do not try to change them,you replace them.Shit is Shit and there is no such thing as sweet smelling shit.

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