Say NO to toll hike on 31 Dec @Plaza Toll Cheras 11th mile

Please join the BMC, BSL and the people of Cheras this Sunday morning. See you there! Even members of BN parties are welcome!

All toll concessionaires are Umno or Umno-related companies. That explains why every request or demand from these concessionaires was readily accepted and supported by the Barisan Nasional Government.

According to Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai, Grand Saga, the concessionair of Kajang-Cheras Highway, has gotten back all all the money they spent in building  the highway 6 years after its opearation.

Just like any other toll concessionaires, this company get to collect toll fees for more than 30 years and on top of that, they have so far received RM226 million as compensation from the Federal Goverment according to Works Minister S.Samy Vellu. Grand Saga will be compensated further in the coming years. All these money will of course come from the rakyat and not from the pockets of AAB or Samy.

We welcome ordinary members of Umno. MCA, MIC,PPP and Gerakan to join the Sunday action. After all, they too have to pay toll. There is no privilege or exemption because they are members of BN parties. They must wake up to the fact that all the benefits have gone to their top leaders and they have gotten nothing but to suffer alongside with other Malaysians.

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