Happy new year! xin nian kuai le! Selamat tahun baru!

“May 2007 turns out to be a pretty good year for you and your loved ones. May 2007 brings new hope and changes to Malaysia!”

Bye-bye 2006!

Malaysians in general by now must have realised that they had a hard luck having a man like AAB to be their prime minister. He’s not good in managing his Cabinet and he knows nothing about economy. And what could be worst, he trusted a group of immatured, inexperienced but “highly educated” team of advisors including his own son in law.

Even the former prime minister who hand-picked him  ” tak boleh tahan” with his performance and behaviour. And the man could only relied ion the so-called “elegance of silence” to avoid more shit on his face. But when he too “tak boleh tahan” with the old man, he tried to hit back but too bad… the shit hit the fan.

Both religious and racial extremists reared their ugly heads under his weak leadership. And he simply fip-flops in his stance and more ofthen not played to the gellery. In a way, he has encouraged more religious and racial extremists to “go to town” with their antics and stunts, causing much concern and uneasiness among its citizenry in this multiracial, multireligious society.

After a string of prices increase ( from petrol, diesel and gas to electricity, water and toll), bad goverment policies and decisions(revival of NEP and further emphasis on Malay supremacy)  and mislocation of public funds, leakages and wastage ( RM600 million for Umno division chiefs, RM300 million Monsoon Cup…) , the year 2006 ended with a massive flood that paralysed the entire south region. And rather sadly, the man set a very bad example for his Cabinet members; he went ahead for his year end holiday overseas, leaving the flood victims to find their own way out, so to speak.

GE in 2007 is possible

Many Malaysians are now eagerly waiting for the next general elections. Why? Because they wanted to teach the Umno-led Barisan Nasional a big lesson. But this man who has gotten the record-high mandate from the Malaysian voters  in 2004 has said that he would not hold a general elections this year.

But he certainly could not hold on for too long; Malaysians are losing both confidence and patience with him. Things can only get worse and time is not on his side. And say what you like, Anwar is still a factor.

I personally believe that he and his advisors on the fouth floor would make use of the 50th Merdeka celebrations to create a “feeling good” atmosphere and then call for an election immediately. 


One Response to “Happy new year! xin nian kuai le! Selamat tahun baru!”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Saudara Ronnie,You have been a beacon for all malaysians all these years.God willing you will continue to shine even brighter,until all traces of darkness from the evil umno is completely radicated.We have to put the mother of all evil-umno to sleep and for good people in malaysia to wake up and rejoice in the light of Tuhan which ronnie helps keep the flame going.

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