Do you share Vasudevan’s wishes for 2007?

 I share the entire viewpoint of Vasudevan (letter to Editor of Malaysiakini). How about you?

But seriously, Vasudevan and other concerned citizens must realize that the only way to realize our dreams is to get rid of Umno, the mother of all evils.There’s no two ways about it.

A wish list for 2007

Dec 29, 06 4:07pm

Another year is coming to close. It has been a significant year from many aspects. However close to our hearts and minds will be the fact that Malaysia (excluding Sabah and
Sarawak) will be celebrating its golden anniversary in 2007. It will 50 years ago since we achieved independence from our colonial masters. It is the most important event in
Malaysia. At this time, Malaysia is also at various crossroads.
We should initiate our 50 years of independence celebration with a wish list detailing how and where we want to be heading in all aspects of life. Below is my wish list which I hope can be realised by the time we celebrate our 50th independence.

  • The removing from all forms, identification cards, passports, name tags, etc. the need to indicate one’s race or religion. The creation of the Bangsa Malaysia must be a priority and there should be no more such classification of the people.
  • The rekindling of the spirit of muhibbah by continuing the concept of ‘gotong-royong’, Rukun Tetangga and open houses. We must strengthen the spirit of our founders and collaborate to create a cohesive environment.
  • To abolish quotas, all to proceed based on meritocracy.
  • To re-establish local council elections to strengthen the decision-making process at local councils. Let’s do away with nepotism and cronism.
  • To have a substantial effort to wipe out corruption at all levels. Let’s enact laws and implement them to tackle this scourge both in the private sector and in the government machinery
  • The restructuring of political parties, away from being race-based. This will make
    Malaysia stronger and more mature. End any sort of race-based political gathering which will incite racial tensions.
  • To re-engineer our economy to be a dynamic economy. To utilise our resources to the best of our abilities. We have lost our direction and competitiveness. We used to be the desired location for investment. Let’s get global experts to reignite our economy. Let’s embark on new avenues to further strengthen the foundation of the economy such as a modernisation of the agricultural industry and more focus on bio-technology, tourism, education and so on.
  • To put experts, regardless of race or religion, in charge of driving businesses and create a challenging environment for fair competition. Allow foreign models of developed countries to be implemented here so that we can progress towards being a developed nation by 2020.
  • To provide better welfare for the people .Let’s put our people in proper houses, provide them with good medical treatment and give them a good school system. Provide clean water for all. Clean air to breathe everyday. Let them see the sun clearly everyday. Even what we have taken for granted is now is not guaranteed at all.
  • To remove all laws that are an obstacle to being a mature society. To enable freer interreligious discussions towards creating clearly defined rules on religious matter.
  • To create laws that are equal to all and that protect the rights of each and every Malaysian. No one can be above the law.
  • To respect one other regardless of race, religion or colour of his skin. To promote a
    Malaysia race to the world. To help
    Malaysia take the next great leap in the digital revolution.
  • To ‘sell’ Malaysia as a peaceful and progressive country. To be an exemplary model for racial harmony, economic growth and opportunities for all.

God bless Malaysia.  


2 Responses to “Do you share Vasudevan’s wishes for 2007?”

  1. epfmal Says:

    To achieve even one of the wishes above is impossible under present circumstances. Unless BN is denied a 2/3 majority in the elections.

  2. sampalee Says:

    Wake -up.As long as umno-led BN win,even by a simple majority,nothing is going to change.Do not fear the EVIL umno.If umno remain in power,our future in this country is doomed.

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