Please help our poor flood victims, Mr Prime Minister!

 Let’s see what our ministers from Johor will do this time.In the last wave of flood, all of them (except Chua Soi Lek) have gone for overseas holiday and decided not to return to help the victims in their constituencies. They probably thought that the vast vote majority they obtained during the past elections should help them to sail through even if they were not around to help the victims. AAB set an very bad example when he decided to proceed with his holiday in Australia immediately after his one-day visit in Johor ( mind you,he has just got back from his RM30 m “yatch” holiday in Turkey).

AAB has increased the financial aids to each family from RM200 to RM500 after mush criticism from DAP and the victims. But this is really “chicken feeds” if we compare it to the RM600 m “given” to all Umno division chiefs and the RM 300 m “burnt” during the annual Monsoon Cup in Terengganu.

We urge Najib to send his servicemen immediately to help rescue the flood victioms. And Ong Ka Ting should also mobilise all servicemen working in Bomba dan Penyelamat and local councils to do the same. And make sure they do not take money before providing help and assistance to the victims this time.

Johor hit by new wave of floods

Jan 12, 07 3:48am / malaysiakini
Malaysia’s south has been hit by a second wave of flooding, with two days of downpours forcing more than 20,000 people to flee their homes, officials said today.“It’s quite a gloomy morning,” said Che Moin Umar, chief of the Crisis and Disaster Management Directorate.”We have a total number of victims evacuated at 20,051,” he told AFP.

Che Moin said that most of Johor was affected, and that he expected more evacuations to take place over the weekend, with forecasts of rain.

“People are taking very fast action to evacuate themselves … That is a good step,” he said.

Che Moin said that most of Johor was affected, and that he expected more evacuations to take place today. The situation is tipped to worsen with rain forecast to continue over the weekend.

More than 2,000 people were already sheltering in flood evacuation centres in Johor in the aftermath of the first round of flooding which hit late last month, forcing 90,000 to evacuate their homes at the peak of the crisis.

Since then rains have hit hit the country’s north and its eastern states on Borneo island.

Seventeen people have been killed so far in the floods – the worst in decades -caused by unseasonally heavy rain.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday said that initial estimates of the damages from the disaster had reached more than RM100 million.



2 Responses to “Please help our poor flood victims, Mr Prime Minister!”

  1. Eric Chong Says:

    With the second wave of flood water hitting Johor especially Kota Tinggi (previously hit by the Dec06 flood) and the new areas in Batu Pahat & Air Hitam,the Johor State Govt must be ready and prepare to declare these areas as Disaster Zone and mobilised full force of State Govt resources including Police and army to evacuate and provide shelter,security,food and other kinds to eleviate the sufferings of these evacuees.In addition the State and Federal Govt can help these flood evacuees in these disaster zone by exempting them from Quit rent,Assessment fees, School fees and processing fees for lost or damaged Mycards,birth certificates and other govt dicuments.
    The State Govt must take the lead to provide assistance to her people while waiting relief from Federal Govt and Private sector.

  2. sampalee Says:

    Dear Eric,wake-up.The state is the stronghold of umno[the mother of all evil].A leapord will never loose it spots.Get rid of the cat and not try to remove the spots.Sounding the alert is the wise thing to do,but to expect the cat to help indicate one has not awaken to the ROOT cause of the problem.So sad that even nature weeps with such helplessness

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