Patrol cars collecting dust at the Selayang police station

 Some 50 patrol cars were parked in the compound of the Selayang police station “collecting dust” instead of being utilised in the streets and residential areas to fight crimes. What’s your reaction? (Photographer-Sam Chong).

The crime rate is high everywhere and many have complained about the shortage of patrol cars. The Umno-led Barisan Nasional Government has spent millions to purchase new patrol cars recently but guess what? Many of these patrol cars ended up collecting dust in police stations like Selayang.

The pictures were taken at 4pm on Saturday, 12 Jan 2007 by Selangor DAP committee member Sam Chong. We ( Selangor DAP committee members Batumalai and Sam Chong and FT leader Alan Lim Ching How) were there to help the father of the Rawang school accident victim to lodge a police report. All of us got a shock when we saw so many units of patrol cars lining up “nicely” in the compound of the Selayang police station.

This raises hundred and one questions and we want the IGP Tan Sri Musa Hasan to provide the answers. We will be writing a protest note to the IGP touching on this issue and also about the urgent need of police reforms. PM cum Home Minister AAB still owes us the IPCMC.


2 Responses to “Patrol cars collecting dust at the Selayang police station”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Like the 600 million to be given out to umno chawangan,purchase of UNNECESSARY goods and services is UMNO way as a mean to an end.[Diverting rakyats money into their pockets,with mca and mic as their look out accomplice,while umno bleeds the nation to death].Wake-up before you find the nation irrepairable.

  2. Chee Yong Says:

    Good job Ronnie, can see police cars idle there

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