Better than the RM300 million burnt in Monsoon Cup

RM34 million Eye on Malaysia at Taman Titiwangsa. By LensaMalaysia member Leonard Lee.

I personally disagree to construct a temporary (last for one year only) structure just to attract tourists to our country. I really doubt any foreign tourist will really visit Malaysia mesrely because they were attracted by this giant Wheels. It appears to me that local tourists in general were excited about the Wheels judging from the response so far ( more than 174,000 visits).

But if you compare the RM300 million “burnt” within a week for the annual Monsoon Cup in Terengganu, the Eye On Malaysia is  “acceptable” .


4 Responses to “Better than the RM300 million burnt in Monsoon Cup”

  1. supersagi Says:

    WHAT? All those giant structures are built for a one year period in conjunction with VMY 07? Something is DARN wrong with the Tourism Minister and of course our PAK LA LANG! So, this time around who is pocketing the money? Can DAP check out the contractor(s) involved?

  2. VTT Says:

    Acceptable my foot, we have so many white elephants, and big dinosaurs like ZOO NEGARA – that’s the NATIONAL ZOO, hahahaha, national disgrace, even a little Zoo Melaka is better managed. Soi, why do we need this eye in the sky – for just a year and a trip to space for RM 95 mil just to make some local breakfast for Russians and Americans, and also to play garsing….. best set up a warong in russia.

    Nope, the eye in the sky is just wasteful. totally unacceptable at all.

  3. Chan Says:

    from what i know, giant wheels costing RM 22 million- 23 million, why we pay 30million for only one year?

    Because malaysia boleh? 2xmillion go to who’s pocket?

  4. Nick_oh Says:

    Check this out!

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