Batu Talam: I have nothing to do with this leaflet.

  The work of cowards!!!

I was informed by a voter in Batu Talam this morning that he has received a leaflet supposedly issued by me in the so-called capacity of “Setiausaha Koordinator Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Adila dan Bersih (Bersih).

A local leader Rajoo has also received the said leaflet and he has taken the trouble to fax it to me immediately. I received another copy through fax from another local leader Sdr Mah later in the afternoon. He told me that someone dumped about several hundred copies at the local news store and the news vendor told Mah that he has inserted the leaflet into the newspaper before distribution. 

The leaflet published in Malay only with a title  ” 7 SEBAB kenapa perlu BOIKOT Batu Talam” listed seven reasons as follow:

1) Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) tidak adil

2) Kerajaan BN tidak adil

3) Aziz Karim guna trak polis angkut kerusi

4) Jika lawan pun BN tetap menang

5) Bazir duit, simpan untyuk pilihanraya 2008

6) Menghormati kehendak KeAdilan dan PAS

7) Penaja kita dari luar minta kita boikot

The address and contact numbers of the DAP headquarters in PJ  appeared at the bottom of the leaflet.

I like to categorically state openly that I have nothing to do with the leaflet and I certainly have no intention to call for a boycott for the Batu Talam by-election.

BTW, I am not the “Setiausaha Koordinator” of BERSIH. I am only a member to the steering committee of BERSIH. In fact, there was no such position in the coalition.

I was in Raub on the nomination day to launch a BERSIH leaflet campaign together with a few BERSIH members, calling for electoral reforms inthis country. We have stated 3 main demands for the coming general elections, i.e. adopt the indellible ink measure to prevent multiple voting, do away with the postal votes except for diplomats and citizens working overseas, and clean up the electoral rolls immediately.

I urge the voters in Batu Talam to vote with their conscience instead of giving up their right to vote.

Ronnie Liu


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