Police has no rights to beat up protestors

Qi Long was beaten up by some plainclothed police (licensed gangsters?) during the protest.

He was arrested together with 20 other protestors including me on last Sunday “No to toll hike” at the 11th Mile Grand Gaga toll plaza. These licensed hooligans kicked his groins several times. Others who were assaulted by the police include Tan Han Kuo, Tan Boon Wah , Qi Hui and Tian Chua.

We have to report to the Kajang magistrate court on 5 Feb 2007 at 9am to see whether the police will press any charges against us.

We will logde our complaints with the Suhakam  tomorrow at 10.30am.


5 Responses to “Police has no rights to beat up protestors”

  1. VTT Says:

    I notice that the victim is wearing a DAP ‘T’ shirt, perharps if he wore a Dacing that day, he’d not be beaten up, only told to leave.

    Police works for the government elected by the Bodohland.

  2. sampalee Says:

    It is more fruitful for DAP to to highlight the evil of bn at batu talam,instead of demo in kl which done once is sufficient to show the rakyat plight.Repeats are boring,unless there is a contest as in batu talam.When the stake is zero,why waste yoiur limited resources.There is still a couple of days left before polling in batu talam.All opposition,unite and do a road show to expose the evil of umno/bn while the stage is still there at batu talam

  3. omo Says:

    No surprises they just copy the tactics of the Iraelis regime in dealing with the palestinians. In fact worst. The Paltestinians can carry out peaceful demostrations But Malaysian Mata show that they are worst that the Iraelis

  4. TanjungPetir Says:

    As usual, the PDRM exhibits profound cowardice in handling their duties. Instead of acting tough on gangsters and secret society members, they suppress the law-abiding citizens who have every right to legitimately express their views. What kind of a society is this, where the police brutalise innocent men and women but shy away from the criminals?? This is nothing but the criminalisation of the PDRM. I hope Tan Sri Musa will act to deter such actions in the future by reshaping the mentality of the PDRM from conscience-seared to a conscientious police force whose duty is to protect the community and uphold the rule of law.

    PDRM kurang ajar, ini bukan cara Melayu … ini cara samseng kongsi gelap Cina! Kurang ajar betul! The people that the PDRM should be brutalising is also the Umno bastards!

  5. Pinoy Says:

    Human rights should always be protected and applied

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