Batu Talam: No celebration for MCA despite the landslide victory

Inspector Mohan has taken my statement at the Cheroh police station on Sunday morning over my police report made on Saturday in Petaling Jaya following the distribution of this leaflet in my name.

BN’s Aziz Kiram obtained 6,276 votes against 419 votes garnered by the Independent political novice Ng Chee Pang, with a majority 5,857 votes. Please note that the entire polling and counting of votes was  carried out by the SPR without a single polling or counting agent from the Independent candidate.

But there’s really nothing for MCA to shout about. Only some 500 plus (about half of the 1,100 plus) registered Chinese voters from Cheroh turned out to cast their votes on Sunday. And about half of them (249)  votes went to Chee Pang and the other half went to BN.

That probably explained why Chan Kong Choy shouted at Chee Pang and his supporters right after the last voter entered the polling centre at the SJKC Cheroh. Chan lost his cool, calling Chee Pang and his supporters ” the running dogs for PAS”.  Chee Pang’s supporters retaliated by calling Chan ” Menteri Bodoh! Pakai Sarong Umno!).

MCA must find out why the entire MCA (with the help of Najib and other big guns like Samy Vellu and Lim Keng Yaik and retired big shot like Lim Ah Lek) could only garnered half the local Chinese votes against Chee Pang who did not even put up a single candidate poster throughout the campaign.

Also not to forget that the BN side has broken practically every single rule and regulation set out by the SPR, such as using the government vehicles and police trucks, school facilities  and penghulu’s office. (Read Malaysiakini reports on 27 Jan)

On the other hand, Chee Pang may have lost his RM5,000 deposit but his entry has forced BN to allocate RM270, 000 to the local Chinese primary school, to pay RM1,000 to all 80 year-old senior citizens(a pledge made in 2004 general elections), better water supply to several families in Cheroh, to alienate 100 hectares of agricultural land to Malay farmers, provide homes for several hard-core poor Malays and RM80,000 for the local Guan Ying temple… not to mention non-stop supply of meals for villagers during the entire campaign. But the Indian and Orang Asli communities who were solidly behind the BN, as usual,  got nothing substantial. The Indian village got a few new street lights while the Orang Asli got some food and drinks and their girls received some cosmetics.

Among many other pledges, MCA also have to promise (once again) to relocate the rubbish dump site after the by-election.


5 Responses to “Batu Talam: No celebration for MCA despite the landslide victory”

  1. VTT Says:

    I quote “Among many other pledges, MCA also have to promise (once again) to relocate the rubbish dump site after the by-election.”

    Yes, once again, after the election, all promises will soon be forgotten, relocation of rubbish dump will have to wait for the next GE (once again).

    The ruling party will once again betray the trust of the rakyat, once again!

  2. Salute Says:

    We should salute Ng Chee Pang and his father for his courage to stand againt BN with all the might.

    What he said is true… at least it create great business activities for the Batu Talam people.

    All the youngster should emulate Ng Chee Pang courage.

    PKR or DAP should take the opportunity to groom this dynamic young man.

    Keep it up NG CHEE PANG, you have great future.

  3. K.S Tan Says:

    Mr. Liew,

    According to the Merdeka Review website, there are 1,137 Chinese voters and out of that, 60% (682) who cast thier votes on polling day, out of that, Chee Peng got 419 votes which means that 61% of Chinese votes went to to Chee Peng. If we can use this as a general or rough gauge of rural/small town Chinese folks patern of voting, then the DAP can surely aim for seats such as Ketari, Bilut, Tanah Rata in Pahang just to name a few as possbile places to win for the next G.E. This may also spill over to Perak and Selangor with possible seats such as Sungai Pelek, Beruas and etc … Is time for the DAP to stop all the in-fighting and focus on the next G.E. I wonder how much preparation to date has the DAP been doing in facing the next G.E?

  4. omo Says:

    Batu Talam is considered as a rural area and there is no assurance that Opposition can win easily in urban areas like Bukit Bintang or any where in Petaling Jaya if DAP start its preparation and a long term plan. Have more ceramah like once in 2 months and with invited MPs, NGOs and other opposition leaders. This can coincide with fund raising for the party. If not every fight is an uphill for the opposition due to voter’s attitude and BN’s mighty propaganda,

  5. AngryTaxpayer Says:

    DAP, I’ve always voted and will continue to vote for you guys…so please do us, your voters, a big favour…stop all your internal politics and focus on the more important issues. Please. I, for one cannot continue standing by and watch Bodowi and his cohoots spend my hard earned money like nobody’s business including hiding all the evidence of their plundering by declaring OSA.

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