Batu Talam: 80% Chinese support? Chan Kong Choy lied through his teeth


BN only managed to increase their votes by 862 despite of massive election campaign machinery and cheating (breaking every possible rules and reulations). No big deal if you remember that the Independent cnadidate Ng Chee Pang is only a 22 year-old political novice without the backing of any organised body or political parties. He did not even put up a single poster while the BN candidate has certainly spent much, much more than the stipulated RM100,000 during the 13 -day campaign. You may quickly add that Aziz Kiram may have spent RM100,000  or more  everyday throughout the campaign.

On the other hand, Both Chan Kong Choy and Ng Yen Yen of MCA have claimed that the BN has garnered 80% of the Chinese votes in the Batu Talam by-election. Bullshit!

In Cheroh itself, MCA could only garnered about  half the Chinese votes.  Here’s the datails…

Ind Ng Chee Pang  – 247 votes

BN Aziz Kiram        – 889 votes

Spoilt votes             –  33 votes

Only about 500 Chinese voters came out to vote in Cheroh. Out of the 889 votes obtained by Aziz Kiram, some 600 to 700 votes came from the Malays and Indians. Aziz could have only garnered some 200 to 300 Chinse votes. Most of the 247 votes given to Ng Chee Pang were from the Chinese voters. Most of 33 spoilt votes presumably came from the Malays (PAS supporters?) Ng hardly obtained any M and I votes under the massive BN party machinery in  Batu Talam.

According to the Merdeka Review website, 60% (682) of the 1,137 registered Chinese voters cast thier votes on polling day, Chee Peng got 419 votes out of that, which means some 61% of Chinese votes went to to Chee Peng. But it’s unlikely that Chee Pang did not get some Malay or Indian votes from elsewhere. I believe those votes he obtained from Tersang and Ulu Atok atually came from the Malay or Indian voters. It’s inconceivable to argue that every of the 419 votes obtained by Chee Pang came from the Chinese voters.

Shame on you, MCA.

If you have time , go to  for another analysis on Batu Talam by-election…

Batu Talam Analysis: Scary numbers for MCA, Gerakan

on Tuesday 30 January 2007
by mytomorrow author list


Table 1 – Batu Talam: Registered voters, Voter turnout & Spoilt votesTable 2 – Batu Talam: Score sheet by polling stations for last three elections

(for 2007 official result only, see Election Commission page)


Table 3

The voters of Batu Talam had spoken – BN rules. But we knew this anyway, and even had it been PAS or DAP competing in the by-election, we all knew BN would win. It was the numbers behind the win that we were interested about.

So what numbers should we be looking at?

First look at the above schedule, especially the voter turnout column. Note that PAS and KeAdilan had boycotted this election, and from reports by our man in Batu Talam, also wanted their supporters in Batu Talam to boycott this election. In the event, the number of absentees increased. The percentage of voter turnout for this by-election is only at 67.23% of the total number of voters, compared to 76.43% in the 2004 General Election (GE).

PAS leaders, cited in claimed that this proved that their boycott worked. However, bearing in mind that this was a by-election that BN was expected to win easily and therefore many of BN’s outstation voters did not make the jouney to Batu Talam to vote, 67.23% is a high number and the boycott has spectacularly failed.

From Table 1 above, we can see that in the 2004 GE, only 50.34% of the total number of electorate voted for BN (as opposed to the total number of votes casted). This means that around 17% of those that did cast their vote in this 2007 by-election are actually PAS voters, and that this time, a large majority of them voted for BN.

See Table 2 above. Take Polling Station 6, Felda Tersang 1 for example. In 2004, BN received 615 and PAS received 364 votes. For this by-election, BN received 748 votes, which means that they actually received at least an additional 133 votes from PAS supporters! This trend is repeated throughout all the polling station.

It will be a mistake to read too much into this. But is it possible that the much-talked about dissatisfaction against the government amongst the Malays only affect Malays living in the city, or just amongst those that surf the internet? Is it possible that rural Malays, with the continuing high prices of rubber and palm oil, and the government’s focus on agriculture, are increasingly switching to BN from PAS? We can’t say for certain but the result of this by-election supports that contention.

We don’t want to go too much in analysing this by-election because of the special circumstances (BN vs Ah Beng). However, like we said before the election (read here), the most important number we should look for is the voting pattern in Cheroh, simply because we have a Chinese Independent running and only Cheroh has a significant number of Chinese voters.

From Table 2 and 3 above, we can see that firstly, contrary to popular assumption, Cheroh IS NOT NECESSARILY a BN stronghold. Note that in 1999, PAS received 44.4% of Cheroh votes, and in 2004, 28.3% of Cheroh votes. This is despite Malay voters constituting only 19.7% of the number of voters in Cheroh.

But how did BN fare in this 2007 by-election against this 22 year-old Ah Beng with his 3-man-campaign team?

We can see from Table 2 that at every other polling station, BN increased the number of votes it received significantly even though much fewer voters turned out to vote this time.

BUT in Cheroh, BN’s votes had in fact been reduced from 941 votes in 2004 to just 847 votes this time around!

This despite the full attention from the entire BN machinery. MCA President Ong Ka Ting, Deputy Chan Kong Choy, Secretary General Ong Ka Chuan, MIC’s Samy Vellu and Gerakan’s Koh Tsu Koon all made an appearance in Cheroh during the elction campaign.

We believe that this is the most significant statistics of all. What would the figure in Cheroh be really like had it been DAP running? Is this how the Chinese electorate will vote in the next GE?

Many people say the GE will be held this year. We can’t wait.


One Response to “Batu Talam: 80% Chinese support? Chan Kong Choy lied through his teeth”

  1. K.S Tan Says:

    Mr. Liew,

    Maybe you’re right, and I stand corrected by saying earlier those 419 votes was all from the Chinese folks of Batu Talam. But if so, then this means that DAP do in some way enjoy some little support from the Malay community as well. If so, why isn’t DAP going out in recruiting Malay members since DAP is a multiracial party? You can’t expect by just sitting down and anticipating the Malays to come in droves, right? I suggest that the CEC make new plans to recruit Malay members and allow highly educated, charismatic and liberal Malay candidates to stand for election in places with high Chinese voters and “sure win” seats to show the public that the DAP is truly a multiracial party. When the DAP can produce promising Malay MPs and wakil rakyats, DAP will have a better chance in securing mixed seats areas too. I’m sure if the DAP look hard enough and scout out far enough; you’ll find the Malay candidates that are willing to stand for the next general elections.

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