15 arrested at IOI Mall, Puchong

 “Usher in the new year without toll”. That’s the message written in Chinese calligraphy here. The couple with two special children from Kajang were with us again. Apart from them, we have a truly courageous lot outside the IOI Mall today. None of us were afraid of the “police raja di malaysia”.The police decided to arrest protestors soon after both Dr Hatta and I have finished our speeches to the 1,000 protestors. They (especially the plain-clothed ones) again used excessive violence in arresting the protestors. One of the DAP members from PJ, Chan Pak Hong, was injured when he was pushed by the FRU.In my address, I said we will stop all protest if the BN government heeds the call of the people by reverting the toll fees to the original level. And I reiterated that the only way out for the people would be changing the government. Only a new government will review the toll concessions in the interest of the people.The coalition against toll hike,Protes, will decide for new action plans in the coming meeting. We will keep the public informed through Internet portals, blogs and SMS.Dr Hatta, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Tian Chua and I will be reporting to the Bukit Aman over OSA investigation at 10 am tomorrow. Wat ch this blog closely for new development.Anti-toll hike protest: More arrests made
Malaysiakini – Feb 4, 07 5:05pm
Fifteen people were arrested in front of Puchong’s IOI shopping mall in the fourth demonstration in just as many weeks against the sharp highway toll increases.Organised by Protes – a coalition of opposition parties, trade unions, civil society and student groups – the demonstration, which began about 4pm today, drew about 1,000 people at its peak.Among those arrested were key leaders of opposition parties including PAS parliamentarian Salahuddin Ayub, PKR’s Tian Chua, R Sivarasa, Badrul Hisham (photo below) and activist Mohd Ezam Mohd Nor.Most of the major access roads to Puchong, a southern Kuala Lumpur suburb which sits in the centre of several highways, require motorists to pay toll.The IOI shopping mall is about 1km away from the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP), which registered the sharpest increase in the recent toll hike – from RM1 to RM1.60 per trip.Two rounds of arrestsAfter initially gathering at entrance to the mall, a group of 250 protestors began marching outside towards the highway where the crowd later swelled to about 1,000 people.

The crowd was beside the highway for about 10 minutes before Subang OCPD Fuad Talib issued a warning for the crowd to disperse. This was followed by several arrests at about 4.45pm and loud jeers were heard from the crowd.

Despite protestors staying clear from the highway, the police decided to close off certain lanes to motorists, causing traffic to snarl up.

Later, Sg Pinang assemblyperson and DAP politician Teng Chang Khim (photo above) announced to the crowd that he and Fuad had struck a deal where detainees would be released on condition that the protestors disperse.

However, several of those detained were whisked away in a police truck.

In response, Tian Chua urged the crowd to converge at the Puchong police station, where several protestors were detained.

About 300 protestors ended up regrouping directly opposite IOI shopping mall and again started chanting slogans denouncing the toll hike.

A second wave of arrest then took place, prompting the protestors to march towards the police station some five minutes away.

There was no provocation by the crowd nor did they react violently during the arrests apart from some struggles being put up by a few of those being taken away.

About 70 riot police arrived at about 6pm to bolster the local police presence, and they formed a cordon outside the Puchong police station. The riot police came equipped with a water-cannon truck. 

While outside the police station, the protestors held an ‘open mike’ session where various activists, politicians and individuals took turns to denounce the toll hike and sing reformasi songs.

Suara Keadilan reporter held

At about 8.30pm, all 15 were released on police bail. They will have to report back at the same station on Feb 21.

“Protes will meet as soon as possible to decide on the date and venue for our next protest,” Tian Chua told some 100 cheering supporters on emerging from the police station.

A number of those arrested today, including Tian Chua, were also detained by the police at the third protest two weeks ago. 

Among those arrested today was Syfiq Sunni, 20, a full-time reporter for Suara Keadilan, PKR’s party organ.

He told malaysiakini that he was caught in the melee during the first wave of protest and one policeman had tried to seize his camera.

Syfiq added that he was arrested after he refused to hand over his camera. However, he managed to give his camera to a friend before being hauled away.

This is the second time a member of the press had been detained during the four anti-toll hike rallies that have taken place over the past five weeks.

Secret toll deal

Two Sundays ago, the police swooped in to prevent anti-toll protestors from gathering near the Cheras-Kajang Highway Batu 11 toll booth and arrested 21 people.

A malaysiakini journalist was detained by the police for two hours as they sought to obtain the photos he had taken. However, he was freed without the photos being handed over.

In this particular protest, eyewitnesses have accused the police of using excessive force when making the arrests.

Several protestors claimed that they were victims of police abuse while the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) is deliberating on whether to probe the incident.

In constrast, the first two demonstrations – Subang’s Sunway City on Jan 7 and Gombak’s KL-Karak toll booth on Jan 14 – went off without any incident.

Effective Jan 1, the toll rates for five highways in the Klang Valley saw an increase between 20 to 60 percent.

There is also much disgruntlement over the government’s reluctance to make public the highway concession agreements.

Four opposition leaders are being hauled up tomorrow for releasing a toll agreement classified under the Official Secrets Act.

Apart from LDP, the other highways affected by the toll hike are the Shah Alam Highway, Cheras-Kajang Highway, Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway and the Guthrie Corridor Expressway.

領袖發言後9人被捕-Sinchew Jit Poh

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週日下午的集會吸引近千人參與及圍觀,警方大約出動150名警員到場戒備及維持秩序。 (星洲日報‧2007.02.05)


China Press















■日期/Feb 04, 2007   ■时间/08:15:55 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/merdekareview庄迪澎
【本刊庄迪澎撰述】雪兰莪州蒲种警方今天下午在蒲种IOI广场(IOI Mall)外逮捕15名参与抗议过路费涨价集会的党团领袖和公众后,数十名集会人士越过IOI广场前的行人天桥,在天桥底下继续拉布条抗议,后来更步行前往大约一公里外的蒲种再也(Puchong Jaya)警察局外,后来结集了大约五百人在场声援被捕人士,直到所有被捕者在晚上八时左右获释为止。警方今天下午再次暴力驱散六百名聚集在雪兰莪州蒲种IOI广场前举行反对大道过路费涨价集会的群众,逮捕15名示威人士,包括人民公正党署理主席西华拉萨拉西亚(Sivarasa Rasiah)、公正党宣传局主任蔡添强、回青团团长沙拉胡丁(Salahuddin Ayub)、雪州公正党副主席依桑(Ezam Mohd Noor)、公正党青年团副团长马尼卡瓦萨干(Manikavasagam)、公青团副宣传主任巴都希山(Badrul Hisham)、公正党雪兰莪州宣传主任阿末查基(Ahmad Zaki)等。【点击:警方再次暴力驱散示威者 逮捕15人群众坚持不解散】公众涌往警察局声援被捕者警方展开逮捕行动后,仍有一群参与者越过IOI广场外的行人天桥,在天桥下继续拉布条抗议;不过,在场驻守的警员并没有逮捕这群人。当时,一些路过的车辆也鸣笛声援抗议过路费涨价集会。下午5时30分左右,一群请愿者开始从蒲种再也大众银行及马来亚银行出发,向坐落在大约一公里外的蒲种再也警察局挺进,以声援早前已被带往该警察局的被捕者。步行到警察局的队伍最初只有数十人,而且有几名警察也一度试图阻挡他们(左图),但由于人数悬殊,螳臂当车的警察只好让行;当一行人就快抵达警察局时,一支镇暴队员及自愿警卫队(RELA)队员突然从后面追来,厉声追捕他们,造成人数四散。


蒲种再也警局如临大敌在公众抵达蒲种再也警察局时,警方便如临大敌似的由镇暴队、普通警员及自愿警卫队员手挽手,在警察局外的路口筑成人墙。也在现场的民权律师兼人民公正党青年团宣传局主任拉蒂花(Latheefa Koya)和梳邦再也警区主任莫哈默弗亚(Muhammad Fuad)交涉后,拉蒂花用扩音器告诉群众可以留守现场,但是为了避免阻碍交通,必须尽量后退到店屋的五脚基范围。由于抵达现场的公众越来越多,他们最终还是占据了警察局外路段的中央,并且在现场唱歌、演讲、喊口号,兴致高昂!七辆镇暴队车辆开入现场不过,5时55分左右,七辆镇暴队卡车从蒲种路(IOI广场前的大路)开进来,引起在警察局前面集会的公众喝倒彩;不过镇暴队在距离人群约一百公尺的距离外停下,部署了大约70名镇暴队员列队站岗。傍晚6时10分左右,警察局前的公众开始在马路中央席地而坐,围成小圈子,由人民公正党青年团全国副秘书刘德海拿起扩音器主持集会。

至少超过十名党团领袖及公众人士拿起扩音器发言,包括反对大道过路费涨价联盟秘书哈达蓝利(Hatta Ramli)、动力青年(Y4C)主席李凯伦、维护媒体独立撰稿人联盟主席黄进发、民主行动党雪兰莪州秘书刘永山。除了演讲,他们也唱歌、喊口号,兴致非常高昂,而且矢言留守现场,直到15名被捕者获释为止。

警方晚上八时放人值得一提的是,盘踞现场的公众,从最初近百人,不断增加,至傍晚七时左右,已经有大约五百人在场,而且许多在附近店铺工作及茶室喝茶的公众和居民也都驱前围观。到了晚上八时左右,15名被捕者终于获释。今天原定在IOI广场举行的集会,是反对大道过路费涨价联盟号召的第四场抗议集会;第一及第二场集会先后在雪州双威镇金字塔广场和鹅麦(Gombak)大道收费站顺利举行。不过,第三场集会在雪兰莪州蕉赖11英里举行时,警方开始镇压,暴力逮捕21人,并且造成其中四人受伤。【点击:粗暴瓦解反路费涨价集会 警方捕21人四人送院验伤】点击:大道!大盗?系列报道

07年2月5日 下午3:57 malaysiakin














One Response to “15 arrested at IOI Mall, Puchong”

  1. supersagi Says:

    My salute to all the protesters for their bravery. Hats off to DAP, Keadailan and others who despite being high-handle by PDRM and FRUs still stand by the believes. DAP and KEADILAN, the people are awaiting for the GE to come. Many out there have reserve their vote for you. Even those who are members of the BN coalition, turn their back against them.

    Keep up the good job. We definitely appreciate what you have done for the people. You aren’t struggling alone. The government thought that by sueing the 2 bloggers will stop us but their action backfire! They have angered more people out there and give more reason for the people to turn their back against them.

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