OSA threat: Bukit Aman searched Tian’s office

While we were walking out of the Bukit Aman PDRM headquarters at about 2pm (we were there since 10am with our lawyers and supporters) after given our statements to our respective police officer, we lernt that the police has gone to Tian’s office in Bricksfields KL to search for the so-called documents related to Litrak.At this point of time, we do not know whther we will be charged under OSA. We have given our full cooperation with Bukit Aman in the investigation.Watch this blog for further development.

I told the press that the OSA probe would not deter Protes, the coalition against toll hike, from pushing for reduction of toll fees in the short term and remove all tolls in the long run. I also urge all Malaysians to watch the case closely and give their support and solidarity with all four of us who were under investigation.

This morning, a Chinese radio station (988) picked the OSA and Litrak agreement as  the topic for its call-in program. Practically every listener who called up said that they were unhappy with the authority to classify all toll agreements as OSA documents.

OSA probe: Four at Bukit Aman

Feb 5, 07 11:07am Malaysiakini
The four opposition leaders summoned by the police last week to be investigated under the Official Secrets Act have gone to the Bukit Aman police headquarters accompanied by their lawyers this morning.The four – PKR treasurer Khalid Ibrahim, information chief Tian Chua and DAP’s NGO bureau head Ronnie Liu and PAS treasurer Dr Hatta Ramli – have been summoned over the disclosure of a toll concession agreement.The four will be quizzed under the OSA for revealing details of the agreement. Lawyers Hanipah Maidin, A Sivanesan, Shamsul Iskandar and Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin have gone along to provide advise for the opposition leaders.

The four leaders had on Jan 4 showed reporters a copy of the document pertaining to the toll concession agreement for the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) highway, operated by Litrak.

They argued that the 200-paged secret documents showed the government had guaranteed profits to concessionaires at the expense of road users.

Their failure to appear today would be an offence under Section 11 of the Act.

The police said they were investigating the matter under Section 8 of the act based on a police report made in Damansara. Any one found guilty of violating the act will face a mandatory one-year jail sentence.

Lawyer Shamsul told malaysiakini that they were expecting a long session with the police today.

He also said that the four leaders would plead that they had no knowledge the document was a secret document.

About 40 opposition supporters have also gathered outside Bukit Aman.

[Full report to follow]

■日期/Feb 05, 2007   ■时间/03:27:51 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/merdekareview林宏祥

前往搜查人民公正党全国宣传局办事处的警官是武吉安曼(Bukit Aman)警察总部刑事案调查组的助理警监拉惹柯巴(Rajakopal Arumugam)及苏海米(Suhaimi),他们搜查了大约20分钟,但一无所获,因此没有带走任何文件。

被搜查的地点也是人民公正党党报《人民之声》(Suara Keadilan)的办事处。

由在野党及非政府组织成立的“反对过路费涨价联盟”曾在今年一月四日公布巴沙罗-蒲种大道的特许经营合约的副本,揭露合约早已列明该大道建成后34年的过路费价格;以此证明政府并没有依据大道车辆流量、大道公司服务表现等评估收费额,反之在签约时就订下过路费价格,令人民动弹不得。【点击:大道经营合约首度曝光 34年收费率签约时已敲定】

三个星期后,工程部长三美威鲁在1月25日主持国大党中委会议后,向媒体汇报内阁的决定事说,将不公开政府与大道公司签署的大道合约,并建议总检察署采取行动对付公开大道合约者,因为内阁已决定将它列为机密文件。【点击:应解释内情而非诉诸官方机密 民间失望政府以法律封堵舆论】

1月31日,武吉阿曼警察总部援引《1972年官方机密法令》(第88条文),传召民主行动党非政府组织局主任刘天球、人民公正党总财政卡立依布拉欣(Khalid Ibrahim)、全国宣传主任蔡添强及回教党总财政哈达蓝利(Hatta Ramli)在今天(2月5日)到武吉安曼警察总部录口供。【点击:警方援引官方机密法令发通告 下周一传召反过路费涨价委员】



20%60%,调整收费从马币30分至一元不等,招致巴生谷居民的埋怨。【点击:五大道过路费高涨20%-60% 下次涨价前政府仍要赔25亿】

自从过路费涨价后,“反对过路费涨价联盟”已经举办了四场抗议过路费涨价集会,不过最近的两场集会都遭警方镇压;1月21日雪兰莪州蕉赖11英里举行的第三场集会,警方暴力逮捕21人,并且造成其中四人受伤【点击:粗暴瓦解反路费涨价集会 警方捕21人四人送院验伤】

昨天在雪兰莪州蒲种IOI广场(IOI Mall)举行的第四场集会,警方也逮捕了15人。【点击:警方再次暴力驱散示威者 逮捕15人群众坚持不解散】


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