OSA threat: Cops failed to find Litrak documents

Cops search for secret documents in Keadilan office

Charles Ramendran
The Sun

Federal police investigators today searched the Parti Keadilan Rakyat information office and its publicity head Tian Chua’s house for a highway concession agreement that had been classified as official secret.

It is learnt a federal CID team armed with a search warrant and led by ASP Rajakopal Arumugam searched the office in Brickfields at 3pm.

An hour later,Tian Chua accompanied them to his house in Sentul where a similar search was carried out.

However, the raiding team left empty-handed.

The raids began at 2pm after police had questioned and recorded statements from Tian Chua and three other senior opposition party members for over three hours in the Bukit Aman federal police headquarters over their possession of the official secret document from 10.30am.

The other three summoned for questioning were treasurer-general Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, PAS treasurer-general Dr Hatta Ramli and DAP’s publicity bureau head Ronnie Liu.

They had arrived at Bukit Aman at 10am, accompanied by supporters from their parties before meeting with police investigators.

The four men then stepped into Bukit Aman accompanied by their lawyers A.Sivanesan, Hanipah Maidin, Shamsul Iskandar and Kamarul Hisyam.

According to Tian Chua, the sessions were headed by Arumugam and three other officers. All four politicians were interviewed by an officer each in separate rooms.

Speaking to reporters later, Tian Chua said they were asked “routine questions” and were not compelled to hand over any document.

He said they were not told what would happen next.

“We oppose the use of the Official Secrets Act to cover up such agreements between the government and highway concessionaire. We will continue to protest toll hikes.” he said.

The OSA probe was triggered by a police report lodged by the public last week at the Damansara police station.

Works Minister Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu had also said recently he would inform the Attorney-General’s office to take appropriate action against those who stole the documents which were revealed in a press conference by the politicians last month.


One Response to “OSA threat: Cops failed to find Litrak documents”

  1. VTT Says:

    “OSA threat: Cops failed to find Litrak documents”

    They will be engaging a bomoh next to look for the secret documents, have your talismen ready.


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