Toll demo: police not our target;Umno-led BN our common enemy

 In my address to the protestors at the IOI Mall on Sunday, I reiterated that the police were not our target. The culprit of toll hike was none other than the Umno-led BN Government.

 The Malay couple with a pair of special children from Kajang joined all the demos organised by the Gabungan. Pls take a closer look at the placards specially created by them.

 My friend Sivarasa Rasiah was arrested by the police before he could even address the protestors. He was dragged in by at least four policemen violently.

 I was shouting at the “policemen” without uniform and name tag. They were very rough with the protestors during the arrest.  They were certainly more violent than the uniformed police and FRU. Were they real policemen or hooligans sent by the toll company? Such people have no place in our society. We want the police to tell us.

 This young and dynamic girl is one of the many that turned up for the Sunday protest. We were encouraged by the great courage and stamina shown by these young souls throughout the four-hour demo. None of them were unruly or afraid of the FRU ( or the policemen who behaved like hooligans). Bravo Malaysians!


One Response to “Toll demo: police not our target;Umno-led BN our common enemy”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Ronnie,you have hit the nail right on.Like RPK said about mohammad Ali,the great boxer success strategy.Keep hitting the nail repeatedly and you need not be surprised when this nail IS the one for BN’s coffin.Do not try to change the present unjust laws as it is FUTILE.Change the law-maker.When defilements are removed,what remain is natural justice,bright and clear.We need not hate our enemy,our job is to exterminate them for the well being of the rakyat.Just as we clinically consumed anti-biotic to kill the germs in our body,we do not bear hatred for the germs and viruses,even when we know they have to be removes at all cost.Removw BN,by understanding the danger it pose,without any lingering hatred.When we sweep our house,we mindfully removed the dirt,yet we have no hatred for the dirt.

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