Former Penang CPO Albert Mah still in coma

Do you remember some of these victims of heinous crimes? I have not included the Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shariibu and many other new victims here.

Crime rate is climbing up everywhere and the former Penang CPO is a new victim. Datuk Albert Mah is still in coma after a serious attack by robbers who broke into his home in Jalan Gasing, PJ two nights ago. He is now in the ICU of Universiti Hospital, PJ.  Albert Mah is a household name in Penang in the sixties and seventies. He will be always remembered as the man who came out strongly to quash any attempts of racial riots. Penang was relatively peaceful under his strong and able leadership. My friend Alfonso Ooi opines that Albert Mah made a mistake by plunging himself into politics after much persuasion of the late Tun Razak. He joined MCA and bacame the MP for Bukit Bendera for one term. In Alfonso’s words, he has given his valuable endorsement to a wrong party; a party that betrays the community it claims to represent.

Coming back to the rising crime rates, do you know that only  6,661 out of the 100,000 strong police personnels were  actually tasked to fighting crimes in the streets? The rest of the police forces are either guarding the VIPs or helping the Barisan Nasional parties to spy on opposition politicians, disrupting peaceful ceramahs and demonstrations and arresting protestors or hiding behind the trees to look for errant motorists.

According to Lim Thuan Seng (SA for Bukit Gasing), Datuk Mah’s family member called the police immediately after the robbery but the call did not get through easily and that police only arrived after some 30 minutes after the report. This is very serious and unacceptable if what was related by Lim was true (Sinchew report).

That’s why we have been asking the PDRM to restructure its forces in order to put more men and women in blues in the streets. We do not need so many FRUs and outriders and bodyguards and Special Branch undercovers watching the opposition.

While we are complaining about insufficient patrol cars on the roads, we saw many (no less than 50) brand new patrol cars parking nicely in the the compound of Selayang IPD, doing nothing but collecting dust. It appears to us that the police is seriously shorthanded at the moment and they have not been able to recruit new officers fast enough.

The PDRM seems to have no clues to improve their level of service and performance. But when the opposition politicians and the Bar Council were campaigning for the setting up of the much awaited IPCMC, we were branded as ungrateful troublemakers by the Umno-led Barisan Nasional Government.

AAB, are you still sleeping?

(If the Prime Minister of the country does not wake up,you better do. Because you and your loved ones cannot afford to  be careless, or unless you have a special team of bodyguards/ security guards at home).

Sinchew has the story…


推薦給朋友    列印

sinchew updated:2007-02-10 20:48:50 MYT


不過,尹樹基在步出病房時神色凝重,希望記者不要干擾傷者休息, 他拒絕向記者發表任何談話就離開。















他說,警方的這種低效率間接給了劫匪信心,讓他們能安心地干案,因為劫匪會覺得事主報警也沒關係,反正警方不會那麼快到或可能不到,他們可以慢慢將屋子洗劫一空。–> (星洲日報‧2007.02.10)


2 Responses to “Former Penang CPO Albert Mah still in coma”

  1. nat Says:

    Dtk Mah: Rest in peace.

    Sdr. Ronnie,

    “do you know that only 6,661,000 out of the 100,000 strong police personnels were actually tasked to fighting crimes in the streets?”

    I think there might be a typo there?

  2. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    thank you,mate. it should be 6,661 out of the 100,00 strong…

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