Shadow Cabinet

I find this Letter to the Editor of  Malaysiakini very interesting. In my mind, IF there is a chance to form the next government through “Barisan Malaysia” as suggested by KP, how about making Anwar Ibrahim the prime minister, Tok Guru Hadi Awang as DPM I, Lim Kit Siang as DPM II, plus an Indian MP as DPM III, a Kadazandusun MP as DPM IV and a Dayak MP as DPM V.And the “Barisan Malaysia” certainly does not lack of talented and seasoned politicians to fill up the portfolios of various senior and junior ministers. Malaysians can rest assured that opposition politicians like Lim Guan Eng, Datin Seri Wan Azizah, Mohd Sabu, Dr Nasir Hashim and many others can perform much better than the current batch of self-centered deadwoods.What’s your view?


Opposition should take up ‘shadowing’

Feb 9, 07 6:30pm Malaysiakini
I fully agree with SH on his remarks that the opposition ought to team up and produce a line-up of candidates which can act as a shadow cabinet.They ought to be serious about taking over the government and take their cue from the two main parties in Australia and England. Both the Labour and Liberal parties there would have their line up of able candidates as soon as a general election is imminent if not before. The losing party often uses their line-up as an effective shadow cabinet.The opposition in Malaysia must team up, settle off their differences and make the Barisan Alternatif a viable team. As for the name of ‘Barisan Alternatif’, it ought to be changed too. It could well be called ‘Barisan Malaysia’ as all the parties are, after all, striving for the good of all Malaysians.If they need Anwar Ibrahim to be the shadow PM, so be it. Appoint other opposition leaders to their respective shadow portfolios and release a list citing their qualifications and experience for the portfolio. Only with such a line-up will the rakyat be able to see the effectiveness of an opposition team.Each of these shadow ministers should then concentrate and monitor the work of their BN minister of the same portfolio. This will be better than the present situation where the entire opposition jumps on one minister whenever there is an issue involving him and just as quickly forgetting about him when the issue dies down. There is just no follow up.




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