Breaking news: Datuk Albert Mah passed away

Former Penang CPO Datuk Albert Mah passed away today at the Universiti Hospital. He was attacked by 5 robbers who broke into his Gasing home in PJ on Friday. Our deepest condolences to his family.

I accompanied the Parliamentary Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang and few other CEC leaders to pay respect to the late Datuk Mah at the Nirvana Memorial Hall in Sg Besi a few hours ago. His niece confirmed that the police turned up only after about half an hour after the phone call. She also said that the emergency number 999 was engaged all the time.

It’s very sad indeed, that a man who contributed so much in fighting crimes and helped maintaining law and order during the darkest hour of the nation ( May 13 in Penang) had to died in the hands of the criminals. The police and the government had failed miserably in protecting Datuk Mah and many other victims of crimes.

We must not allowed Datuk Mah to die in vain. The PDRM and and the Prime Minister, who’s also the Home Minister, should wake up the fact that they must act quickly to restore security and safety for the people. The people in this country deserve to live in  a crime-free environment, instead of living in fear all the times.

AAB, can we have the IPCMC immediately?


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