OSA threat: Greenlight to reveal ALL toll agreements by the Cabinet?

In today’s Oriental Daily (also reported by Bernama) , Works Minister Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu was quoted as saying that he has submitted a report to the Cabinet on Feb 7 and that he has now obtained the greenlight to reveal the details of ALL the toll agreements to the public. He also said that the public, however, could only read these documents at his office. He also said before the public could do that, he has to obtain the consent from ALL the toll concessionaires. 

So, it’s still unsure at this stage, whether the poublic will get to read these agreements at his office. Samy and the Cabinet could still turn around to tell us that , “Too bad. Our hands are tied. The toll companies disgree with us.” But we will see to it. We would not let anyone, whether the Cabinet or the toll  companies, to deny our rights to know the details of these documents. We would suggest that all political parties, MPs and news media houses be given the whole set of toll agreements. 

Whatever it is, my younger brother who read the news report immediately told my parent that “the net over my head” is off now, at least for now. My family members took it as a good news for our CNY celebrations. Yes, nobody wishes to see their family member in deep trouble for speaking out for public good. That’ only natural. 


3 Responses to “OSA threat: Greenlight to reveal ALL toll agreements by the Cabinet?”

  1. anonymous Says:


    This is indeed good news to you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Billy Says:

    Now the police will look like real IDIOTS for arresting the four of you. Can you sue them for wrongful arrest?

  3. anonymous Says:

    This brought up a domino effect of uncovering the idiots, in fact. From the foul cry by the Minister of Works, to the lack of independence of the judiciary arm, to the arrest made by the police, to the deafening silence of other ministers that claim to be so righteous, to the “sudden” change of stand that was so firmly taken by the above mentioned parties/individuals after the public outcry, it reflects plain incompetency and inconsistency.

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