Stop playing the “fireman” role, DAP.

 Is DAP playing the role of “fireman”?

A friend of mine thinks that DAP is playing the role of “fireman” in Malaysian politics. He said DAP in the past has helped to put off many fires set up by the BN parties . He said the time has come for DAP to play a different role if the party is serious about challenging the Umno-led BN Government.

He said that the BN is lucky because the DAP is always there to point out their weaknesses and mistakes, giving the BN  the opportunity to make the necessary corrections. He said criticism coming from the DAP has in fact benefited BN. 

He suggested that from now on, the DAP should allow BN to make more mistakes and let them rot to their core. For instance, he said the DAP should be lying low and just allow BN to increase prices of fuel and toll as they like. Let corruption and abuse of power grow unchallenged and we should also stop demanding for more Chinese and Tamil schools.

He argues that if the DAP continues to put off the fires set by the BN parties, the Malayisian people would find BN “bearable” and would continue to give their support to BN parties.

He said that without the intervention of DAP, BN would rot very quickly and the Malaysian people will eventually turn to DAP. Otherwise, the entire Malaysian people will rot and go down slowly together with BN. And there will be no more hope for Malaysia.

Do you find his thoughts illogical/ improper/unpractical/unacceptable? What do you think?


9 Responses to “Stop playing the “fireman” role, DAP.”

  1. sampalee Says:

    The people will turn away from bn,but to dap,it will NEVER happen unless dap wake up and work with pas.Without malay participation,talk about malaysian malaysia[malaysian first] is EMPTY.

  2. unstoppable Says:

    Absolutely right to stop playing fireman!

    Focus on building confidence and trustworthy for the next GE immediately.

    That Bodohwi is now taking corective actions on all issues in preparation for GE.

  3. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    there’s also a comment that DAP is good at pointing out the mistakes and weaknesses of BN parties but fail to provide a real alternative. what do you think?

  4. Chee Yong Says:

    Everyone is free to make whatever comments. Thats the beauty that thrives free speech in democracy.People should be thankful that DAP has always took a hard stance in pointing out the evils of BN. And this must be continued because people will see this evils and hopefully makes a choice in rejecting BN in the coming GE.

  5. sampalee Says:

    In an imperfect democratic system,more than half the voters must take the proper medication to provide a cure.If the malays voters who niumbered close to 60% avoid the medication of dap,then even if the drug is the best there is,there is still no hope for the patient[nation].DAP MUST work with pas.Is it so distastefulor bitter to work with pas,even if it is the ONLY way to save the nation.Wht talik about sacrifice,when the real sacrifice is to bury all difference with pas and work together to eliminate the deadly umno/bn disease.Ronnie is wise to listen to all view.Do not settle for relieve,go for a lasting cure.Time is also an essense.Unlike the past,when the disease is in the early stage,ther is not the urgency to work with pas.Now the sickness is terminal and the damages to the nation are mostly irrepairable.Brain storm by aLL MEANS.Settle on a plan that works and stick to it,otherwise,like in the past umno win by default,just by ensuring dap do not work with pas.To this end,they even haves moles within dap and pas to ensure the union of the god fearing does not materialise.

  6. Muhibbah Says:

    Ronnie, when is your move? Make your stance now. Position yourself and get ready for the election. Chew Mei Fun will go down this if you prepare well and fast. No more last minute preparation. Make the announcement early, let your supporters know about your intentions. Third time lucky!

  7. K.S Tan Says:


    From the statement made about YB Chew, it is clear to me that you don’t live in PJ and therefore knows nothing about PJU’s residents support for YB Chew. I guess I’m one of the few who does not support her. Yes, she made a lot of changes in the past like helping to modernize Kampung Chempaka (Tai Kong); Dr Oon didn’t do as much as she did. Chew also helped with many other issues from clogging drains to community hall building and etc. But nowadays she is not the same MP as she once was. If you are from PJ you’ll know this! At best I think the DAP can win the state seats of Damansara Utama and Kg. Tunku, especially Kg. Tunku! I think PJ folks had enough from these two imbeciles from MCA. If you were to look back at the past GE results of Kg. Tunku for example, Dr. Wong only won with a very slim majority even though the “winds” were blowing the Barisan way and others were doubling on their margins like YB Chew and she who still holds the popular votes in PJ. You’ll know this if you were truly a PJ resident but I guess you’re not. So please don’t give false hope to Ronnie and the rest of the DAP in regards to PJU constituency area.

    Mr. Liew,

    There is some wisdom in your friend’s suggestion in regards to your article above. Instead of merely being a whistle blower, why not play the subtle role by allowing BN to make the mistakes but at the same time organizing low-key road shows nationwide in presenting solutions/remedies to their mistakes. So instead of going for an all out BN bashing campaign, why not just come out with the campaign that says, “look, we know what are your (rakyat) problems, unfortunately we can’t do anything much as we are not your elected representatives and we can only sympathize with you (rakyat), here are solutions to your current woes from point 1 to point 100. We do not wish to engage in personifying BN’s mistakes so much, you already know them. So if you want a change, pls vote for the opposition.” – something to that effect.

    Of course this sounds like the DAP is uncaring or have lost its sharp teeth in fighting for the people. But the DAP will be playing a gentleman’s positions while allowing UMNO/BN to whack their tongues – The more they speak the more mistakes they make. All that DAP got to do is to highlight them in a gentle manner alongside with some credible solutions. It has all got to do with psychology I guess. You must allow the voters to feel the financial pinch and UMNO/BN’s shenanigans, then only they will realize. Having low-key road shows and always keeping it simple and driving the message above that we can do more only if we are elected. Each road show should be different unique to a particular area. PJ for example would have domestic issues like traffic jams, high crime rates etc … other areas would vary in domestic issue. But the question is how far is DAP willing to go? Frankly speaking, I don’t think DAP will be able to take over Penang even with the joint effort of PKR unless some different effective strategy is being used instead of the old ways of just “ceramahs” and official dinner functions. Sigh!

  8. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    YB Chew and her party as a whole have failed to serve the interest of the people. It’s so sad and true that many people fail to see the real picture and continue to vote for these MCA elected reps for their so-called services (local petty issues supposedly to be done by the local authorities). You may be right. YB Chew may be voted in again if the PJ folks do not wake up to the the fact that Chew and her party have actually failed to perform and serve the real interest of the people.

    Your suggestions on low-key roadshows are good. we will even have to start walking house to house in all the constituencies where we are contesting because there’s no better way to reach the voters in an environment where all the media has practiclally black out our news, statements and activities. The Internet is good but the viewership is relatively low compared to the mainstreamn media.

  9. muhibbah Says:

    Dear Mr.Tan

    I am staying in PJU. Like Ronnie says, the petty things should be left to the Councillors. It’s the major issues which need to be addressed in Parliament. Longkang clearing, playing cupid and organizing social dances are not National matters. We need need people like Ronnie who goes all out.

    Ronnie go for it. It’s now or never. Thanks for attending my wedding 17 years ago.

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