DAP-led Penang state Gov’t by 2012

 Kek Lok Si with a thousand lights once a year.

It seems that 2 out of 3 Penangites are talking about voting for DAP and other opposition in the coming general elections. The Penangites have many reasons to do so and many of them were greatly disappointed with the performance of the long-time Chief Minister Tan Sri Khor Tsu Khoon.

DAP has responded positively to the call of the people and it has announced publicly that the party is ready to take charge in two terms. It’s now up to the Penangites to make a decisive move in the coming general elections. The first hurdle would be to ensuring the opposition parties to win enough seats to deny the BN the two-third majoriyty in the state assembly. This is vatal because slightly more than half of the current seats were Non-Malay majority seats. Only a denial of the tw-third majority is sufficient to stop the BN coalition to amend the Penang State Constitution in order to redraw the boundaries (delineation excersice). With the denial of the two-third majority of seats, the Penangites should be “more” ready by then and go all out for  a change of government. It’s not just a dream if the Penangites could throw their support behind the DAP and other opposition parties in the state.

If you look back at history, the Panangites were capable of voting in a new government. They have trusted the then opposition leader Dr Lim Chong Eu of Gerakan to rule Penang.

But Dr Lim Chong Eu has betrayed the trust of the Penangites when he brought Gerakan to join the newly-formed Barisan Nasional through the invitation of the late Tun Razak. Gerakan, as an opposition party, has striked an electoral pact with other opposition parties including the DAP during the 1969 general elections. No one expects Gerakan to join the ruling coalition after its victory. Several other opposition parteis (PPP,PAS,SUPP, SNAP) also joined the BN except the DAP. DAP remains as a responsible opposition party and stood its ground until today.

If the DAP were given the mandate to rule Penang, you can rest assured that it would not forego its principles and join the ruling BN coalition. DAP is not another Gerakan.

But DAP would certainly need the cooperation of other opposition parties like Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Pas to win the mandate. We trust that the DAP Penang leadership together with the national leadership wil find a winning formula in Penang, with the full cooperation from other opposition parties in the state.

But time is not on our side. We  have reasons to believe that the next GE is getting closer by the day. The stock market rally is certainly orchestrated and the euphoria was hyped-up not for no reasons. Do not be too surprise if AAB suddenly calls for a snap election and the first possible date could be as early as MAY 19. This year.


2 Responses to “DAP-led Penang state Gov’t by 2012”

  1. K.S Tan Says:

    Mr. Liew,

    My personal hunch is that AAB will call for election as early as after the Hari Raya Puasa celebrations or after the 2008 budget, which ever comes first. But I still think that AAB will ideally call for election very early next year. I think the DAP and the other opposition parties still do have “considerable” time to pull up their socks and get their act together to face PRU-12; but the DAP itself have to put in the EXTRA effort.

    When we talk about the notion of DAP taking over Penang, one can’t help remembering the “Robocop” incident and laugh. I hope there won’t be another Robocop junior incident this time since Guan Eng will most likely be contesting in Penang. Hahaha … During that time I remembered Tsu Koon giving out the big green dustbins with rollers to every home in Tanjung Bungah, I know this because I have relatives living there. During those days this sort of garbage bins were something new and many of them were taken in by his gesture not knowing that these bins were all funded by their own money i.e. tax payers money. My relatives would sing high praises of him for his generosity, how stupid! If Penangites in general still have such shallow thinking, then all hope of taking over Penang is dashed forever!

    During the 1999 election in PJU, MCA gave out badges, small mineral water bottles (with BN’s logo on it) and other nick-knacks to buy our hearts where on earth did they get the funds to do so, I wonder? Do expect this during the election as well. I still remember YB Chew’s leaflet which was circulated to every postbox in PJU stating her promise and pledges to better PJU. No doubt she did do some good in her first term but what is she doing now? When we tell her about the crime rates she tells you to go live in a gated community like Aman Suria. Yeah right, we are all not parliament secretaries and can’t afford such privileges. Maybe if anyone who still have the leaflet should go back to it and check how much of those promises have she fulfilled.

    Your previous suggestion of organizing home-to-home visits is a great idea. During such visits you may be able to take simple census for statistical purposes as well. Paying a visit the local RTs is also important as we are well aware that for example RTs in PJ are dissatisfied with MBPJ and you can actually talk to them about DAP’s tough stance on bringing back local council elections (the third vote) back to the people. That itself was be a “low-key road-show” so to speak. What I’m trying to say is that the DAP should try to sell themselves from the “bottom-up” low-key road shows does not attract the police and hence you are left in peace. Unlike big ceramahs like the one PKR was organizing in Taman Medan and the event had to be cancelled and Anwar had to go home early due to police interruptions.

  2. sampalee Says:

    The big picture is umno can unite with mca and mic and offer the voters BN.Dap must work with Pas and offer the voters BA.Anything short of this arrangement is FUTILE and Umno know this.They have only ONE fear and that is Dap work with Pas as a coalition.The behaviour of the candidates can decide the outcome of certain battle,but then the WAR is lost if Dap and Pas refuse to work with each other.The people are fed up with the refusal to accept the political reality by both dap and pas leaders.

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