A message to DAP leaders: Coming from “Penang voters”

Dear bloggers, do you share their optimism? Ronnie

Dear DAP Leaders, 

Please to forward you wonderful yet very inspiring photos. 

There are three inspiring message behind this photo. They are:

  1. Every record is breakable. Chinese said, “E san hai yeo e san gao”. Hope my poor Chinese translation you can understand. It mean “Whatever you can do, other can do it even better or whatever other can do, you can do it even better”.
  2. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. If in the early 1980′ China said it want to build a building with 300 floor and 3 times the height of KL Twin Tower, people all over the world will laugh! Do you agree? NOW China has announce.
  3. DAP / PKR plus Government. Now people may laugh when people said the DAP / PKR may capture Penang and Sabah in next General Election. Who know in 10 years time DAP / PKR may be our Malaysian Government of the day. We hope DAP/PKR have the courage and vision to make thing happen as the rakyat know there is no hope at all with the current “saya tak-tahu” government.

1228 m , 300 floors@ Shanghai, China. To be completed in 2020.

Guan Eng, it is the right time you come to lead Penang and assist by current DAP state leaders. Please give Penangite a hope and sense of direction.

Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

There is always a hope, if you do not give up hope.

Take care,

Penang Voters 


5 Responses to “A message to DAP leaders: Coming from “Penang voters””

  1. sampalee Says:

    Yes,everything is possible,as if there is the will,there is a way.So why cannot Dap work with pas and leaves out pkr which are tainted by former umno members.Remember,a leapord does not change its spot.It is a safer bet for dap to work with pas[the ONLY combination that umno really fear]

  2. K.S Tan Says:

    Mr. Liew,

    In your earlier article on the notion of DAP/PKR taking over Penang, you said that two out of every three Penangites would vote for the opposition. I wonder how did you come out with that ratio and you did not specify if they would vote for the parliamentary seats or state seats. Penangites have this strong tendency to split their votes. If 2/3 Penangites votes for the opposition for parliamentary seats only, then DAP can expect the return of Jelutong and Bkt. Bendera seats. PKR may expect Nibong Tebal and Bayan Baru.

    If DAP and PKR can jointly come up with a manifesto of what they will do if given a chance to govern the state, that would be excellent! I’m still a little pessimistic about the notion that DAP& PKR will be able to wrestle Penang from BN and mainly Gerakan in the coming election. But I remain hopeful to that idea. But what is certain is that the opposition will win more seats this time in Penang. But the question is how much more can they win in order to take over Penang. What are the probability and what are the odds stack against the opposition? If the joint efforts of DAP & PKR can create a driving force, the same driving force that made Penangites to vote for Gerakan over the coalition party, then maybe there is a chance. So probably the opposition should go back and reflect on what actually made Penangites went in droves in support of Gerakan and Lim Chong Eu during that time. What was the “X” factor that gave the victory to Lim Chong Eu’s party? Sometimes we can learn a lot more from history in hopes that history may repeat itself.

  3. Salute Says:

    The problem with the DAP Leaders is that they always have the opposition mind set. They must begin to change their mind set and have the strong believe that they will able to govern at least the Penang state for the begining.

    When the leaders have the belief, courage and conviction; then their members will begin to change their mind; and from there the public will begin to buy the idea. Anon said, “Winners expect to win in advance, life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

    The time is NOW. Don’t miss the opportunity. Please dare to give hope to Penangites and they are waiting the DAP to lead.

    It is obsolute for DAP / PKR to rule Penang in the coming General Election.

    It is true Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE and it can ACHIEVE.” Napoleon Hill is the author of world famous book i.e. Think and Grow Rich. This book conclude that THOUGHT is THING.

    If DAP dare to believe that they can rule Penang and act accordingly, things will begin to happen.

    Don’t be ever influence with pessimist. The German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer said, “All truth goes through 3 stages i.e.
    i) It is Ridiculed,
    ii) It is Violently Opposed, and finally
    iii) It is Accepted as Self-Evident.

  4. Salute Says:

    Sorry there is a typo error in the earlier posting.

    “It is absolute possible for DAP / PKR to rule Penang in the coming General Election”.


  5. Billy Says:

    I fully support Salute’s posting that the DAP must start changing their mindset from being an opposition party to one that is the government in waiting. DAP got to start working out the details with Keadilan (or PAS in which I have no problem) on the cabinet line-up. Once this is done, start informing the public through the internet, e-blasts, postal mails, etc. Since the opposition cannot afford to embark on the “above-the-line” “advertising”, they can adopt the “below-the-line” approach. I am sure the public would like to know who is going to be the PM, DPM, Minister of Defence, Minister of Education, etc. If DAP is not excited about going for a total change, how else then would you expect of the ordinary rakyat???

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