Discontinue the Nasional Service to save the money for more useful youth projects

I have been calling for a total review of the Nasional Service project even before the launch. I later begun to call for a discontinuation of the annual RM600 million project when it was confirmed that the project has done very little for our youths. Not only that, we have lost many valuable young lives ever since the project was launched in 2004.

I am happy to note that the PAS Youth Chief Salahuddin Ayob also called for the suspension of the project yesterday.

Malaysiakini has the story…

PAS wants National Service put on hold
Yoges Palaniappan
Mar 2, 07 3:41pm
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PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub has urged the government to suspend National Service (NS) programme following the death of a trainee on Wednesday morning.“It is time for the government to look into the matter following the recurring cases of deaths in NS training camps,” he told a press conference at the new PAS headquarters at Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, this morning

“It not only involves mysterious deaths, but it also involves crimes, rapes, fights and sexual harassment,” said Salahuddin

“Yes, rapes, fights and sexual harassment happen anywhere, but it is most unfortunate when it occurs at the training camps and involves trainers,” he added.

Equating such incidents to deaths in hospitals, Sallahuddin said people go to hospitals hoping to get better, and their trust is broken when deaths repeatedly occurred in hospitals.

Lost initial focus

Salahuddin who is also a member of the Parliamentary Special Committee on Integration and PLKN said he would be sad if his child was chosen to attend NS training.

According to him, PLKN chairperson and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Maximus Ongkili will investigate the incidents involving the deaths of NS trainees.

“The government must re-evaluate modules used in the training. The cabinet has assured us that the use of firearms for the training will not result in any unpleasant incidents as the firearms are handled by experienced trainers, yet accidents involving firearms were reported,” said Salahuddin.

He added that NS training has lost its initial focus and the suspension will give time and room for the cabinet to get back on track.

E Prema died at a hospital at Pasir Putih after she was found unconscious in a toilet at the Kisana Beach Resort camp, where she was undergoing training.

Health Minister Dr Chua Soi Lek said that Prema had drowned after having a fit and collapsing in the toilet


One Response to “Discontinue the Nasional Service to save the money for more useful youth projects”

  1. RamSingh Says:

    As most of the victims are girls, the NS should be limited to only boys, especially those dropouts who performed badly in the PMR and SPM. In this way
    (1) the intake of trainees can be doubled
    (2) the dropouts can be offered a chance of discipling themselves
    (3) rapes and sexual harassment will be sharply reduced

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